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Hi friends 🙂

If you follow my blog you may have noticed I haven’t been on here much lately. Just wanted to hop on and give you a little update.

I’ve tried to take a step back from social media lately, as well as my blog, just to focus on my everyday life and the people around me. I’m a senior now so school is becoming more time- consuming, and I’ve got a lot of friends graduating and stepping into the next chapters of their lives, and I just want to be available. I painted something that hangs in our house that says, “Wherever you are, be all there” and that is what I am trying to do right now.

To be honest, I keep debating deleting all social media. (Maybe keep Facebook because I love seeing engagement and baby announcements haha.) But in all seriousness, half the time I close my instagram app I leave feeling hurt over something that someone did or how they made me feel, whether purposefully or not.  If you have the strength to not get hurt, then that really is awesome, but if you’re putting yourself in a situation where you end up with fighting bad feelings, maybe just not put yourself in that situation? This is what I’m kind of telling myself now. At the same time, I could use thicker skin for sure! I believe we would all be better without social media though. I am not saying it is all bad. It might be “good”, but sometimes I feel like it might be distracting us from the “great.” I myself have been convicted lately by realizing I could be doing all the good in the world through writing or encouraging or whatever to people all over the globe, but if I am not loving and serving and being loyal to the people closest to me, than what am I really doing? Someone once told me when it says “love your neighbor” in the Bible, it literally means your actual neighbor. Imagine if each of us was loving the person next door to us? We’d all be covered! If I am encouraging you guys, but can’t remember the woman’s name who lives in the house over, I am not doing something right. So that’s just where I am coming from.

On the other hand, I think when I was young and did not have many godly friends to teach me and push me and encourage me, and I know there are some people like that our there now just feeling a little lonely. I really want to step in and encourage you. I also love helping. When I find something that helps me, whether it be Scripture or some new shampoo, I LOVE to tell others about it so it can help them too! Seriously just ask my friends…haha I am recommending them stuff all the time.  I am a very health conscious person…physical health, spiritual health, mental health, and I like sharing ways I am working toward better health- books I’m reading, Bible verses I am studying, essential oils, whatever! I truly enjoy hearing from you guys and interacting through here and instagram. I really enjoy hearing back from you. I am not kidding when I say it is an honor to me if you are even reading this. On a whole other note, I am currently able to monetize my instagram and blog, and as a full-time college student that is super helpful, and also allows me more time to blog, as well as the money to keep my blog up and running.

***just want to add a quick note about monetizing my blog just to be open with you guys. I make money through sponsored posts on instagram, but I have never done a post for anything that I do not believe in or do not like, and I never will. I told you guys I love to help and share things that I like, so I stick with that. I actually say no to a LOT of things. Not going to lead you guys astray haha. Just wanted to tell you that. Honestly if it wasn’t for those, I’d probably have to stop blogging, because having to pay for hosting (if you know what that is) is really expensive!!

So this is where I currently am. In a place of trying to figure out my next step. Just trying to steward my platform well, but trying to learn what “well” looks like here- whether that could be no social media at all or figuring out the best way to navigate it.  Lately I try to keep my instagram app deleted for the majority of the day. This helps because if I want to get on I have to go and download and sign back in, and can’t just immediately open it. I try and delete it after I post something too so I am not looking at comments or likes, good or bad. I’m not saying what’s right or wrong, or what you should or shouldn’t do. These are just the things going through my mind lately (lol welcome to my brain) so I thought I’d share to explain a bit of absence, and in case its something you might be thinking about as well. I think it’s always a good thing to step back every now and then from anything we are doing just to evaluate our motives, see where we are, and make sure we are heading in the direction we want to be headed. John Luke had a friend say, “When you realize you are running toward a cliff, when are you going to stop running? NOW!”

I may end up solely on my blog, because I love writing and photography and feel like they are both passions God has given me, and my blog is where they can come together. One thing is pretty much for certain: when instagram ends or everyone switches to Vero or whatever is next…I will not be making the jump haha. But, I do have a few things coming up on here. I’ll share a little of what JL and I have been up to lately, and I’ve got something my incredible cousin wrote.

 If you’ve got any thoughts on social media let me know in a comment. Thanks you guys for reading and following along with my life!



