Beach Trip 2019

With this being our fourth beach trip together with John Luke’s family, this is my fourth beach trip blog post! Honestly the only thing different about this beach trip is that in nearly every picture I’ve got my hand on my bump haha. It was a sweet trip: spent my birthday laying out on the beach talking with family and alternating between two books; ate lots of yummy food, and babysat our nephew one day! We actually had to come home earlier than normal though to get ready for camp. Coming home in and of itself though was fun because at one point it was me, John Luke, his dad, and our two dogs in the car ha.

Are you guys headed anywhere soon for a summer trip?!


I linked the dress I am wearing here! There are only a few sizes left, so theres a similar style linked at the bottom. I converted the Australian size wrong and wish I would have sized up so I could wear this dress all summer! Not maternity but super cute on a bump if you size up 🙂







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  1. Mary says:

    Congratulations on the baby boy! I think you two will make excellent parents and you have a huge family that will support you guys through everything you need. Praying for you, your baby and the family.

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