I feel like we already travel a decent amount for various reasons, but WOW lately we have been all over. We last minute booked flights to Mexico to visit my dad during his lyme treatment 2 weeks ago, then I went straight from Puerto Vallarta to D.C. for two of our best friends’ wedding. Then we spent the end of last week in Utah. The Easton Foundation made a generous donation to our camp so we flew up to meet them and thank them! We’ve got our family beach trip coming up soon and a wedding later this summer in Texas, but other than that we will pretty much be in the same 10 mile radius for the next 3 months. Camp is about to start!!! It’s been so much fun traveling around and we’ve had some incredible experiences, but man I am really happy to be back in our little house!

First thing to note about our Utah trip is both of us in the picture above are wearing borrowed coats. These two kiddos didn’t check the weather and were’t quite prepared for it to be snowing when they woke up Wednesday morning! We stayed in Park City Wednesday night and woke up to the prettiest view out our window. I at the time didn’t know we were in Park City, but learned later that day, and I had actually skied there growing up! Our friend, Lindsay had told us about Atticus Coffee and Tea House so we went there for coffee and breakfast. It was a neat place and the coffee was amazing.

We were with our incredible friend Lindsay and her family all week. We just ADORE them. Lindsay, Emily, Geoff, if you happen to be reading this, we just so appreciate and love you guys. So Lindsay picked us up and our first stop was at the Cotopaxi headquarters. We had been in contact with the founder Davis for a couple years and just wanted to meet him in person and connect with him while we were in the area. If you haven’t heard of Cotopaxi they are this super cool outdoor/ adventure brand. Not only are their products amazing, but their values are amazing as well. We had so much fun there and just love what Davis has got going on! We left inspired and with some rad gear.

After a quick lunch at the mall food court, we went to the Easton Archery Center. I would say Easton is pretty much a household name, especially if you grew up in the baseball/ softball world! I totally had an Easton bat in my ball playing days! Well before Easton was making bats they were actually making arrows! The Easton Foundation made a donation to our archery department at Camp Chyoca! We took a tour of the Easton Archery Center and learned about its history, then  we headed down to play some archery tag and have more fun! John Luke was so good at it all. I just have to brag on him for a second because it was actually impressive how good he is with a bow! We basically did skeet shooting with the bows and arrows except they were these little foam discs that you’d aim for. JL got 3 in a row and I was just happy when I nicked one!

We stayed at our friends’ ranch which was just beautiful. It reminded me of waking up in Colorado, where we went a lot when I was little, and brought back such happy memories. We just hung out with our friends and their kids a lot that day and laughed and talked non-stop. We walked around Park City for a while which is such a cool place!

The last morning before our flight our friends took us to brunch at Woodland Biscuit Company. Y’all, at first I said that was the best breakfast I’ve ever had, but now its going down as one of the absolute best things I’ve ever eaten. If you are ever in Salt Lake, GO! I’ve been trying to recreate the Cubano from there all week haha. We loved our time in Utah and hope to make our way up there again!

Traveling home was one of our more wild travel experiences. We had an hour to make our connection in Atlanta which is a little crunched, but pretty usual for us, and we haven’t missed a flight. Our flight out of Salt Lake was delayed, so when we got to Atlanta, we had 15 minutes to make it on the plane. We landed in the A terminal and were flying out of the D terminal, and if you’ve ever flown through Atlanta you know its a big airport. So we ran down to get on the train and stood on it for about 15 seconds before someone popped their head in and said, “trains down.” We were running through the airport with thousands of other people who were wondering what the heck had happened too haha. I think there actually had been an accident on the train because some EMT’s passed us with a stretcher. We finally made it to our terminal and I was so out of breath and sweating haha. But I looked up and right in front of us were John Luke’s mom and dad! We had actually run into Korie in the airport not even a week earlier too! That was a fun surprise because they were heading out of the country so we got to say hi and bye real quick! Thankfully we made the flight because we were itching to get home. Our flight ended up being delayed which would have been nice to know ahead of time haha.

One of the best things about our trip was when we got back and my mom surprised us by coming over while we were gone and helped organize our whole house! Our bed frame had come in while we were gone and she even put that together and set up our bed for us. That was one of the nicest things anyone’s ever done for me…I still can’t get over how sweet it was! So a big shout out to her for that sweet act of service.


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  1. Olivia Frawley says:

    Love your posts so much Mary Kate!! I’m going to Europe for three weeks next month, do you have any tips for comfortable shoes bring when you’re traveling? God bless 💛💛

    • marykate says:

      Thank you! I love love love tennis shoes always. Love how you can even pair them with a dress or skirt if you’re wanting a dressier look! Besides tennis shoes I love traveling with my Blundstone boots, although they can make your feet warm if its hot outside. My go-to sandals are Birkenstocks and also Tevas are great. Birks are better support to me personally!

  2. Abigail says:

    But what happened in the airport?? I think the story got cut off

  3. Kelsea says:

    Where’s your orange coat from?!

  4. Cindy says:

    MaryKate! I just wish we were friends! We just moved to Salt Lake City and I will definately have to try that place! Thanks for the recommendation 😉

  5. Allie says:

    Love the sneakers!! Could you link them please ?? 🙂

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