Roolee Clothing Haul

I said “haul” because I’ve seen other people say that haha, so I don’t know if this is technically a haul or not, but I’m sharing some of my personal favorite pieces from Roolee! I talk about Roolee on here a lot so I though I’d write a post and share with you some of my favorite things I have been enjoying this fall from them! They have really good prices and on top of that are having a Black Friday sale so if you want to buy gifts for you friends and your family or want to snag something for yourself on sale, check them out! So here’s a hodge podge of pictures from this fall of some of their pieces.

1. Dannika Textured Sweater

I wore this before it got too, too cold with a skirt and boots! I love how its a good weight- not too heavy and not too light-weight. I could wear it then and not be too hot, but its also thin enough that I could layer something over it really comfortably. Now I’d wear it with jeans or just throw on some tights under my skirt! Anyone else LOVE tights? I have loved them since high school. I remember hating them when I was really little, but now I think they are so comfy.

2. Marina Tie Dress

This is one of those items you just keep grabbing for in your closet. Its only $42 too! I’m thinking it’s a dress I can wear year-round. And since its black it’s easy to switch things up with it! Now that it is colder out I’ve been wearing it with sweaters to keep me warm. And the sides are kind of adjustable so you can tie it looser or tighter depending on your preference. (Personal tip if you buy this dress): I’ve learned I prefer tying the sides up closer to the front…like pulling the knot up toward my front rather than directly on the side.)

3. Free People Sweater

Ok bummer this one is sold out but still thought I’s share it because it gives an idea of the sweaters they carry! I think it’s so fun to have some colorful sweaters to brighten up the cold, dreary winter days!

4. Caprice Button Blouse

I love a good white or neutral shirt and I thought this one was nicer than the usual t-shirt I will wear haha. I actually got a size large in this because I wanted an oversized look. I love this shirt because I can wear it now with a sweater but I also think I” be able to wear it next summer as a swimsuit coverup or with shorts because its so light-weight and airy! Even though it’s light-weight it’s not see-through at all.

And yes, if you read my previous blog post you noticed I was running out the door for church and didn’t get the chance to steam my shirt lol.

5. And last but not least, the Nepal Stitched Cardigan

Ok, this is sold out now, BUT I’m letting you know its supposed to be restocked next week!! I’ve heard some people missed out on it and were eyeing it so check back next week! This sweater is just so stinking fun and makes me happy. Plus it is warm and thats always a plus. No need to size up in this one…it already has a little bit of an oversized fit. If you can’t already tell from my posts, I love oversized things. Someone asked me if I was pregnant recently on Instagram and I was looking at that specific picture and all the ones around it laughing because I definitely see where she’s coming from…all my clothes were more oversize and loose-fitting haha! But hey that’s just my personal preference.


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8 responses to “Roolee Clothing Haul”

  1. Reyna says:

    Hey! As always you look good in anything and everything!! Love ya

  2. Kaitlyn says:

    Where’s the button up skirt you’re wearing with the sweater from? You look amazing in it!

  3. Lucua says:

    I think you look nice as long as you feel comfortable whatever you wearing it’s all good!

  4. Maggie says:

    Where are the blue ruffle shorts from that you’re wearing with the free people sweater? Adorable!

    • marykate says:

      they’re a few years old from American eagle! If you look up my post on my perm I believe I tagged a similar pair there 🙂

  5. Monica says:

    What brand/style are your brown boots in the first picture? I love them!!

  6. India Howay says:

    Hi! Where are you brown boots from ?! they are so stinkin cute!

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