Easter in Puerto Vallarta

My dad has been in Mexico for the past couple of weeks getting treatment for his lyme disease so my mom, Teagon, John Luke, and I decided to fly down to be with him on Easter and stay for the week. John Luke and I didn’t tell him we were coming and it was SO much fun surprising him! He literally came running up in the airport!

It was an unusual Easter since we spent half the day flying and the other half in Puerto Vallarta. I said it already on Instagram but when we told my sister we were coming here she said, “Oh weird y’all will miss church!” and JL said, “Well we’ll be flying so we’ll be closer to God!” haha 😉 I truly did miss fellowshipping and worshipping at church though! I LOVE Easter. Christmas and Easter are my absolute favorite holidays. Christmas is amazing as we celebrate Christ’s birth, but WOW Easter with the celebration of his death and resurrection! Yesterday after seeing a friend post a lyric from the hymn, “Crown Him with Many Crowns” I pulled it up on YouTube and listened to it and just soaked up the truth from that song. I grew up singing that in church and it’s such a beautiful song- listen to it if you get a chance today!

I’m working on a post too from my graduation tea party from Saturday! It was the sweetest party and the more I look at the pictures and think about it, I just become more and more touched by it. I hope you guys had a wonderful Easter weekend with family. Oh! And one more thing! Just had to tell y’all I found this jacket on major sale and its still on sale if you’re liking it. I just went ahead and wore it as a cover-up to the pool today. It runs pretty big though. I went down a size to an XS and its still oversize.

For any lyme patients or family members of lyme patients reading this and wondering about where my dad is getting treatment:

He is in Puerto Vallarta at Lyme Mexico. If you haven’t heard me talk about my family’s battle with Lyme disease, specifically my dad’s, he’s been to doctors all around the states for the past 10 years or so. This past year we heard about Lyme Mexico and heard really good things about it. He came for the first time back in the fall for a month and had significant improvement. Since then for reasons we’ve speculated over, he had some complications, so he decided to come back for another round of treatment. He is very hopeful that he will see more good things and improvement come from this place.






















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