fall & a comfy hoodie

If you are ever feeling down seriously go outside and jump around. It just makes you feel GOOD.

I am not kidding, it works!

I love, love, love the outdoors. I go walking in the woods nearly everyday and it just does a number on my soul, mind, and body. I’m sad to see the leaves falling because that means my walks get shorter, but its been one of the most enjoyable things watching them change colors this fall.

But just wanted to hop on here and share a lil’ outfit post with you guys! This past summer I found out about Roolee Boutique and now I pretty much wear something from them everyday haha. Super cute clothes and super great people who run it. If you get the sweatshirt there is no need to size up at all! I’ve got the S/M and its hugeeee, but I love it like that for keeping warm and cozy this winter.

Also LOL at the last picture with Pippa.

Cipher Urban Hoodie     Boots


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7 responses to “fall & a comfy hoodie”

  1. Hannah says:

    These photos are DREAMY


  2. emmy says:

    K why are you the cutest?


  3. Lindsay Kate says:

    Oh my goodness, that looks like so muck fun! I love your outfit and pippa in that last photo haha!

  4. That sweatshirt looks so cozy! Fun pictures!

  5. Kate I says:

    mary kate, you seem like such a lovely girl! I’ve recently been reading a bunch of your blog posts and enjoying you words and photos. you quickly became a wonderful role model for me as a young woman who is so strong and fierce in her faith! as I’m going through a rough time right now I am quite happy to say that your photos are able to cheer me up a bit…thank you!

  6. Angelica Castro says:

    So cute Mary Kate love the fall colors! So jealous I live in SF.

  7. Virginia says:

    Your soo beautiful!!!

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