January Favorites

I was picking up around my house this morning when my little agenda caught my eye. Honestly overtime I see it it causes a little burst of joy because its just so cute to me.  I went to grab my perfume out of my purse and felt happy again as I thought of my sweet friend who gave it to me and how much I’ve loved it. Then I thought, “I should share these little things with my blog friends and Insta friends!” I pulled a few other things from around my house that I’ve really been enjoying lately and photographed them in one of our dining chairs that is the prettiest greenish yellow color. I did a poll on Instagram recently asking what you guys want to see more of and I had a lot of requests for products that I loved. I think it would be fun each month to do a round-up and showcase a few products that I’ve found make my life better in some way.

1. Coconut Balm Dotcom by Glossier

My dear friend Lori sent me this along with the perfume pictured below for Christmas, and I have so enjoyed them both. It’s a balm by Glossier and says on the packaging, “Use on lips, cuticles, elbows, on your friend…anywhere that needs some love.” I’ve been using it on my lips and have found it’s been keeping them from getting chapped in this cold weather we’ve been experiencing lately. The scent is coconut, but sometimes slightly smells like popcorn to me haha, but I still really like it.

2. Crosley Mockingbird 

This was a fun surprise to come home to the other night. John Luke picked this up at T.J. Maxx, and we’ve been loving in it our new home. It’s a radio but also has an AUX cord, so we’ve alternated between listening to the radio and listening to Spotify when we’re playing cards or games at night. We’ve been really into the games Othello and California Speed lately! They’re both new to me! Honestly this isn’t like some incredible speaker with great output, but its so fun and cute and is going the job! I found it online for $60, but at T.J. Maxx it’s only $30 I think, so check out T.J. Maxx first if you’re wanting one!

3. Dr. Bronner’s Organic Hand Sanitizer

We’ve been using Dr. Bronner projects for about a year and a half now and have really liked them, but I just tried this hand sanitizer and am now a fan. In high school I literally carried a hand sanitizer from Bath and Body works on a key chain on my backpack (anyone remember those?! I had like a million!) but got out of the habit of carrying it. With it being winter and I seem to keep getting sick, I’ve been using this lately to stay clean. This one is lavender-scented and smells so good! It hasn’t been drying my hands out either which is a huge plus.

4. Rifle Paper Company Pocket Agenda

Frist off, this is only $5 right now!! I’ve posted this on Instagram a couple times and keep getting asked for the link so I thought it’d be great to have it on here. This is a little pocket agenda to help me stay organized. It’s smaller than what I normally get each year but I like how it fits in my purse. I log things in my phone calendar as well, but to me there’s nothing like writing something down. I keep a notebook with a list of things to do each day, so I don’t beed the room for a long list in my planner. My mom has carried one similar to this in her purse for as long as I can remember…funny I am following in her footsteps! This is the one I had last year (also 60% off) if you are wanting an actual full-size planner 🙂

5. Felix Gray Screen Glasses

These screen glasses have been wonderful. They help block out the blue light coming from screens (phone, t.v., computer, iPad, etc.) to keep from straining your eyes. I am looking at screens a lot between blogging and instagram, editing pictures, and doing art on my iPad, and I personally have found these have helped with headaches and also keeping my eyes from being sore and feeling strained. My actual eyeballs would ache and this keeps them feeling good. John Luke and I  tried a couple of different brands and both decided these were our favorites. They are helpful and also so cute! John Luke has these if you’re looking for a more classic look.

6. Glossier Perfume

This is the perfume I mentioned above from my sweet friend Lori. I have never had a solid perfume before and had really only just heard about them recently. I love the scent of it and John Luke loves it too which is a plus! I like it being a solid though because it’s so easy to throw in my purse. Whats funny about it though is it’s so heavy for its size! Not heavy enough to make it a game-changer because its still so small, but heavy enough that it made me laugh at first.

So just a little list of things I’ve been using lately! I’d love for you to let me know if you try any. Also let me know below if theres anything you would like to see more of or hear about on here, or if there’s any specific kind of lists of products (art, beauty, etc.) you’d like for me to share!

(Also, I am not sure where the chair is from…wish I did! It’s actually my sister-in-law’s Sadie’s that she’s letting us use in our new house! Click here for some that are similar off Amazon!)


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  1. Maddie Jones says:

    I would love to hear about the art you’ve been creating on your iPad and how and what you use!

  2. Magdalena says:

    Love these kinda of posts! Would love a post about your skin routine, more art and new house tour!

  3. Macey says:

    That planner looks so cute & handy!! I love using my glasses to help ease my eyes and head from screens; they’re a life saver x

  4. Ashley Christopher says:

    I would love to see what makeup and skincare products you use and photography tips! Thanks

  5. Afton Urton says:

    I would love to see more of your party decorations/ideas. I am not sure if you have really ever done that before but you always post about super cute parties or even a brunch with friends and I would love to see more!

  6. Josie says:

    Love this! I would also like to see skincare, makeup, fashion, hair, maybe if you use a prayer journal you could make a post on how you use it, and more of your art! I have that same planner and I love it!! You are such an inspiration!!

  7. Kelly says:

    Hi! what is pink?

  8. Mai says:

    I would like to see your art!

  9. Olivia Frawley says:

    I’d love to see your favorite art products! Or makeup products! Love your blog, God bless 🙂

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