life hacks and a sweater sale


First off, any other sushi lovers out there?! I think I could live off of it for the rest of my life.

This weekend we had an unplanned haircutting party on my front porch. We had straightened JL’s hair the night before (it was the funniest thing…he literally looked like a woman from behind haha) so we thought we should go ahead and cut a few inches off the back. Tess had cut a friend’s hair the night before so we voted she’d be best to cut John Luke’s hair. Before we knew it she had cut John Luke’s, mine, and then our friend Luke’s! We were outside freezing for about 4 hours total and hair was just flying everywhere. So life hack #1…Find a friend who can cut your hair. Free hair cut and it makes for a fun time and good laugh over the whole ordeal.

Life hack #2…if you order a pair of jeans and they end up too small, just take a bath in them. Learned it from a friend, tried it, and now I don’t have to send back my new jeans!! Honestly was so impressed it worked so well.

Life hack #3… Roolee Boutique has got a ton of winter stuff on sale!! I don’t own a lot of sweaters, and I don’t really like buying them full price because they are so much more expensive then a t-shirt. But I’ve found, if you find a good basic sweater, you can wear it for years, so why not go ahead and buy some when they’re on sale and save them for next year?! This one from Roolee is the SOFTEST, comfiest sweater I have ever had. If you want to check out their site, use MARYKATE in the promo code box and you’ll get a discount. (I have a size small in the sweater for reference)

**Quick note on the jeans. I ordered my normal size and when I first tried them on I was like “no way,” but the bath tricked WORKED and now they fit perfectly and I love them.

Have a good rest of the week and if your weather is anything like my current weather, stay warm and dry!!!

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  1. Rachael says:

    I’m surprised I’ve never heard of that jean trick, that’s definitely something handy to know. Also FYI petite and short (usually) aren’t the same thing. Short just refers to the fact the inseam is shorter by a few inches, petite generally means that the jeans are going to be a little smaller all over (waist, hips, length, everywhere). I’m not really sure why they do it that way because it confuses people a lot, I only know because I work in retail. It’s definitely not something most people know because I see a lot of returns with petite sizes where people don’t know this either.

  2. kisten inness says:

    for the jeans, did you hit let them air dry then? I just ordered a pair of jeans and they are a little small and I have been looking for ways to stretch them out 🙂

  3. Lindsay Kate says:

    That is the coolest thing ever, I never would have thought taking a bath with them would stretch them! Well…I learned something new today haha! I’m lovin’ this combination, cold weather, sushi, bandana, and a super comfy sweater! Thanks for all the tips! < 3

  4. Abigail says:

    I could eat sushi for the rest for the rest of my life, too ? And that jeans trick sounds soooo cool, I will definitely have to try it!

  5. Kat says:

    I’ve never ordered denim from ASOS, because it’s from the other side of the globe and it’s complicated to return stuff rather than if it was in the same country! Those jeans are super cute though! Love the black and white photos! What a fun change!
    P.S I kinda envy your weather! Haha you can go outside with out a coat? Girl it’s -10 F or -23 C
    here! Brrrr! I’m blissfully honking about the days where I can step outside without taking 10 minutes to get out the door haha! But that being said winter is pretty cozy right? Haha god knew we needed ALL the seasons 🙂

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