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So I finished classes in December but I technically didn’t graduate until May…however my diploma came in the mail today so I think that finally makes things official! I’ve been out at camp all week but ran home for the afternoon. I grabbed the packages off our front steps and as I realized I was opening my diploma I started to cry. It seemed so crazy seeing my name printed on it. Honestly I feel so proud to have graduated college. I feel grateful for the opportunity I had to further my education. I feel super thankful to have had the chance to study at Liberty University and for the sweet 4 years I had there.

We lived in Virginia while I was in school off and on for 4 years till we moved back home to Louisiana in February. I actually planed on going back to walk and thats why I have my regalia! It wasn’t until last minute that I decided against it due to busy schedules and life going on here (not that I feel like I have to defend my decision but to give context- Lynchburg is a 15-hour drive and not a super easy place to fly into from where we live.) All of my family was super supportive and willing to fly to Virginia to watch me walk. This meant the absolute world to me, but in the end I decided I’d be ok not to make the trip just to walk.

I loved my time at Liberty so much. I finally settled on an Interdisciplinary degree where I could study both Bible and Fine Art. I absolutely loved it and am so happy I did it. These are two things I feel the Lord has given me passion for so it made sense to study them- simple as that. It feels good to be done. It was hard. There were late nights and tears, but I made it through and now can say it was all so incredibly worth it. I learned so much- academically yes, but so much more than that as well. I met people who changed my life. I showed myself that I could do hard things. I learned life lessons that will stick with me forever.


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  1. Shelby McCracken says:

    Congrats on graduating Mary Kate!! The best to you, John Luke and baby Robertson 🙂

  2. Vivian says:

    Congratulations you did it! I know it was hard, my daughter just graduated too, and she had the late nights and the tears as well. Enjoy your summer!!

  3. UTKChemE says:

    Congrats! I know it must be a liberating and proud moment! I’m so excited to see where God directs you next in life! As a graduate and a soon to be mommy, you will definitely have a lot to keep you busy!

    Also, a friend group of mine decided to start an evening bible study, I was wondering if you had any suggestions of a book to start with? We aren’t entirely sure what would be a good start to make sure everyone feels comfortable expressing their interpretations, and I was wondering if you had any advice?

    • marykate says:

      Thank you so much! When I was in a Bible study one of my favorite things we did was when we just went through a chapter of the Bible verse by verse. I love the book of James so that could be a good one to start in. Whoever is leading could look up beforehand a commentary online of the chapter you are discussing to bring up points. An older lady leading one of the Bible studies I was in would bring something from John Piper’s Desiring God site and it always was so interesting and made for good discussion!

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