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There are two other posts I’ve been working on and wanted to post before this one (it bothers me to not have them in chronological order ha!) but I really want you guys to have the chance to find some Black Friday/ Cyber Monday deals! When buying for a baby it can sure add up, so hoping you can snag some things on sale!

Ok one thing to know about me before reading this- I’m kind of picky. I really like to research things and enjoy reading about different options before I buy something. I research things a lot haha. So a decent amount of thought and searching and reading went into these product choices. A lot of these I was blessed to recieve as baby gifts from friends and even a few companies sent to me. This isn’t a comprehensive list of items we have obviously, but things we are using and I’d recommend to a friend. In fact, I am recommending to friends expecting babies ha. I’ve linked other things we use on my amazon storefront so you can check that out too if you’re interested.

Snuggle Me Organic lounger

I posted about this little lounger on my Instagram and actually did a giveaway with this company! I was so pumped when they reached out and asked to partner with me because this lounger was totally on my list of baby products I wanted to try for our little guy. I really can’t imagine not having it and its one of the top things I’d recommend. I just love having a safe place to set him down and he looks so cozy in it. We have two covers that we can rotate on and off which is nice for when one is in the wash! They have two sizes, infant and toddler, but don’t size up to a toddler one and skip the infant one if you have an infant…it defeats the purpose of how it works because its supposed to kind of hammock them.

Owlet Smart Monitor

For us this item is a must have. I was so nervous bringing him home. It’s so bizarre when you go home from the hospital with your new baby! Like “wait you’re trusting me with him?!” This monitor has given me such a peace of mind and I think has totally helped me sleep more soundly. Its a little sock we put on his foot that monitors his heart rate and oxygen levels. It connects to a little dock through wifi/ bluetooth (?) and an alarm will go off if his levels are abnormal. It helps with SIDS prevention. He sleeps with it on his foot every night and I am so thankful for this product. We don’t have the camera that they sale, just the monitor. We have a separate camera we can use when he is out of our room and sleeping in his own room. Some people have kind of joked about us having this, and I will never understand it, because its such a simple, easy way to help prevent such a possible thing! It is more expensive, but I’d totally sacrifice another product to have this.

Gathre Changing Mat

So this little leather mat has been the perfect changing pad! We bought a soft cotton one mainly because it looked pretty in the nursery, but it is constantlyyyy getting dirty and we’re using this one instead. It’s small, foldable, and leather, so all I do is sprits it with my thieves cleaner and wipe it clean with a baby wipe. We keep one in the nursery and one in the diaper bag. It is so perfect! We have the micro but the micro + looks awesome too. We have some bigger mats that I plan on using under his high chair when he’s a little older and plan on taking them outside with us.

Saranoni Baby Blanket

John Luke’s great grandmother brought this to the hospital as a gift for John Shepherd and I cannot imagine not having it now. We’ve been using it non-stop for him since we opened it. We have lots of little muslin swaddle blankets and cute thinner blankets, but this is so great for fall and winter babies! It’s incredibly soft and he always looks so cozy in it.

Wildbird Slings

I have loved these slings! I love wearing John Shepherd and love how simple and not bulky this is for everyday use. Plus they come in such beautiful colors and patterns. I wanted to wear this over other slings/ wraps because I like the idea of having him on my hip instead of in the front of me. Being a newborn he’s more on my front now, but I figure before too long he’ll be more on the side so I’d rather have one sling instead of two different kinds. I have the single layer ones!

Bibs Pacifiers

I’ve heard babies can be picky about their pacifiers so we had several kinds ready to try with him. On all the ultrasounds he had his hands up by his face and even was sucking on the umbilical cord one time, so we figured he’d be a paci baby. Sure enough he’s enjoyed them since he was a day old. We first were using the Advent Soothies because its the smallest of the ones we have so we figured it’d be the easiest for him to hold in his mouth. But one day I gave him one of the Bibs ones and was pleasantly surprised to find that he was able to hold it in his mouth better than the other kind. I was happy because I secretly had hoped he’d prefer these since they are so pretty!

Luna Lullaby Pillow

Y’all. I don’t know why but I was so against getting a pregnancy pillow. I don’t know if its because I’m hard-headed and thought I didn’t need one or what ha. But my friend Linda Claire had this one that could be used as a pregnancy pillow and could be used after to help with nursing or even just propping up the baby in your lap. I held her baby in my lap with this and loved it. She ended up giving me one at my shower! It was comfy to sleep with while pregnant and I used it a lot at first when I was getting used to nursing. Lots of family used it when holding him and everyone loved it. I don’t use it quite as much now that he’s a little older, but for a couple months I was using it every single day. I love that its not huge and its a nice neutral color to have lying around the house.

Haaka Pump

This is for any mamas breastfeeding. It was the most recommended thing to me while I was pregnant. Cannot imagine not having it! You can research it and read lots of awesome review. I love it and have been able to just use this instead of an electric pump.

Barefoot Dreams Blanket

Ok I mentioned the Saranoni blanket for baby, but heres another for mama. You guys…this would make the BEST Christmas gift for someone, especially a new mom. My friend Abigail sent me this as a gift when John Shepherd was born and a day has not passed where I haven’t used this. Now that I’m on the couch a lot with a newborn nursing, snuggling, or sleeping, I really appreciate a good, soft blanket. Again, so awesome for those fall and winter babies! It’s on my lap right now.

Plum and Sparrow Moses Basket

Little guy has had a couple sleepovers so far with his grandmothers and great grandmother and this is what he sleeps in when we’re not at home! It’s super light and easy to throw in the car. We have a little bassinet for him and I like that the sides are mesh and breathable, but we possibly could have just done this on a stand beside out bed….jury is still out on that, so I’ll update later. But I’m picky about where he sleeps, so I love having this that is portable!