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  1. Grace McGuire says:

    I think do what makes you happy, God has a great plan for you

  2. Danica Mauer says:

    Hey Mary-Kate, I’m a college student from California. 🙂 I used to watch Duck Dynasty when it was on the air so I kind of stumbled upon your blog a while back and have been following it ever since! I especially like reading about Bible verses you have found and how God is working in your life, and your trip to Israel with your class made me really want to go and experience it for myself! I still have yet to actually go though haha…I totally agree with this post though! I deleted my Instagram last year and my Snapchat about a month ago, and haven’t missed either one at all! It was so refreshing to actually look up from the phone and see what’s going on around me. If you’re thinking about deleting Instagram and if you have a Snapchat too I highly recommend! Hopefully you see this 🙂

  3. Katherine says:

    I love that are thinking and wrestling and trying to steward your platform — XO

  4. Kaylee Miller says:

    This is so helpful and encouraging as I too have been evaluating the affect of social media in my life. I may try out some of your ideas. Thanks for this advice 🙂

  5. Jordan says:

    I love this!
    I to have struggled with deleting social media or not…. I mainly would miss it because 99% of my shopping is from Instagram boutiques ?
    BUT I have noticed that I will lay in bed for an hour scrolling through Facebook or Instagram and then only 15 minutes doing bible study…. it should not be like that at all. I was listening to a Billy Graham service yesterday “will our world end?” So good! And I encourage everyone to listen to it. But one thing he said was anything no matter how big or how small it is can be an “idol” anything that we spend more time on instead of in the word is a idol that we are praising. Social media was my first thought. SO happy to see that someone else is having the same thoughts as me and I thank you for sharing with us!

  6. Sophie says:

    I have had the same thoughts lately as well. Social media is a great platform for helping others and sharing about Jesus, but it can also be a distraction and leave you feeling sad. Definitely have to use discernment and set boundaries. I love this post and how inspired you are and make me feel ??

  7. Hannah Parsley says:

    I love your post. I also have been wrestling with how social media is actually good for any of us. I tend to think that social media ends up being more about drawing attention to ourselves and steals attention from Jesus. And I know that this is just the way that Satan has perverted it. I also end up scrolling to see what friends have left me out of and then I get unnecessarily hurt Haha. I really appreciate how you and your family tend to focus almost all of your social media on Christ. I also go to liberty and it makes me proud to know that my fellow school-goers are making such a difference.

  8. Madison Bennett says:

    Hi Mary-Kate.? My name is Madison and I’m a high-schooler from Mississippi. Lately I’ve been struggling with something you mentioned in your blog. You said when you were young you didn’t have many godly friends to teach you and encourage you and that you know there are some people like that out there now who are just feeling a little lonely. Well, I’m one of those people. Lately I just can’t help but feel like the Lord has something else in store for my life and I personally feel like I’m not fulfilling it. I don’t have many godly friends in my life and that’s what I’ve been trying to search for and surround myself with more people who pursue Christ daily because that’s the kind of person that I aspire to be. I don’t think it was a coincidence that I stumbled upon this particular blog because Jesus knew exactly what I was needing to hear and I think that’s amazing:) You inspire me!!

    • Kat says:

      Wow! Madison my two closest friends aren’t christians and lately I’ve just been thinking about how lovely it would be to have christian friends, ones to come over and have game nights and popcorn and play worship music and laugh 800 billion times! Then I realized something… Maybe I am the one supposed to start something. God is calling me towards being a host, being someone who says “the doors are open and each person is welcome”. I realized I could sit back watch people my age that have friend groups at church from a distance or I could be inviting and share my love for cooking, baking, entertaining and Jesus with others. Perhaps Jesus is calling you to create community too, or maybe something else, but regardless of the details he has something beautiful set aside for you!

  9. Rachael says:

    It’s funny you feel that way about Instagram and Facebook because I feel the opposite. I was just talking about this with someone else, I find that Facebook is a negative experience for me a lot of the time but there are lot of people I “have” to stay friends with (relatives, high school, etc.) that post things that are just negative enough that make it not a good place, on the other hand Instagram has a lot of people I follow specifically because they always have uplifting posts, e.g. Alyssa Bethke, Sadie, you … as well as my friends that post things I enjoy. I’d definitely recommend paying attention to whether or not it is just a few people that are bothering you or if it is the whole experience. Also, there is no shame in turning off the comments on your posts!! Especially since you are someone who is well-known enough to be subject to a lot of meaningless criticism …

  10. Ellianna Loy says:

    I love this post and your blog. I have a lot of the same thoughts on social media as you. Over the course of the past few months, I have deleted it multiple times and have just been back and fourth. Ultimately, I feel like it is holding me back. I do not think social media is totally bad, but I think for most people it is not healthy for their relationship with Christ. (including me.) I just keep asking myself, “Is it drawing me closer to Jesus? Is it benefiting me anyway spiritually?” And I think that if I am honest with myself, the answers would be no. So I am praying about it, but I think that I will be giving it up after my birthday on Easter. I do not want to be held back from growing in my own life, and trying to make the world better, for only temporary satisfaction. It’s time for me to give up my own desires and pursue the desires of Christ.

    • Kat says:

      It sounds like you are so excited for to run towards Jesus and it sounds like you feel deleting social media is a step towards him!

