7 Products I’m Loving


One of my favorite bloggers recently shared her favorite latest Amazon purchases and I thought that was such a fun idea! I always love hearing new or helpful things my friends are using and love to tell them my latest discoveries. So here are a few random things I have been using lately and have found helpful and/ or fun 🙂


1. Pilot G2 .38 pens

I posted in a story the other day about losing my pen and thought it was so funny how much feedback I got on that! I’m talking hundreds of messages from pen-lovers and 99% of them use this pen. Guys…I’ve been using this type of pen for about a year now and just love it…and apparently a lot of you do too!

2. Reusable Makeup Pads

I got these a couple of weeks ago when I switched to a new skincare line and I love them! I’ve been trying to switch to more reusable things…saves money and saves trips to the store. These are to replace cotton makeup pads and come with a little bag so you can just throw them in the washing machine. They’re super soft and along with my micellar water get my makeup off really well and leave my face feeling so clean!!

3. Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Toothpaste

We switched to this natural toothpaste sometime in the last year and it’s my favorite. We’ve switched to more natural products over the past year just trying to be mindful of what we are using in and on our bodies. Sometimes the natural products just don’t seem as good as the normal ones, but I really like this toothpaste! It doesn’t foam like your common toothpaste brands, so it feels a little weird at first but then becomes totally normal. Best flavor of any natural toothpaste I’ve tried! We love Dr. Bronner’s castille soap too!

4. Milk Frother

This handy little milk frother has been sooo much fun. We love our coffee here at the Robertson house and its sort of a morning ritual here. Some mornings we love to make lattes and this little guy has been so perfect for that. When friends or family are staying with us everyone loves when we pull this out to make lattes. It’s only $10 too! I don’t know why that shocked me when I went to find one on Amazon, but it was a nice surprise.

5. Hydroflask

I always always always like to have water with me. I notice I feel so much better when I am drinking enough water and its easiest to drink lots of water when I just keep it on me. A friend gave me this particular bottle when I was working at camp last summer and I have been using it ever since. JL uses the grey one and I have a white one. It keeps water super cold (just how I like it) and theres also different tops you can change out. I’m considering buying a bigger size though right now though…but kind of attached to mine so idk haha.

6. Bananagrams

Last summer we played this in Hawaii with our friends Jeff and Alyssa and LOVED it. They gave it to us and we played for hours in the airport on our way to our next stop. We’ve pulled it back out lately and honestly its so much fun and makes us laugh. I literally will ask John Luke to play around after breakfast sometimes if theres time before school! It comes in a cute little banana-shaped bag and is super easy to travel with. We’re about to head out on another trip and are definitely bringing this with us! So great for airports or just a night at home. Would make a great little gift too for a variety of ages now that I think about it!

7. All the Light We Cannot See

Really enjoying this book right now! It switches back and forth between different people each chapter so it did take me a few chapters to understand what was going on, but I think its supposed to be like that! I am hooked now and have to make myself stop reading each night and go to sleep. It’s so interesting to be able to step back in history and get an idea of what things were like for different people.

Hope this is helpful and fun! Let me know in the comments if you try anything out 🙂


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  1. Thanks for all the recommendations, girl!! These posts are my favorite kind because they’re fun and quick reads. I am definitely going to get some of those reusable makeup pads and the toothpaste because I’m currently switching everything I use beauty-wise to natural. It’s a long process but I’m excited. & my hydroflask is the best thing ever!!!

  2. I’m going to try out Bananagrams! I have a Hydroflask but didn’t know you could change out the tops. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Olivia says:

    You have to check out the books by Susan Meissner! I loved All the Light We Cannot See, and had Meissner’s books recommended to me after reading that one. They are soooo good!

  4. Lauren says:

    LOVE these kind of posts!

  5. Erin says:

    I loved this post! I saw so many of my personal favorites in your mix. I was wondering if you had any favorite blogs of your own and if you do what are they?

    • Kat says:

      I was wondering the same! Mary Kate I love your blog because it is so focused not on material items but Jesus and your adventures!

  6. Lauren L says:

    Please post more posts like this! Love it.

  7. Shannon says:

    I really like this kind of post! It’s something I’ve not seen before. So fun!

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