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SO one of you asked me lately if I had any recommendations of other people to follow on instagram! They were specifically asking for other people who shared their faith, but I just went ahead and compiled a little list of all kinds of people who have been inspiring me lately on instagram. My little list turned into a not-so-little list and honestly there were more people I wanted to add but I ran out of room. There will be a part two in time to come, so check back later for that!

I first want to add though, that so many of the conversations and things that inspire me are from my friends who may not be very active online but who I am encountering in everyday life. Social media can be a great tool, but be in face-to-face contact with people who know you and love you too obviously!


To start out the list, I’ve got to tell you about my family. If you are following me then you are probably already following them, but just in case you are not I’ll introduce ya…

1. Sadie Robertson


 Sadie is my sister-in-law and is killing it right now! She’s got several books out and is constantly pouring out her heart on instagram. If you are looking to be inspired in your faith, definitely check out Sadie’s page and also her other page @liveoriginal. She has written a lot of great content and shares videos of her speaking. She speaks and writes on a message of living in the freedom God has for us and being confident in who God has created you to be.


2. Bella Robertson


Bella is my youngest sister-in-law and you’d never guess she is only 15. There’s a lot of fun and a lot of wisdom in that girl. She has a gift for writing and shares on instagam as well as her journals on VSCO. She’s sure to bring a smile to your face and wish you were friends! She’s a cool girl.

3. Rebecca Loflin


This is my oldest sister-in-law and how cute is she?! Her and her husband have their first baby on the way, so thats already fun to follow! She’s super stylish though and her instagram stories are always so funny and fun. Rebecca is so positive and fun and kind.

4. Korie Robertson


This is my mother-in-law and I feel like I am constantly learning from her. She’s always reading and always has something interesting to say. It’s always so good to hear what she has to say and sometimes she’ll share what’s on her heart on instagram and when she does you don’t want to miss is!

5. Bonnie Kate Zoghbi


This girl not only has beautiful pictures, the cutest clothes, and is stunning, but also shows joy while dealing with chronic pain. This girl inspires me so much as she finds beauty in so much darkness and is filled with the love of Jesus.

6. Garrett, Jess, Dorothy, Manilla, and Cali Gee


These guys blow me away. They’re a family of 5 who have been traveling the world for 3 years now. They are some of the most incredible parents I’ve seen as they teach their children how to be brave and courageous and adventurous. They are full of love and generosity and it’s so fun they ting to follow along on their adventures through Instagram!


7. Heather Goodman


Heather shares pictures of her life in Hawaii and traveling around. She is a photographer and shares such beautiful photos! (I use her presets to edit my photos!) She is also super real on instagram and is just an inspiring person.

8. Taylor Shuler


Taylor is fun and joy-filled and has such a positive happy feed, but will also get into the hard stuff and wants to help people in their difficult times. She’s an awesome friend in real life but also wants to be a friend through her page and encourage you in whatever you are going through.

9. Earthy Andy


 I think her name is Andrea from her blog but I don’t know her last name, so will stick with EarthyAndy! This girl is AWESOME. I love, love, love her recipes. If you were ever to come to dinner at my house, we’d probably be eating spring rolls, and the recipe is from her website. She shares lots of healthy recipes on her instagram and she is some really good inspiration for healthy living. Don’t be intimated that her recipes are vegan…they’re so good and we can all use some more veggies in our lives!


10. Matilda Djerf


I’ve been following this girl on instagram for a while and I just really love her style. She just kind of does her own thing and is her own person and I love that about her. And she is from Sweden and I love following people who live in different parts of the world- its so interesting and I love it when she speaks Swedish!

11. Emma Jenkins


Emma loves the Lord and loves people and it radiates through her entire being. You cannot help but smile and be encouraged reading or listening to what she has to say. Do yourself a favor and follow her!!

12. Katherine Wolf


Katherine and her husband, Jay, are some of the most inspiring people in my life. After having a brainstem stroke, Katherine shares her story of hope in the Lord. She speaks on how we all have our own invisible wheelchairs and is has a huge voice of encouragement and hope! She’s also soooo much fun.

13. Gloria Umanah


This friend is boldly and passionately pursuing the Lord and it feels like you get to be along for her journey when you follow her on instagram. She has a gift for doing spoken words and you will certainly be blessed through her

14. Hildegunn Taipale


She is super fun to follow and her and her husband share the mot beautiful photographs of their adventures together. They live in Norway which is really cool and beautiful. They are believers and a young married couple and I just enjoy the positivity and love their posts exude.

15. Deeply Rooted Magazine


This page along with the founder of the magazine Diane Jago – @aholypursuit – share so much theological and biblical depth. If you want to learn and be challenged both of these are such good accounts to check out.

16. Leah Bradley


So I think it was during my engagement, I came across two different girls on instagram who were young and married, one lived in California with her husband, and one lived in Florida with her husband, and I was just SO encouraged by seeing these young married couples who were believers. I didn’t really have any friends who were married and didn’t have anyone young to look to, so I was so happy to come across them. Then my mind was blown when I realized those girls were sisters haha. But I still follow them both to this day and have so appreciated them! Leah has got two babies now so its neat to follow someone who is in a stage ahead of me in life. She inspires me with how she’s young and married with 2 babes and is still adventuring and having fun!

17. Ashley Hodges


I met Ashley a couple of years ago and she is just so cute and fun and super helpful to follow on instagram! She is always sharing her latest finds and her joy is just radiant!

18. Alyssa Bethke


If any young mom is “mom goals” it’s probably Alyssa. I know her in real life and she is the kind of  person I can look at and say “I want to be just like her.” She is SO spirit-filled and full of love and kindness and patience. It spills out onto her page and we’re lucky to be given the chance to soak it in haha. She also shares good recipes and little tips!

19. Alyssa


I stumbled upon this girl on instagram and am so glad I did! She is beautiful, takes beautiful photos and videos, and is really funny! Such a treat to follow along with her.

20. Sara


Her page is a dream! She takes such beautiful pictures and I absolutely love her style.

21. Amber Fillerup Clark


I’ve just always enjoyed following her on instagam! She’s got such a cute family and beautiful photos. Her blog is one of my favorites and one of the only ones that I keep up with consistently! She’s always got helpful tips and things to say.




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  1. Kat says:

    I love how you posted so quickly! And even when you don’t it feels like a little treat to see that you have! This was such a joy to read!

  2. Abby S says:

    Surprised @jessicaduckwife didn’t make the first cut! Love her feed and watching those babies grow.

  3. Jem says:

    I definitely share a couple faves on this list! I’ll have to check out some of the other out ?

  4. Ashley says:

    You’re forgetting @marykaterob ! 😉 You’re seriously so sweet…your heart is so big.

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