  11. Erin says:

    You just spoke to the depths of my soul girl! I think this is something that a lot of us girls struggle with but we don’t ever talk about it. I know I have deleted the apps on my phone for days or weeks at a time just to gain perspective but I always end up re-downloading them because I feel like I am missing out on something going on. However, I can 100% relate to what you said about closing the app feeling hurt and like who I am or what I’m doing isn’t good enough. But, from another standpoint, I do feel like Instagram has introduced me to a lot of authors, speakers, and other things that have helped my faith journey that I may not have known about otherwise.
    I do really enjoy your posts and hearing about what you recommend though so I’d be a little sad if you left! In the end you’ve gotta do what’s right for you and what God asks you to do. Just know you’re not alone in the struggle 🙂

  12. Bonnie says:

    I too am a senior at college. More and more I’m realising that social media is a huge distraction ( I should be working on my lab report but I picked up my phone went on insta and saw your story lol). Majority of the time, after scrolling for a couple minutes, I just feel empty afterwards and like I just wasted a good chunk of time that I could have spent doing my lab report! Lol But I do wish we could spend more time interacting with others in ways that doesn’t involve social media and just….be. Be present in moments. Be present around family and friends and neighbors.

  13. Damaris H. says:

    I think it’s so interesting that you’re sharing that now, because it’s definitelu something that’s been on my mind lately too. I often find myself on my phone more than I’d like to… and even though I get so many fitness, recipe, and inspirational ideas (because the people on Instagram I follow truly do inspire me, like you! ?) I realize that I’m not being the best steward of my time, and could be using that time to grow in my faith by spending time in Gods word, or even just growing in skills, and actually doing the things I’m inspired by on social media… instead of just wasting that time scrolling through Insta. ? I’m still trying to decide what to do, but @haileydevine shared something that I think I might try, and that is to set aside a specific time of the day to spend on social media and engage with your friends, but to keep it short, and not constantly get distracted by it during the day. To read a book, master a new language, and be more productive with my time in between classes and whenever I find myself scrolling through my phone… I think it’s so important to pray and ask for God’s guidance in this, because we’re definitely facing new struggles in this era, but we can also use our influence to be a beacon of light and hope to others! Blessings!

    • marie says:

      the time set aside idea is so smart! i got super sick of instagram at the start of the year and deleted it (my only social media) and it felt good for a while and i had no desire to get back on, but strangely enough i started to feel even lonelier (??) i know weird! and found once i logged on every once in a while and saw all the inspirational posts from people i love i felt better! however i’ve started going on sooo much lately again and i hate it!! presence is so important! i never thought of time set aside thought i’ll definitely try that out!! <3

  14. Hey Mary Kate!! I absolutely love your blog and every time you post I get so excited!! Actually your blog is one of the major inspirations in me creating my own blog!! I agree social media can give off this weird feeling inside sometimes! But I am thankful for instagram because it’s the best way to keep up with people you don’t see regularly (also wouldn’t have stumbled upon your blog if it wasn’t for instagram)!!! Thanks for having an encouraging and inspiring presence!!

  15. Sidney Rodriguez says:

    Hey Mary-Kate , your not alone, many of us can understand how you feel, I myself have deleted my Instagram app many times but some how end up downloading it again but I do notice that when I don’t have it I tend to focus more on my surroundings, on my daily life and on my family, I feel like it depends on where you are in your life or what type of person you are, I just joined Instagram last year to be able to see what my family members are up to since I don’t get to see them as much, but I find myself perfering to talk to them or text them. I love your blog and tend to look at it more than your Instagram because the messages you write are incredible and encourage me every time I read them, if you do decide to leave Instagram or all of social media do it for yourself because you know what’s best and after all you’ll always have your blog and the passions God has placed in your heart.

  16. Keileigh Patterson says:

    This same thing has been going through my mind. I like social media because I enjoy being able to keep up with others but it is difficult not to compare. I find your posts very encouraging, I love when you share things encouraging bible verses and other things you like because they are something new to try! I understand where you are coming from though and understand why you would want to stop using. Stay on your blog though, I love seeing your pictures and hearing the encouraging things you have to say 🙂

  17. Anneliese Taggart says:

    I love this! Social media use and impact is definitely something I struggle with as well. When it comes to recommending something I love, I want to share my latest discovery! It is an app called “Flipd” that will remove any app from your phone for a set amount of time, then the app will reappear once the time is up. For example if I wanted to make sure I wasn’t checking social media during the day, I could set it at 10 hours and at the end of those hours it automatically goes back on my phone, but is totally inaccessible during those 10 hours. Just thought I’d share 🙂 thank you so much for all you do to share the Kingdom and spread love to others!!

