Pancakes on the Porch

There is just something special about the mornings to me! I’m a morning person like my dad and am glad I inherited that from him ha. I just LOVE mornings. One of my absolute favorite things in life is when John Luke and I are sitting at the table in the morning with our coffee, reading our Bibles, and talking. If we get a cool morning and can be outside- even better!

We bought this little fire pit with my graduation money and have loved it! Between being out at camp and it being HOT in Louisiana, we haven’t used it a ton, but I am so looking forward to the fall nights out here. I can just picture use hanging around it with our little babe!

My “loungewear set” is from Deiji Studios. It’s not maternity but I bought it to get me through this long, hot Louisiana summer and its been AWESOME. It’s loungewear, a fancy word for pajamas, but something about it being called loungewear makes me wear it anywhere ha.


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4 responses to “Pancakes on the Porch”

  1. Alizée says:

    Makes me want to make pancakes ! Did you like to make a youtube video ? are you planning to do more ?

  2. What pancake mix/recipe is this? I know you’re gluten free right? I am too! These look amazing!

  3. Cydnee Jex says:

    These look so yummy! Makes me want to cook. Do you make them from scratch?

  4. Haley Manz says:

    what camera do you use?

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