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I had this idea back in February to share some of my favorite things each month with you guys! I posted in February but then forgot about it, so here we go again! These are just different items from food to books to helpful products that I personally am using and just want to share with you.

Side note: I wrote this a month ago and haven’t posted for a lack of pictures of the products! So here we go with just a few random pictures because its better to have it up without it being perfect than not up.

1. Vita Liberata Sunless Tanner

I’ve used sunless tanner off and on over the years and about a year ago discovered this brand through a friend! The girl who recommended this had recommended lots of other products that are clean and won’t mess with your hormones. I have loved it. I used to occasionally use St. Tropez and would compare it to that one. I get the “super dark” because why not haha, but you might actually prefer the medium or light to go for a more gradual look. This stuff doesn’t streak and doesn’t smell strongly. It really only seems to go wrong if you miss a spot or apply too much on your hands/ ankles/ knees, so that’s why I would recommend maybe a lighter one, at least to start out! I now use the one that goes on clear, but have also used the colored one and that one is easier to see when you apply it. I like this specific product, but I think you could try anything in the whole line and not go wrong! I do put it on with a tanning mitt and totally recommend that too! I just found a random one on Amazon.

2. Jumpsuit

I ordered this jumper to get me through this long, hot Louisiana summer while pregnant and I am LOVING it. I mentioned it in my story and had a lot of feedback so wanted to add it to this list and give you guys a link! It’s not maternity, just oversized, but I did go ahead and size up to make sure I could wear it even in the later months of my pregnancy. It is so comfy. It’s an Australian size 10 which is like a medium. Its also on sale! I’d probably size up for length even if I wasn’t pregnant honestly.

3. Garden City

This is actually my top recommendation for the month because it was one of those books you read and finish and think “my life is forever changed!” It was one of the best books I’ve ever read. I think its an awesome read no matter where you are in life, but as a new college graduate it was super relevant and timely. It talks about biblical work and rest and passions and living a life glorifying to God.

4. Nuun Tablets

I was introduced to these a little over a year ago and they’re a life-changer for sure…especially if you’re pregnant. These are hydration tablets that dissolve in water. I am forever thirsty and can drink so much water and still be thirsty so these are a staple in my life. Especially if I’m flying or on a road trip, they keep me from having to drink a ton of water and running to a bathroom everything 5 minutes (you think I’m exaggerating lol).

5. Sphynx Razor

I shared this on my Instagram one time, but I don’t think I have on here! This is a travel razor and super handy. It always grossed me out thinking of throwing my old normal razor in a toiletry bag with other items so I always ended up packing it in a separate bag. This razor is sooooo easy to travel with. Theres a little dial where you can switch between two razor heads, a little squirt top filled with water, and a shave bar. Honestly don’t know if I am explaining this well haha, you’ll just have to check out their site! Its a fun little gift too!

6. White Sweater

I love love love sweaters and lived in them all winter. I was looking for a light one for spring and came across this one and have loved it. Great by itself and can also slip it over things. I sized up to a medium and am happy with it. 

7. Be Thou My Vision

I’ve been listening to this song a lot over the past few months. We sang this growing up in church, but I’ve been learning the lyrics and really meditating on the truths in it and singing it as a prayer. It’s such a beautiful song and I love Audrey Assad’s version of it.

8. Travel Pillow Hack

This may be a new purchase or just a hack if you already own a travel pillow. Just recently John Luke had the idea to tie off half of a travel pillow to where only half is blown up and I’m not sure how but its been perfect.

9. Outdoor Voices Workout Dress

I’ve posted this on my Instagram as well, but wanted to mention on here! I have been living in this thing since the warm weather hit. It is just so dang comfy. I love how its just one piece, but can also throw a cropped tee on over it as well. Its super cool and breezy. I have the one with a leotard under it but would love one with the biker shorts as well!

10. Hydroflask

I can’t remember if I’ve posted about his before except on a Christmas gift guide, but I love my Hydroflask so much! 2 big plusses: keeps my water super cold for a longgg time, and also helps cut out plastic water bottles! I’ve been trying to be more mindful of waste so not only do I have cold water but am helping the planet.


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  1. Heidi says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your favorite stuff with me and I had a terrific time reading them on my birthday 😁

  2. Faith says:

    Rend Collective has an awesome and fun version of Be Thou My Vision! It has always been one of my favorites of theirs!

  3. Kat says:

    Do you have any recommendations for other Christian gals with blogs? Love yours so much and would love to read others like it too!

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