  18. Stacy P. says:

    Hey all,

    I love seeing this post Mary Kate since I have been debating the same thing! It is so inspiring to hear from not only you but all the godly girls above. I need more people like you all in my life! Have you heard of the show Survivor where castmates are in a tribe on a deserted island together for 39 days? One thing that I found helped me break the social media addiction is to go 39 days with no social media. It truly changed my life. It’s easy to go a couple days without social media and then get the urge to see “what you’ve missed” but in 39 days, that urge is gone! When I went back after 39 days, I had missed NOTHING at all and I was shocked! Unfortunately over the past year I fell back into social media but I was never addicted like I once was again! Thinking about doing this challenge again soon! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Kat says:

      So true! I went about 2 months without it before deleting and I didn’t miss it after the two months!

  19. Bekah says:

    There’s been so many times that I’ve considered deleting social media but can’t seem to do it. My husband and I recently moved to Lynchburg and i haven’t made too many close friends, so social media somehow makes me feel connected, yet lonely at the same time. It’s hard to find the right balance between staying connected but not envying others or feeling bad for yourself ?fun stuff! Haha Loved this post!!

  20. karlee says:

    i feel the same way! for almost a year now i take about a week (or more), out of every month to just delete social media and get away from all the negativity and for my mental health. i think social media is great for staying connected to people that you otherwise wouldn’t get the chance to, for staying up to date on news, and for educating others but it definitely can be too much sometimes:/ i hope you find a happy medium!

  21. Nicole says:

    I truly admire how down-to-earth you’ve stayed as an individual despite having the spotlight thrust upon you through DD. As someone that thousands of people follow on social media, it’s super refreshing to hear that you recognize your platform and want to steward it well while being a good friend to the people in your life. Though I’ve never met you, I have no doubt that you’re just as sweet and genuine in person as you are portrayed online, which reflects Christ so well. All this to say, do what YOU need to do. Whether that’s fasting social media or deleting it completely. Thank you for being sincere and authentic! If you ever move to Minnesota, let’s be real-life friends *wink wink*

  22. Samantha says:

    I love hearing your honesty regarding social media. About 5 years ago I had Facebook and Instagram. I ended up deleting my Facebook because I saw so many more negative things in my feed, and I also didn’t like the algorithm of it. Deleting Facebook was the best decision I made. I didn’t realize how “addicted” I was to opening my phone or laptop and going directly to Facebook. It took about 2 weeks to get out of the habit of just wanting to open it or post something. I still have Instagram and I do love it. I don’t see as much negativity in there, but I also limit my time on it so I don’t waste precious moments glued to my screen. I only allow myself to go on 3 days a week for no more than 30 minutes. I don’t have any other type of social media such as twitter or Snapchat and I am so happy I don’t. I’ve debated deleting Instagram even but I have found a good positive group of Christians that I enjoy following and want to also encourage those that follow me with the message of Jesus Christ. Hope this was helpful!

  23. Lindsay Kate says:

    Yessss, I can totally identify with that lol! My sister deletes insta during the week and redownloads it on the weekends, then it gives you a chance to step back and focus on the things that truly matter, like pursuing the Lords heart ❤️! Thanks for posting, truly enjoyed it!

  24. Jodi Bayes says:

    As a momma it’s become so discouraging. We just gave social media back to my oldest. When we go to dinner the waiter actually has to clear their throat to tell us to order from the device on the table. Then we ALL go back to our phones (our youngest playes the games on the table devices) untill we get home. Why did we even bother? Next… When my oldest’s boyfriend came over to visit I watched as he was excited to get out of the car to see her (their song was on the radio and he had it playing loud). He actually cut the song off and walked directly into the house. I asked my daughter what was she thinking? Didn’t she hear the song? Her reply…. Yes, MOMMA! I loved it and was taking a picture of him and posting it on (whatever she said)…. BLINK~BLINK~BLINK
    Have we missed all human interaction skills??? She didn’t even register he was hurt? She had just gotten Social Media back, but is a generation of texting…. We as adults are losing our skills too… It’s time for an interpersonal national intervention!

  25. Marianna MCcabe says:

    I love your encouragement about social media. Very rarely do I leave Instagram feeling encouraged and content. Such a good challenge to not get on it as much. I was wondering if you could do a blog post about liberty. i am considering going there and was wondering your thoughts.

  26. Jamie says:

    Hey MK,
    I’ve been following your blogs and instagram for a few years now and I truely believe that you are a great inspiration to this generation.(Literally right before you posted this blog I thought about you and wondered why you haven’t posted as much lol) although many of us are sad to hear that you may be taking a break from social media, i’ve been having the same thoughts about just disconnecting and focusing on life and my relationship with the Lord. It’s soo important to just breathe for a second! Cherish and love the ones around you because you are so blessed beyond the fame. Just know we still love and support you ? And to all the girls who have said that they feel alone : im 19 years old and my dad is a pastor in California so i know the struggle of feeling alone and not knowing any or having any Christian friends. Take it from me, it took loosing all of the friends I grew up with and staying in God’s word to figure out that your relationship with him is the most important thing. I believe God is preparing us so that when he places those people in our lives, we will be able to love them and appriciate them just like MK said shes trying to do now. You are loved, We got this y’all ??

