Baby It’s Cold Outside

3 Things:

1. Woke up to see snow pictures from Louisiana and was a little sad we weren’t there….BUT look what happened here! If you live anywhere in the southeastern part of the states I’m guessing you got some too?!

2. The snow was fun, but one day is enough for me. One day of snow a year and I am good. Sunshine and warmth where ya at?

3. Ya girl is working on figuring out graduation plans!! I’m not going to tell you when though in case I can’t do it in the time I want to haha.

4. Ok actually 4 things. Y’all. Look at my dog. What in the world…..looks like a little swamp rat in the mountains. She keeps us laughing so hard haha.

If you’ve got snow, enjoy it!!

If you don’t, its ok, I promise it’s only fun for a little while and then you are freezing and praying for sun!



sweatshirt // jumpsuit // boots // scrunchie // coat



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10 responses to “Baby It’s Cold Outside”

  1. Allanah says:

    So cute Mary Kate! I’m soooo happy it snowed today.. I hope it just keeps coming!! Have a great weekend <3

  2. hailey witte says:

    your adorable❤️

  3. hailey witte says:

    your adorable and i love you❤️

  4. Carly says:

    Enjoy the snow! We have plenty in Minnesota if you start to miss it!

  5. Grace says:

    Hey Mary Kate! You are such an inspiration and I love the name of your blog! Keep being you and keep living life to the fullest 🙂

  6. Grace says:

    P.S follow me on insta @random1oq 🙂 PS I promise this is not spam! Haha

  7. Julia says:

    Love your outfit!! John Luke’s P.J.’s are where its at! 🙂

  8. Shery De Grant says:

    You are a blessing ❤️

  9. Cat says:

    Haha the snow looks amazing! But so cold too. I completely agree with you–snow one day a year is good for me.


  10. Emily Ann says:

    I live in Wisconsin and we are used to snow all the time!!! Haha so cold. I hope y’all enjoyed the snow in VA! Sending love from Wisco!!

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