About Me

Hi there!
So glad you found your way to my little blog.
So here’s a little bit about me.


My name is Mary Kate, Mary being my first name and Kate being my middle name…gotta love the south and double names! Speaking of the south, I am from an itty bitty small town called Delhi, Louisiana. I LOVED growing up in Louisiana. That meant warm weather for the most part, so my little sister and I grew up running around barefoot outside, climbing trees, and a LOT of swimming…whether that be in our pool, or before we got a pool, the lake behind out house!
I loved my childhood. It was so great and filled with so many memories from playing babies and building forts, to softball games and days on the lake with my friends. So many of my memories from growing up happened at my church. We always had so much fun at Vacation Bible School in the summer and our church plays were the BEST. My parents always talked to me about Jesus, and I began to learn about him from an early age…me and Him have been friends for a while. 🙂
My dad owns a drug store in Louisiana (its actually the oldest in the state!) so many summers were spent there first playing at my own little (retired) cash register and eating tons of Blue Bell ice cream from the soda fountain, to actually wrapping gifts for people and serving them their own ice cream.
I realize I keep talking about summer, but summer is my favorite. One of my very favorite things to do in the summer was go to church camp. King’s Camp in Mer Rouge, Louisiana had such a huge impact on my life and on my faith. One particular summer I met my now husband there, John Luke! (We’ll come back to him, promise!)
During my sophomore year of high school my parents made a pretty big decision. They decided that my sister and I would transfer schools the next year and that would include us moving an hour away. I only knew a few people there, one of them being that boy I met at camp. I walk into homeroom and who do ya know is in their assigned seat right beside me? Him! We picked up where we left off and became really good friends.
Fast-forward a year and a half and we are dating.
Fast-forward another year and a half and we are married!
I married John Luke Robertson on June 27, 2015.

And crazy fact for ya: our wedding was televised for the world to see because John Luke’s grown up on a t.v. show about his family called Duck Dynasty.

John Luke is my very best friend in the whole entire world. He is such a great husband to me. We love to just be tougher no matter what we may be doing. Whether its going on some crazy kind of adventure, traveling for work, or watching Netflix…he’s my buddy. 
So currently, I and 19 and he is 20. We are both living in Virginia with our little puppy Pippa and are attending Liberty University 
aka The Best College in the World.
 I am majoring in Women’s Leadership and absolutely love it. I love to take pictures, drink tea or coffee, paint, journal, talk, play tennis, go hiking, and travel.
I love people. 
But more than anything I love God.
And in this season I am learning how good and gracious He is regardless of what is going on in my life.