  27. Kate says:

    Thanks for this, Mary Kate. I just deleted my Instagram a few weeks ago and I feel freer, healthier, and more focused on some friendships that really needed work in my life. I honestly don’t even miss it. I had gotten Instagram about 4 years ago and then deleted it after a few years because it just became consuming and I felt like I was holding on to hundreds of loose relationships by the thread that was social media. After about a year of cleanse, I started up a new account to document my study abroad and only had about 20 or so followers – aka, it was the best, because it was really just about me documenting and sharing memories with close loved ones! After the trip, I kept the account and my following grew again and I just hated where it was going more and more, so I deleted it again a few weeks ago and I’m not jumping to get back on. I hated that I was unable to share the most authentic version of myself through a post, as hard as I would try. I hope that whatever you decide, you find some peace and happiness. Know that I love following your blog but what I, someone who reads your blog, thinks, should never overshadow your own personal needs and desires. You will be able to help people whatever you decide!

  28. Katelyn Smith says:

    Hey girl:) WLED senior as well, I’ve been doing the same THING! I deleted all social media in Feb 1st, and it was so hard! Haha But after a week I had so much more time to focus on my person growth and health! On media I found, more of my mindset focused on comparison or pleasing people rather than growing myself to who God wants me to be. I am meant to lead the next generation of leaders so I need to be healthy in all areas to do it well! I think what your doing is awesome and inspiring! Keep going you got this!❤️

  29. Kat says:

    Mary Kate,
    So lovely to see a new post, I’ve been checking daily but no rush :)I know you are supa busy!
    I was thinking about Instagram yesterday, I don’t have it anymore either! And I thought, wow, all that was was a app, and yet we all put so much emphasis on it. We don’t do it to get paid by a employer, or because we really have a big reason but really just to try and improve our self image and yet it creates such a unrealistic sense of that sometimes! I find it can also make us super critical and judgemental, we sometimes say “These people are christians… But they dress like this, or post this picture?” I think it’s so much lovier to live and not be so caught up in taking pictures of coffee cups and floor tiles just to post, I think it’s more valuable to have a print of a photo that you hold tight to as it is precious and one of a kind. And I think there is confidence to be found beyond social media. We don’t always have to share our words with the world for them to be valuable, sometimes whispering them off to be sent to heaven and shared with Jesus is the most glorious thing. I think he wants to hear about our happy moments, the funny ones, all of them. Above “Kate” mentioned that you don’t get a real and full idea of a individual on social media and that is so true girl! I agree, you can try hard but it’s so much nicer being face-to-face! I went out for coffee with a friend and before she drank her beverage she took a picture and I kind of thought about it, how with the advances in technology we take pictures of “little things” but so often not to really be thankful but rather to brag to someone else.
    One last thing…
    In the bible it mentions this in 2 Timothy 3:2
    “For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers…” There’s more to this verse but this part stood out to me.
    I think that social media can easily create this. Not to judge but so many are trying to get a big following so they can get sponsorships and brand affiliations, and also so many accounts seem super self centered. This being said Mary Kate I have always found you pictures and posts so inspiring! You remind me what a life of adventure looks like, and give me a sense of proof in pictures words and sentences that it sure is amazing!

    I know whatever god has for you and all the other girls reading through is far beyond what any of us can ever imagine! And some of y’all may be called to social media to share god’s word too! Don’t be afraid to be bold about Jesus y’all! He is far to great to try and dim down the light of life in him!


  30. Shay W. says:

    Hi Mary-Kate! I really enjoyed this blog as I do all of your others! I sometimes find myself wanting to pull away from the social media world as well. I find myself missing too much because I am constantly grabbing for my phone. I was late with getting into Twitter and decided to get one a couple of years ago, and now that I have it, I wish I would have never downloaded it. I mainly use Facebook to stay in contact with family I don’t get to see much. I am thinking about keeping that one but that is the one I find to be on the most. then I ask myself what do I do…. If you find a sort of solution to the social media situation will you please blog advice about it? I would love to see what you decide and how it works for you. Have a blessed one!(:

  31. Britta says:

    Hi Mary Kate!

    I was so excited to see a post from you because truly I love your blog 🙂 all the things you post are either adorable, fun, or just honest and truthful and I love all those things about you!

    Anyway, I deleted my Facebook about 5 years ago, and about 6 months ago I deleted my Instagram. I deleted Facebook because I didn’t like all he “extra” posts of people venting. Just had a lot of negativity. I deleted Instagram because for me, at the time, there was a ton of anxiety and comparison that stemmed from it (a lot of it due to being single and 25 and seeing others who weren’t was hard).

