Life Lately: December 2018


This month has felt so long but also feels like its been flying by at the same time! The majority of what I’ve been doing this past month is actually not pictured at all: school work. Haha. The semester ended for me on Friday so I’ve had big final projects and and lots of school work to finish. Everyday last week looked pretty much identical. Wake up and do school till I fall asleep. Literally everyday haha. Until Friday! Friday we got to do something fun to celebrate me finishing school! We were celebrating because this was my last semester of school! I am finished and so excited about it, but I feel like it still hasn’t fully hit me!! I guess in January when Christmas break ends and I don’t start back to school it will really hit me then.

  1. We were home for Thanksgiving and it was so good to be home. I actually got sick the day before we left for Louisiana and was sick for the whole time we were there. A plus was I got to be sick at my parents house which felt kinda nice- lots of sleeping and lots of movies on the couch with the family. Sad part though was I didn’t get to see any of John Luke’s side of the family, so I’m especially excited to see them for Christmas! We did get to see Brighton and Reed which was so sweet because we haven’t seen them in a year! They were driving by my parents’ house and were able to stop by for a few minutes.

2. We’ve been decorating the house and getting everything all Christmas-y. Hence Pippa in the bandana…we pulled out our “Holiday Bin.”

3. We had a coffee party with some friends which was really fun. “Party” as in 4 of our friends came over to make coffee and cinnamon rolls for breakfast, but we went all out for a sampling.

4. We are getting SO excited for our Guatemala trip in January! I haven’t talked about it much on here, more-so on Instagram, but we’re basically doing a group adventure. We hope to do more in the future and I’d absolutely love to have some of you join us and get to know you!

5. We got SO much snow here!! Like a foot and a half! That was over a week ago and its JUST now starting to get dry outside. It’s warmer today, like 50’s, so I’m super excited to get outside.

6. Random, but I lately got obsessed with this clothing line called Outdoor Voices and treated myself to a few pieces for finishing school haha. Let me know if you wear them and what you think! So far I love the pieces I’ve tried! So be prepared to see those on my Insta and here soon. I am just really impressed by the whole company and so inspired that the girl who started it is so young!

7. I’ve got about 2 things left that are coming in for Christmas gifts, so almostttt done with shopping.

8. This is my latest favorite snack. SOOOO yummy.

9. Bulletproof coffee is going well for anyone who saw me ask about it on Instagram. I do coffee, Brain octane, stevia, salt, vanilla. Blend in my Vitamin and YUM.

10. And the fun thing we did to celebrate was going to the White House on Friday! It wasn’t actually for me graduating, but the timing worked out to where it was a fun way to celebrate. My friend Taylor has grown up right outside of D.C. and goes to see the White House decorated for Christmas every year with her family. This year they were able to get extra passes and she invited us to come. She told us on Wednesday and we woke up Friday morning at 3:45 to drive to D.C. haha! It was such a neat and special experience! I’ve never been inside, so that was neat enough, but to see it decorated for Christmas was really cool! Afterwards we ate at a fun place and thats where the nutcrackers were!

So this is what we’ve been up to! Finishing school and taking pictures of puppies in the snow and a trip to the White House. Excited for our next trip on Wednesday…HOME! 🙂

so funny my dad sent this picture (above) one morning at his house and I had taken this one (below) at ours!






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  1. ChemE UTK says:

    So cute! I totally understand doing school during all waking hours! Haha. That has been my life from thanksgiving until last week when winter break finally happened! My grades were not exactly what I had hoped for, but this semester has been known to be the biggest struggle for Chemical Engineering Students.

    I love how you got to go home, but it’s so sad you were under the weather! I hope you all continue to have safe journeys this holiday season and that you are blessed with family time and the joy of Christmas!

    Lots of love from my family to yours!

  2. Abigail says:

    Wow, it sounds like you’ve had / are having an amazing holiday!! Christmas is one of my favorite times of year. Also: your Guatemala trip sounds amazing!! How could I get more info if you do another mission trip?

    Merry Christmas, Mary Kate! Have a wonderful Christmas week! <3

  3. Wow I’ve never seen that cashew cookie butter before, it looks amazing so I’ll have def have to try it! So cool that you got to tour the White House during Christmastime.

  4. Nikki Escobar says:

    I know this is totally off topic, but I know y’all attend Liberty University.
    I plan on starting graduate school there in the Spring. I wanted to ask how your experience has been. I’ll be going online, so I know it will be different. I’ve had a lot of people I know make negative comments about the school. It’s not legit, they’re just about money and so on! And for y’all to be wealthy, you seem so down to earth!

    • marykate says:

      I could never say enough good things about Liberty! It is an incredible university. I was a residential student but took more than half my classes online and really enjoyed the online program. The professors were incredibly kind, helpful, competent, and Christ-like. I also thought the online program was set-up really well…a challenge yet manageable. I know you’ll be online, but I just want to add that we so enjoyed the community and students and found everyone to be so genuine and loving. Liberty is sometimes depicted in the news in a negative way and its such a shame. We have seriously loved it so much.

  5. Kat says:

    Do you have any recommendations for other blogs? Especially other blogs by Christian girls!

    Btw I love when you have lists in your posts, maybe that’s just be loving organization but I think it’s so fun!

  6. Kathryn says:

    I absolutely love your posts! They totally inspired me to start my own blog. I love that what you write is always more important than what photos you post! Don’t get me wrong, I love your photos!! I just love reading what your heart says most. I am 24 and married young and trying to navigate the craziness of life as well as following Jesus and it is tough so I love your uplifting posts! 🙂

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