Life Lately: October 2018


I haven’t popped in on here lately or much on Instagram either! And I am ok with it because I think we all can use a social media break every now and then! Social media is a hard thing to balance for me sometimes- either I’m on it too often or I take a break and then feel weird jumping back in. It’s weird that our generation really is the first to ever have to figure out this whole balancing of it, isn’t it?! But I love love love getting to connect with you guys. I love hearing from you and I love getting to share. I’ve actually been working on a few other posts, but I’ve got one serious and lengthy one in the works and I just keep reading it over and over again and it makes me a little nervous to post, especially for my first post back in nearly a month. So to jump back into things I thought I’d just fill you in on what we have been up to 🙂

1. We got back from Paris and London and hit the ground running. I am often asked how we are able to miss school for travel…easy: you work your tail off before you leave and then you work your tail off while you’re traveling and then again after you get back haha. Lots of working ahead and then catching up! So when we got back from Europe we were busy little bees.

2. In case you missed it from Instagram: John Luke was offered a job at the camp he’s been working at back in Louisiana, so we are moving back to Louisiana in the spring! We currently live in Virginia while we are in college at Liberty University. I am about to wrap up my classes in December and John Luke will finish online.

3. Speaking of John Luke, he is on the road currently with the Live Original tour! He’s traveling across the country with that for about 5 weeks. It’s kind of sad not having him here, but he is off working and having fun and I am proud of him!

4. I am here in Virginia working on finishing school! I’ll actually finish classes in December, but plan to walk in May. I have residential and online classes so I’ve been keeping busy with that and also spending time with friends. I have been super sentimental lately since it is our last year in Virginia and am already sad about leaving friends! Also, John Luke is sometimes home a couple of days a week and I spend as much time with him as I can when he is home!

5. My mom and little brother, Teagon, came up to visit for fall break! My sister is a nursing major, so that girl is busyyyyyy. So stinking proud of her. Since she couldn’t go anywhere because of school, mom and Teagon came up. Teagon is 4 now and is growing up! It is SO crazy. We had fun with them and took a day trip to Charlottesville.

6. The Lord has been so cool in providing for me daily. I never have anything planned out too far ahead of time, and its been fun to see Him just seem to be filling my schedule with sweet things. Right when I think I’m going to spend an afternoon by myself, a friend texts me and invites me to this or that, or right when I think somethings not going to work out like I was hoping it would, it turns into something better than I could have expected. Nothing super huge, but just little moments that have made me feel so loved and taken care of.

7. One of my best friends, Lori, came back into town for the weekend and its the first time I’ve seen her since she moved to New York and I could still cry just thinking about how happy I was to see her.

8. I got to go with another dear friend to help pick up her wedding dress and I could cry from how sweet that was as well.

9. For a class I have to design a magazine, which has been hard and fun and overwhelming and exhilarating haha, but for it I did a craft/ DIY and took pictures of it and I think I’ll share it in a blog post because it was so easy and fun and inexpensive!

10. With John Luke being out of town, I keep a show running on our t.v. 75% of the time because eventually the silence starts to drive me crazy. But I cannot watch anything remotely scary. So far I’ve watched Anne with an E and some of The Crown. Welcoming anymore suggestions of something fun and light!

11. We’ve been going to a married and engaged life group at our friends’ house and its been amazing!!! We haven’t been able to go every week with John Luke being gone, but it’s been so refreshing and life-giving and fun.

12. The weather has been magical here in Virginia!!! So cool and nice, especially when the sun is out.

13. I am reading the book Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt. Such a good book. Has anyone else read it?

14. The dogs got hair cuts. Timber looks like a completely different dog!

15. ALSO we are planning a trip to Guatemala and anyone and everyone is invited to come!! We have to cap it off at 40, and if you’re under 18 you have to come with a parent or guardian, but other than that, come with us!!! We are PUMPED about it. It would be so much stinking fun to get to hang out with you!! We have to have at least 25 people sign up to go! Click HERE for more information.



































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  1. Torie Brooks says:

    Good to hear life is treating you well. I’m so glad you’re having fun with everything you’re doing. I love reading your blogs! I’m finishing up my classes this December and planning to walk in May as well and then having my wedding ceremony! God is so good. ☺️?

  2. You know us so well…thank you for always including clothing links haha. I’ve been not as busy lately and I’m loving having more time to rest and enjoy some new shows. My non-scary (I hate them too!!) suggestions are: Superstore (on Hulu), The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (on Amazon..won so many Emmy Awards and the clothes in the show are to die for), and Las Chicas del Cable (on Netflix, it’s “Cable Girls” in English. This show is literally incredible and captivating. It’s originally in Spanish, but you can choose to watch it in English or use English subtitles.)

  3. Gabrielle says:

    I love When Calls the Heart! I think it is so cute. Plus it has drama yet it’s wholesome, which is really refreshing to see!

  4. Mom says:

    Can’t figure out how Timber’s sitting or standing his before pic ??? And JL looks so sassy in the 2nd pic???. Love this!?

  5. Kat says:

    Three things:
    1.These are always so fun to read through!
    2.I can’t believe how similar your smile is to John Luke’s! It’s wild!!!
    3. You talk about your adventures in such a wonderful humble way, I can tell just from reading that you are so thankful for your travels and everything!

    One last thing… I would love if you could do a post on friendship, especially as a Christian gal, was it always kinda easy for you to meet other cool Christian girls? I’d love to know what other girls here in the comments have to say too! God Bless y’all!!!

  6. Chloe Florida says:

    Great British Baking Show!! It’s so relaxing and refreshing. A good one to watch to rest or to have in the background. Thanks for being you! It’s encouraging and joy-giving.

  7. ChemE UTK says:

    I’ve been following your blog and on Pinterest for a long time, and it’s always great to hear about how life is treating you and how God is making headway in your life, and it helps inspire me to look for his work as well. My classes don’t really give me much time to dedicate to go to services like I did in high school, so I have to try and look for him myself in the little things every day. Hearing about your journey always brightens my day!

    Anyway, I couldn’t refrain from commenting any longer because I also have some super cute movie suggestions:

    Secondhand Lions is so cute, and it is a family favorite of ours because it has a heart warming feeling.

    Also, my roommate and I are obsessed with the signed sealed delivered series from Hallmark! It’s super cute, and available on Amazon Student!

  8. I am the same when my husband is gone for work– I can’t stand the silence in my house. Have you watched When Calls the Heart? It’s one of my favorite shows!

    • marykate says:

      Haha it’s nice to hear I am not the only one like that!! I haven’t watched that but am going to check it out now, thanks!

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