    Anyway, I just created a new account this week, and re-entered the world I shut off completely. I will tell you this- my time away was very refreshing and gave my a lot of focus on the things I wanted to focus on- namely beginning to see myself as Jesus does. If things start to go downhill because of comparison again, I won’t hesitate to delete most likely never to return! lol

    I would just say, whatever you do, do the thing that cares for your soul and relationship with Jesus! For me, that meant hiding in him and staying off social media during a lot of healing!

  32. Kerra says:

    I’ve been contemplating the same things latley. I deleted Facebook a few years ago and felt so much better, and now I only do Instagram. At first only doing Instagram was like a breath of fresh air… But now, I feel like it’s starting to become just as toxic ? I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who deletes their app and then redownloads it ? I’ve done that in the past too! Also that is a really good quote by John Luke’s friend, I’m definitely going to keep that on my fridge! Thanks for sharing your heart❤️

  33. Emily Lane says:

    For the past 6 months I have not had Snapchat, Instagram or Twitter! At first I deleted the apps, then temporarily deleted my accounts and now I have permanently deleted my accounts! I found that social media consumed me. I would compare myself to different girls and also compare my life. Every since I have deleted these apps I have been so much happier! I am in the moment and more personal with people because I’m not distracted!

  34. Samantha says:

    Totally have had the same thoughts! I delete it too some days, only to end up right back on it! :/ at times it’s just either what I resort to when I’m bored or need to just tune out from a long day with the kiddos but, I constantly find myself hurt. By not being enough or having enough followers, ultimately affecting my sense of worth. I would think if I just got to a certain number of followers I’d be satisfied. I’d be viewed upon as someone worthy. But yet all along I will neglect the ones in front of me in this pursuit of trying to be someone I’m really not… like high school all over! Hehe. It’s like this toxic addiction (though we might not call it that) in which we always want more, but it’ll never leave us full. Plus by all the time we sit & edit & write & overthink & wait. For. The. Red. Hearts. To. Appear. We miss all that the rest of the day had in store & neglect the love literally around us because we, well I, just consume in that number. But I definitely want to be more Intentional in doing what God has put in front of me & not being like my toddler & reaching for something outside of what He’s put in my path.

  35. Natalie says:

    I first stumbled upon your blog by watching Duck Dynasty a while back, when it was still on. I followed your Instagram and found your blog and I used to not be a blog person until I started reading yours! I love your and John Lukes love story and your passion for Jesus really inspired me to push myself to let God into my life as well. Thank you for all you have done for me even if you never really knew it and I will continue to come back and read your amazing blog! God has truly done incredible things with your life 🙂

  36. Abi says:

    Hi Mary Kate,

    I am just coming to the end of a 21 day fast of instagram which I felt I needed to do, not necessarily for coming off and feeling hurt, but for realising that I was feeding my soul and mind with pictures and videos of things that either made me feel not worthy for not being that put together or that pretty or that fit, or filling my mind with just inane information that was taking up all my time and was rather mindless. I wanted to be able to use that time to focus on God and also to try to focus on all the things that I like about me rather than the things I didn’t.

    However, I was literally just sitting here and thinking, one of the things that I miss about instagram were the posts and people who helped to put me in the right mindset and focus on the right things and that reminded me of the joy I can have in God and in life, and one of those people was you. Not wanting to break my instagram fast, I searched for your blog because you always serve to encourage (your blog I found through instagram) and then I found this new blog post of yours. So I just want to maybe play a small part in encouraging you instead of the other way around.

    I can relate to your thoughts and your feelings you have expressed above and totally understand and support whatever decision you make regarding your social media as I know that it can be a daily struggle and cause a lot of anxiety, and I am in no way trying to persuade you to make a particular decision as your feelings and points are valid. I just want to encourage you that you have definitely helped me, and I have always felt as if I could relate to your blog posts and instagram, (especially your post about your struggle with depression – this was like a breath of fresh air for me and I really felt as if God was leading me to discover and read your post when I was feeling in a very similar way to you and not knowing what was going on with me). So anyways even though I do feel a bit odd about writing to a stranger in such an intimate way lol, you do that all the time and I thank you for that. It has been a blessing and an honor and I pray that you will have an amazing senior year being present and truly find joy in your everyday. If social media is not a part of that for you at this time in your life, that is OKAY. But again thank you, because you helped this stranger.

  37. Kayla says:

    Your blog to me looks like your ministry and from other bloggers, other platforms drive the traffic to their site. Our job is to be the mouthpiece of God to make sure all who need to hear the gospel message and hear it and accept it or reject it, and rejection really hurts!!! I think it would be worth your while to do pray about it and if god makes it clear it’s time to say good bye, then case closed. Selfishly, I LOVE your content here and I check EVERYDAY for something new!!

