Spring Break 2018


This year for spring break John Luke and I got to go skiing in Colorado with my family! It’s so funny, we both grew up skiing (well JL snowboards!) with our families, but we have not gone in over 4 years, so this was actually our first time to ski together. I grew up going to Pagosa Springs, but when my dad was diagnosed with Lyme disease we haven’t been able to go as much because he has a hard time with the altitude. Now that everyone is sick we aren’t able to be as active as we used to be, but dad suggested we go this year, and it was such a blessing because all of us were feeling well enough to ski!

One of the main reasons dad wanted to go skiing was because Teagon has never been and has been wanting to go haha. This was his first time and it was SO cute. He wasn’t too sure about ski school the first day, but he ended up going and he absolutely loved it! Wish you guys could have seen him in action…gosh it was so cute and funny.

My cousin Riley came with us too and I am so, so glad she did. When we were little I would do anything if Riley did it. She’s the reason I wanted to learn how to swim and water ski haha. We also lived together my freshman year of college and it was AMAZING.

We went to Steamboat Springs and did ski-in-ski-out for the first time. Basically we went to the bottom of our condo, put on our skis, and skied down to the lift. It was AMAZING. We stayed at Bear Claw and it was perfect for us. Steamboat was awesome. Everyone there was so friendly and just really happy to be there! We skied pretty much all day everyday, and if we weren’t skiing were in the hot tub. The trip was a bit exhausting yet so refreshing at the same time. I love going on vacation with family because even if it is short, the quality of the time if so good since no one is focused on work or school or daily responsibilities.

2 more things:

1. Wish I could link my ski suit, but I got it on Poshmark ! (for like $40 whoop whoop)! But the brand is Obermeyer.

2. Teagon was OBSESSED with that little tree for whatever reason and wanted it and every picture. It was a war between us and him trying to get the tree out of the picture and thats why we were all laughing so hard!



boots // jumpsuit similar here // coat



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  1. Kat says:

    I’m so glad that you’re dad is doing better! I’ll keep him in my prayers and the rest of y’all too! Looks like such a fun memorable trip!

  2. Katelyn says:

    I love Steamboat!! I have been there multiple times skiing with my dad and brother! Glad you were all feeling better and could enjoy your time there.

  3. Meaghan says:

    These pictures are gorgeous Mary Kate! What lens are you using here??

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