Beach Days in Wailea

You guys, this really was such a sweet and special trip. Looking back at the pictures I think my favorite part was the slow mornings drinking coffee together…ugh so good. The second half of our trip we spent in Wailea at the Wailea Beach Resort. It was such a fun treat to stay there! It is right on the ocean with several beaches a short walk on the sidewalk away. Theres this oceanfront walk in front of all the resorts there and you can walk like a mile and half on that sidewalk and be on the water the whole time. I absolutely loved that. It’s so fun seeing everyone out and about and walking and running. I appreciate how Hawaii supports a healthy lifestyle! Healthy food is so accessible everywhere you go and its inspiring seeing so many people out jogging and taking care of their bodies!

We were only there a couple days and took those days so slow and easy. We went down to the beach for a little while every day to lay out and read and swim. Basically we did this and ate and finished a series on Netflix and that was about it haha. One night we went and spent time with friends which was so sweet and refreshing. If you guys aren’t following The Bethkes, you’ve GOT to. Jeff and Alyssa are some of our favorite people. I don’t listen to a ton of podcasts, but I really like theirs a lot! They’ve got several books out and are always sharing the best nuggets of wisdom on Instagram too. If you’ve got little kids or see lil’ babes in your future, you’re going to want to just listen to every single thing they say haha.

SO food-wise…

Nothing beats Hawaii’s food situation for me. I do love Thai a lot so probably would love Thailand, but I’m sure if we got to looking we could’ve found some great Thai food on Maui ha! We ate at our resort a good bit and everything we had there was fantastic. The breakfast was one of my favorites! We did Whale’s Tale one morning-a little juice bar with coffee and some breakfast as well. I liked when we sat down though at Humble Market Kitchin (yes, apparently that spelling is correct lol). The pictures of the spread with the pancake is from there! JL got some sort of chicken-fried steak and I’d totally recommend you get that though.

This was our second trip to Maui and there was one place we’ve been dreaming of going to since the day we left 2 years ago. South Maui Fish Company. It’s a food truck and has our FAVORITE poke!! It’s in Kihei and only a 15-minute drive from where we were staying. The fish is so fresh and just delicious.

And somehow when we were in Hawaii 2 years ago we NEVER got shave ice!! John Luke owns a shave ice place in Louisiana for goodness’ sake and we never tried any in Maui or Kauai! This time we were determined to try it and we found a place I’m already dreaming of going back to and am wanting to try and make my own concoction of it at home. It’s called Gus’ Hawaiian Shave Ice, or as our friends who told us about it called it, Gus the Bus. It’s this cute tiny old bus that sells shave ice, and we didn’t try both of their different kinds, but the fruit shave is where its at!! They use real fruit to flavor their ice and shave that down with coconut milk. Then you can get coconut cream (I think its kind of like a coconut sweetened condensed milk) on top. WOW. It was incredible. We got the strawberries and cream fruit shave with the coconut cream on top and it was seriously one of my favorite things I’ve had.

So now that you can see what a foodie I am haha…

There’s a shopping center right by the resort and they’ve got some fun places there! They’ve got some super upscale ones but also some nice casual ones. If you’re a t-shirt person drop into Malibu Shirts. I’ve gotten a shirt there each time and they’re so fun and cool! The people are always super friendly as well.

And last but definitely not least, we went to Hope Chapel for church on Sunday and really enjoyed it. If you’re there on a Sunday you should totally stop by!

Those are really about all the recommendations I have! We stayed on the beach and in and around the hotel most of the time just hanging out, talking, reading, and watching movies. We’re both pretty laid back and were looking for just a super relaxing vacation. Well, JL did try out the water slide right before we left! We just love Maui and hope to keep going back there. Let me know your favorite places there and also let me know if you go and try out any of these!

One more thing to add! John Luke bought himself, Teagon, and my dad matching Hawaiian shirts! JL walked out of the airport in his and gave Teagon a shirt, and Teagon was SO excited! He just adores “Jute” and wants to be just like him.


swimsuit (I LOVE this suit. My favorite one from Ele Swims so far! I sized up one size to have a little more coverage)    hat

Turns out John Luke is a big fan of coy fish, who woulda thought it.





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  1. Kaitlin says:

    I love hearing about a vacation where the true goal was relaxation. It’s so easy to feel you have to do everything. But ultimately vacation is about rest! You have amazing friends and it’s so much fun you got to see the Bethkes and stay at the Gees house! As I’m reading it my mind is blow. Like all my fav Instagram ppl are friends! What?! So cool. Ultimate Disney cross over episode. 😂😉

  2. SH says:

    Where did you get that “M” necklace? Its beautiful!

  3. Cat says:

    I am glad you had a great time! It looks so relaxing!


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