  38. I applaud you for taking the time to take away time from social media. My dream job is to manage social media for a professional sports team, and I too run a blog so I feel like there is this pressure to always be on. I have a rule for myself; if social media takes away from my being present, then I leave it for a week or so. If by the end of the week I’m not feeling like I’m where I should be, I keep it deleted until I’m sane again. Social media is an incredible and useful tool God has allowed us to have, but sometimes we can’t overuse it. You are so encouraging through this and I thank you so much.

  39. Maddy says:

    I actually deleted all of my social media around this time last year. Well I mean…I still look at blogs and such, but I don’t have accounts on any major media platforms. At first it was kinda rough and it was harder to connect with friends especially with a busy schedule, but it forced me to consciously make an effort to connect with people outside of Instagram and Snapchat and Facebook, etc. It wasn’t till later that I realized how valuable it is to really reach out to someone and check up on them. So in the end I’m pretty happy with deleting my sm. Hope you make the decision that’s right for you M.K.!! (BUT whateva you do please update us on this blog because I look forward to reading it haha ok bye!!)

  40. Emma says:

    Your blog is really encouraging. I say yes because God has a plan for you. With or without social media:)

  41. Reed Smith says:

    Hi Mary Kate! I deleted my Instagram completely just a few weeks ago after not having it on my phone for a few months. Honestly, it has been amazing and I hardly notice it; to be fair, you’re Instagram is completely different than mine. If you know the Lord is calling you to deleting it and are nervous, I do not regret the move one bit; however, continue to pray about it and I know He will guide you in the right direction.

    God Bless!

  42. Kate I says:

    Great post, Mary Kate! One of the things I gave up for Lent was Instagram and, contrary to what I was expecting, I did not miss it! In fact, I felt so much better to not be scrolling through and wasting time seeing things that usually only bring me negativity. This experiment was eye opening and had made me re-evaluate my time with social media. Glad we’re on the same page with these thoughts!

  43. Ellie says:

    I think that you should absolutely do what your heart is telling you to do. It will 100% be the right thing to do. But just know that for me, as a teenager, your blog is such an uplifting thing for me. Your instagram is so uplifting as well. So maybe it’s a matter of re-configuring your instagram or who you are following to make you feel better. You’re doing nothing wrong! Everything you’re feeling I have felt before… happy easter sweet girl!

  44. Katrina Brooke says:

    Hey Mary Kate,

    I also struggle with this all the time. I haven’t had Facebook since 2011 and am a senior in college now. I had Instagram off and on for about two years since then.

    I will say though, that your blog is such a blessing to me. I go to college in Upstate New York and don’t have the same community of girls who love Jesus that I did in high school. Perusing through your pictures and posts is like catching up with a friend at the end of the day. I also am so inspired by people, like you, who turn their passions into supplemental incomes. I think it is a good example for other young people that the world is truly full of possibilities.

  45. Alexis Vitanza says:

    I feel ya Mary Kate. I am wrestling with the idea of deleting my social media all the time. Satan is constantly trying to lure me into believing I am not good enough or whatever through Instagram especially. But I think the fact that you are noticing it can be an issue for you is a huge step. I also was wondering how you go about trying to be present? I find myself wishing away time so I can graduate college and finally be in a good community of believers. I often wish I had more godly women in my life and living present is just a real struggle. What would you suggest?

  46. Tellie says:

    I so hope you keep blogging! I have really been encouraged. Thank you for being honest in your writing and giving all the glory to God!

  47. Alejandra Cortez says:

    Thank you for sharing this. It certainly was refreshing. I completely understand where you are coming from. I think our generation, in general, has this samd battle. I pray that we be able to train a keen ear to the Lord’s voice and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. God bless you – XO

  48. Lyndie says:

    I can definitely relate with your social media struggle. At the beginning of the year I felt really bogged down by the weight of social media. Each time I scrolled mindlessly, I’d feel guilty, realizing my time wasn’t being spent honoring the Lord by stewarding it well. After a friend of mine made her New Years resolution to “get into the Word before the world” (aka get that quiet time in with God before glancing at a screen), I realized how often I had been reaching for my phone, instead of my Bible in the morning. So after many failed attempts to quit social media, I decided to bring up the struggle to some girls at Bible study. After prayer and one last deletion of my apps, I’ve been rid of social media ever since! It’s been three months now and I don’t miss it’s hold over me (or honestly the constant connection with the world) at all!

  49. Lenzi Womack says:

    Seriously you are so encouraging and uplifting. I love your thoughts, they’re a lot like mine put into the perfect words! I hope we can encourage and uplift you just as much as you do all of us MK! Thanks for being incredibly authentic!

  50. Ana María says:

    Hey Mary Kate!
    I deleted all my social media two years ago because I found myself spending more and more time checking on other people’s lives and wishing to be them instead of living my own. When I woke up the first thing that I would do was to open Instagram, so yes, it became kind of addictive, so I deleted everything. But then this summer I started using social media again, at first because I needed it for a summer course, and I realized that in that time I had learned to be happy with myself and my life and to not give importance to what other people think. Nowadays I just use them from time to time mostly to get inspiration, shop and stay in contact with friends, specially from other countries. Hope you keep blogging and posting because you are really a HUGE inspiration!!!