Freshly Picked Diaper Bag

This is the diaper bag I have and I love it. A group of my moms girlfriends gave it to me at my shower! This is way on sale right now too! It’s more expensive so I totally get it if you’re not wanting to spend that much on a bag, but I will just say 1) I love how roomy it is and I love the compartments. 2) Its really nice and pretty and I enjoy how it doesn’t look like a diaper bag. 3) I’m definitely a backpack person and realize that when your arms are carrying a baby, its nice to have a bag on your back and not hanging off your arms. 4) It seems super well-made and I think will last me through any future babes!

Rocking Chair/ Recliner/ Glider/ Swivel

Y’all. This chair does all the things. My mom gave us this as a gift after my friend recommended it. It actually broke once at the beginning but I think it was just a fluke and they fixed it and its been fine ever since. Its so comfy and pretty and yes- it rocks, reclines, swivels, and glides. We’ve got it in our living room and I love it. We have it in light grey.

Young Living’s Seedlings diaper rash cream and wipes

Ok I could rave on and on about these products. Poor JS had diaper rash that we tried so hard to prevent and so hard to fight once he had it. Nothing was helping until we tried this diaper rash cream. It works SO well. And the wipes…anyone who has ever helped changed him always comments on these wipes. They smell amazing and get the job done well. And then I of course appreciate how they’re non-toxic because I obviously want to be careful with what I use on him! Now the best way to buy these would be to sign up as member of Young Living because you get a discount. I can totally help with that if you’re at all interested. Shoot me a message via Instagram on my wellness account @marykaterobwellness. We also use their shampoo and body wash on him as well as use several oils with him.

Diaper Rash Cream Applicator

Ok this thing may seem silly but we love it. We have a big one on the dresser where we change him and a mini travel one that stays in the diaper bag. Again anyone who has helped change him comments on this thing ha! Its a little spatula-like thing that you put the diaper rash cream on with. I mean you could totally use your finger but why if you had the choice to use this lol??

Car Seat and Stroller

After a lot of thought and research we went went the Uppababy Mesa car seat and Vista stroller. I wanted this stroller because it can accommodate up to 3 kids and I chose the car seat because it has awesome ratings and easily configures with the stroller since they’re the same brand. We have a family friend with 3 kids and she loves the stroller. We haven’t used the stroller much because we’re still home a lot and its cold outside. But I’ve loved the carseat a lot. He just looks so safe and secure in it. So I can’t say much for the stroller because like I said we’re not using it much yet, but the car seat has been awesome. I’ve just had a lot of people asking, so I wanted to let you know what we went with.

Stokke Baby Bath

I don’t know why a baby bath was one of the hardest things for me to make my mind up about and one of the last things I decided on. We love this! We set it inside our bath tub and it fills up in about a minute. It folds up for easy storage. AND next summer I can fill it up with the water hose out on the back porch to make a little mini pool to keep him nice and cool. The infant seat for it works awesome!

Baby Name Sweater

Ok this was just something fun and special we got for him and I’ve had a ton of people ask where we got it! Etsy! This sweet lady has a store on there and makes personalized sweaters. You get to pick the color of the sweater and the color of the name. It was just a fun, personal thing we got for him and I love it! I’d love to do it with any future babies and make it a tradition (I literally just thought of making it a tradition…is that a good idea or what ha!?)

Baby Clothes

Ok just going to tag a few places we’ve been finding the sweetest little baby clothes! Nature Baby, Feltman Brothers, Roolee Kids, Rylee & Cru, GAP, Quincy Mae, Briar Baby, L’ovedBaby.


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  1. Brittny says:

    I love this post! I have been researching products for our little one and it is just so overwhelming! But, I have to ask – what size sweater did you get for John Shepherd? I would love to get one for our little one!

  2. Morgan says:

    I read this and felt like I was talking to you 💗 thanks for sharing…I love reading about what’s been helpful for ya ☺️ Also, never knew there was a diaper cream spatula…genius idea!!!!

  3. marykate says:

    newborn size!!

  4. marykate says:

    thanks morgs!!! oh that little spatula is awesome!

  5. Julie says:

    I used to nanny for 5 years and I loved using that spatula silicone butt wipe. I would always get the butt paste on my hand under my fingernails and ewww gross! Love all your picks! 🙂

  6. Mary says:

    Hey! What brand is the rocking chair? We’ve been trying to find one for our nursery for a while now! This list makes picking certain things out a lot easier! Thanks 🙂

  7. Krysta Sailer says:

    What are the brand/model names and/or links?? Specifically the brand/model of the rocking chair/glider? Thanks so much!! LOVE this post from a fellow first time mama! Fully appreciate knowing how much research you put into what you have decided to use with John Shepherd! <3

  8. Sarah says:

    I miss your blog posts! You have been such an encouragement through these unique stages of life. It isn’t always easy to find a good role model for young marriage and motherhood so I appreciate you sharing your experiences and encouraging others with them! I hope you are enjoying mommy life, it looks good on you!

  9. Anna Howard says:

    Hey Mary Kate! I know this is probably not the post to ask this on, but I am in desperate search for cute modest swimsuits that are relatively cheap like around $50 under. I know you have some cute one! I’m not allowed to wear bikinis thought so it’s hard find cute one! I need your help😂

  10. Elaine says:

    I have been checking your blog every week anxiously waiting for new posts, especially about first-time mommy life! Please consider sharing some about your experiences soon!

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