Graduation Tea Party

This past weekend my mother-in-law threw a tea party to celebrate John Luke’s cousin Ally celebrating high school and me graduating college. You guys. It was the sweetest gathering and they went all out decorating and making it so fun! The party was at the same farm where John Luke and I got married, so for me it was that much more special. I walked through the house and the back doors opened to this huge tent with tables all set up with food and the prettiest china plates. I wish I had snapped a picture of the whole set-up! It was just incredible! It was a pretty intimate get-together with mainly family, but even having just family we had quite the group there- it was such a dream!

The invitation requested everyone wear white and that ended up being one of my favorite details. Everyone wore white and a lot of people wore hats and it just made everything feel fancy and special! After we sat around and talked and ate and sipped our tea (hot tea and iced tea because we’re in Louisiana) we wrapped the May Pole! I had never done one of those before and hadn’t even seen one in person, it was such a blast- partly because we were just laughing and trying not to trip over each other. Korie actually played a “May-Pole wrapping playlist” and we skipped and walked and shuffled around the pole while we weaved in and out. You can see the finished product below…we had a bit of a rough start but it ended up turning out pretty well!

We had a busy week leading up to the party so the party got there before I knew it, but now a few days have passed and I’ve been editing pictures and working on this post and have been thinking about it, and I have really just been so grateful for the party. Grateful to my mother-in-law throwing it and focusing on all the little details, for the precious women who helped prepare for it, for all our family that came to celebrate. It was just a sweet time that ‘s left me really thankful for the people I’ve got in my life. I am so grateful to have finished school and grateful for the people who’ve celebrated with me.

I had my eye on this hat a year ago, and when I saw it on Poshmark a month back I just had to get it because I still loved it so much. This particular one isn’t sold anymore, but I’m linking a similar and less expensive one below! Then I found this sweet (how many times can I say “sweet” in one post haha? It’s just the most fitting word!) dress at Dillard’s about a month ago when I was running in to get a pair of shoes and thought it’d go perfect with the hat. I just paired it with a pair of sneakers for the tea! Although the sneakers made me a head shorter than everyone else when they all wore heels haha.









































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  1. Mom says:


  2. Lexi Fowler says:

    Wow how absolutely stunning! I’m so glad you were able to be celebrated by such an amazing family and in such an amazing way! I must say my favorite detail is the May-pole. I’ve never seen one done in recent day, just has always been in old movies and stories. How fun!

  3. Torie Sheffield says:

    I would love for my family to throw me a tea party! That’s such a sweet idea! ❤️ Just a curious question, would ever need a personal photographer?

  4. Jade says:

    Aww I love tea parties! ❤️ This post was very fun to read, and to see all of the pictures! It turned out really beautiful! And congratulations! 🙂

  5. Kat says:

    The girl with the geometric printed dress (I think her name is maybe Macy? Haha social media) Where are her heels from? They are beautiful!!! Also y’all are just so beautiful! And you guys sure know how to throw a party!

    • marykate says:

      I’m not sure, but if you check her Instagram she shares where she gets a lot of her things!

  6. Ashley says:

    Any idea where Rebecca’s flatforms are from??? thanks!

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