  51. Myra says:

    Hey Mary Kate! Thank you so much for sharing this! I have been struggling with deciding if I should delete my different social media’s or not. I do what you do and have all the social media apps deleted off of my phone, and only install them to post something. Then I uninstall them again! I also occasionally delete a post if I feel like it doesn’t align with my standards/beliefs or purpose as much as I’d like it to.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one struggling with this dilemma! I love how you mentioned that social media can be “good” but it might be hindering us from doing things that are “great”. And how you said some of the good things you can do with SM is sharing things to help others! I think when we find the balance of using SM platforms for good, and getting off of SM to do great things that will support the good from SM posts, that’s when we find peace and harmony with SM! The hard part is actually finding that balance! There are so many distractions on SM! ?

    I love the little quote “wherever you are, be all there”. I think it reminds us to stop being so stuck in the digital world, and really cherish our lives! Thank you again for this post!

  52. Diana says:

    That blog spoke to my heart. I started following your Instagram because it seems very real authentic and just honest. I appreciate that so much. Specially in this world we live in where people post only what seems perfection and artificial. However what sold me was and still is the love of God is pertray through your blog and page. I just want to say, Yes do whatever it helps you to be more present and take care of yourself. If that is deleting the app and signing in every so often. Blogging a couple of days per week instead of daily then do it. But please, please don’t delete your blog or Instagram. You are a light in the middle of a lot of darkeness. Thank you so much for your witness and Love ❤️ you have made a difference in my life.

  53. Caroline Conner says:

    I have been struggling so much with the idea of social media recently! I used to see so many benefits of staying connected, but now I feel like the cons are starting to outweigh the pros. I respect you being so discerning with whose brand you put out there, because i feel like so many of the bloggers/vloggers I follow are always pushing merchandise on me and it feels so forced and invasive. Also, it is so so hard not to compare my college experience with the experience of older women who are married, have kids, can travel, etc. I limit my time on social media, and as a general rule, don’t let myself open an app until after noon. Starting my day scrolling through Instagram leads to logging on so many times during the day and it is just not healthy. Thanks for sharing, and i will definitely keep up with your blog even if you don’t use insta!!

  54. Maddie Jones says:

    Hey Mary Kate! Back in November I got rid of my Instagram app and haven’t been back on it since! I felt like I was comparing myself to everyone whose picture I scrolled past and then tried to convince myself I wasn’t. So I finally just deleted the app and 6 months later, I don’t feel like I even really miss it! I do want to actually go back and delete the account but wanted to get the pictures off of there first! I did the same thing with Facebook, but didn’t delete my page yet because I love knowing when peoples birthdays are that I don’t talk to everyday…haha oops. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this!! I hope my thoughts add some insight to yours!!

  55. Bubba says:

    I love your blogs, there the only way I can see whats up with yall lately!! I Recently deleted my social medias and its been such great time very hard to do!! but I watched a video on youtube that might help you rather than deleting it… they said to just turn off all notifications and limit your self and thats what Im thinking about doing when I decide to get my media back! Like you I only kept one media and it was youtube and I cant wait to tell people about my journey in being media free for the last 3 months! SO ill be PRAYING for you!!! go girl!! also was so happy to see you in Aspen Ovards vlogs!! love what your doing!

  56. marie says:

    loved this post and read it at the perfect time!
    at the start of the year i was starting to feel things i hadn’t felt in a long time- loneliness, anxiety, ect. and decided to delete my instagram and vsco app (my only social media). it felt so so so freeing!! and my closest friends all deleted there’s too so i wasn’t feeling like i was missing out. i logged back on a couple months later and felt a wave of sickness, for some reason social media just gave me a bad feeling. so i went through and literally deleted every single person i followed/followed me that i didn’t feel a true, genuine connection to. it took SO much time, brought it down to like 50 people but wow did it feel good. my platform felt… more real? but i deleted the app again. then the loneliness and anxiety started to creep back.. //: i was so confused! I started to go back on to instagram on my web browser and with my fresh, inspirational feed it actually made me feel happier and way more at ease. strange huh! but i still feel really guilty since my best friends and i deleted it together… i’ve come to the conclusion that social media can have an extremely negative effect when you are following an overwhelming amount of people, even if you know all of them. it’s much more freeing to be wary of the amount of people you are following and what they represent, is it something that you align with? i would highly recommend going through your following list and deciding whether or not if it’s someone you want to follow, even if it’s someone you know and talk to. it made me feel so much happier than simply deleting my platforms. that’s just my two cents though(: anyone have any thoughts as I am still confused why deleting it only made me just as anxious and having it seems to bring me more joy? love to all!

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