26 Weeks

26 weeks carrying our baby boy! This second trimester has flownnnn by. It’s been really enjoyable honestly. I am just now to the point I’m feeling some aches and pains, but I really am not sure if that’s from the baby or if I pulled something from coughing so much with this little virus I am getting over haha. Either way, I am really loving all the kicks and movements…he moves so much so often!

I told myself I wasn’t going to buy him a lot of clothes before I have my baby showers, but I have caved lately and starting ordering a couple things here and there for him. The little pieces have been coming in the mail lately and its been so fun! John Luke and I just stared at them for a while the other night and laughed at out how tiny they are. I’ll pop on Instagram soon and share a couple of the things we have for him!

Camp will be somewhat over this week, but will officially be over in two more weeks! I am excited to move back into our house and start on the nursery. I’ve got an idea of how I want it, but now it’s time to start ordering the pieces and putting it together! I am also excited for camp to end so I can get a little pool time and sun-time! Swimming feels soooo good.

I am working on two other blog posts currently, they are just taking a little while because they are so long and detailed! One is sharing some things I am registered for, and the other is clothing that has been getting me through this pregnancy!

One of my favorite Instagram moms, Amber Fillerup Clark wore this dress and I loved it! By the time I was pregnant it was sold out, so I was excited to find it on Poshmark. It’s from Free People, but like I said- sold out :(. BUT I have a similar dress from Auguste the Label! They have super pretty, simple, feminine dresses that can totally be worn with a baby bump. Just be sure to size up a size or 2 because they don’t have much stretch! They are out of Australia (International shipping is a bummer) but I’ve seen where Tusc Boutique carries that brand. Hope this is helpful for anyone whose been asking! I’ll link a few similar dresses below.


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  1. Abigail says:

    Yayyy, MK! So excited for y’all! Thank you for sharing your life, I have learned a lot from you. Reading your posts and looking at your photos brings me joy, haha! You got me started on photography & I’m now into using my Rebel DSLR :).

    Thanks for being who you are and encouraging us to do the same :). It’s not easy being a teenager trying to live for Jesus, but you’ve given me great things to think about & learn from. Love you MK!

  2. Karen Sameiro says:

    I’m so happy for you and John Luke <3 ,you look radiant .Miss seeing you all on TV,wish you could all do a special once in awhile :),God bless

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