Spring, I See You

For me it feels like yesterday was one of the first days of spring!! We’ve actually had a cool front in Louisiana these past couple days but in the afternoons it has been leaving us with the most perfect weather! Yesterday I managed to get outside and walk with the dogs around the neighborhood twice, and after a fun 3-mile walk with a friend this morning I am already trying to get back out this afternoon for some more sunshine! I just cannot get enough of the outdoors right now!

After a couple weeks of traveling we are back home. John Luke is working and I am catching up on some work, checking things off my to-do list, and still trying to get us moved into our house. I am determined that we will be completely moved in this month…hopefully by the end of next week really, but giving myself a little wiggle room.

Anyone who has been following along with us since our Duck Dynasty days might remember us traveling to Australia for our honeymoon! John Luke was in one of his buddies’ weddings in Australia the Saturday after ours. Well those friends are in Louisiana for a while and we are having so much fun having them here. They’ve brought their little girl with them and she is just the cutest thing. All 5 of us loaded up last night and drove to the town over for my little brother’s first tee-ball game of the year. You guysssss…it was so fun to watch. They are all just so cute and funny!

It’s days like these that make me extra thankful and happy to be back home. Oh the Lord was so kind to lead us to Virginia and He was so kind to bring us back to Louisiana. What are you guys up to this spring?!


I’ve had a lot of people on Instagram asking about the pieces I’ve been wearing lately, and I’m linking them below! Wish I could link this exact pullover from Outdoor Voices but it’s sold out. If you’ve got to have one though try checking on Poshmark!




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    Recently, during some nights in Washington, I can feel the warmth of summer and I am loving it! I can’t wait for summer to come, but I also have tons of spring activities I am looking forward to doing…like visiting the tulip festival!


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