Overall Dress? Yes, please!

Ok bad news or good news first?

I always pick bad news first to get it over with and to end on a high note. So bad news it is:

This dress is no longer sold.

I’m so sorry haha.


Good news:

I found one almost JUST like it!!

dress: look here and here 

You guys know I like my overalls though?! I got this dress last year when we were on tour at a Target in maybe New Mexico?? Brighton had one and when I saw it I went to the very next Target I could find.

Someone I love to follow on instagram posted in a shirt very similar to the one I’m wearing years ago and I never forgot that shirt, so when I saw this one  on Urban I went ahead and ordered it (and its on sale now!). Just a sweet little dainty white shirt that can go with anything but is more dressy than my typical white $7 Forever21 tee hehe.

My sister-in-law Rebecca has always, ALWAYS got the coolest shoes at her store. I’ve got boots from there that I know I’ll keep for years. They’re really good quality.  If you don’t follow Duck&Dressing on instagram you should. And follow Rebecca! She is so stinking stylish. But my mother-in-law got me these fun little shoes from there!

People are always asking me about this purse and I absolutely love it because I can just throw whatever in it. I’m all or nothing when it comes to a purse. Either I don’t wear one and just carry my phone and wallet in my hands, or I’ve got this one and it’s filled with my Bible, notebook, camera, and water bottle. My mom got me this one when we used to have the J. Crew warehouse storefront in town. It’s from J. Crew and she just got a similar one from Madewell. Just your good ole’ classic brown leather purse you can carry for years. They don’t sell it anymore, but here are some similar ones and the one my mom has!

here and here

(also always check Poshmark!! You’ve heard me talk about it before and I am all for it. If you want to find something a little cheaper or a LOT cheaper just do a little searching on there…its so worth it. Pro tip* think of what you are looking for in specific and instead of searching for it for hours, just check every now and then using the ‘just in’ filter…thats how you find a lot of the good stuff 😉   )

Seriously HAPPY SUNDAY guys…I truly hope you are having a good, restful, peaceful day. We had such a powerful service at church today AND they sang my favorite song during worship. I am always bad about wanting them to play the songs I like, but recently either someone told me or I read it somewhere, saying something along the lines of, “Try to keep in mind that even if a song doesn’t speak to you or you’ve heard it a million times, that it might be just what God knows the person next to you needs to hear.” I loveeee that.

Praying peace and joy over all of you reading this!  Bye friends.


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6 responses to “Overall Dress? Yes, please!”

  1. Mom says:

    Love it❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Cat says:

    Overall I love your overalls (haha I couldn’t help myself!). They are a beautiful color! Thanks for all the details on your outfit!

    Cat // https://cottonandhydrangeas.wordpress.com

  3. Kelly says:

    in dead. This outfit slay ???

  4. Lindsay Kate says:

    Love the outfit ❤️!
    What you said about that saying someone told you, I sooooooooo needed that!!!!!!! I completely understand what you are taking about. The Lord has been dealing with me on that and reminding me not to worship the worship songs, because it’s about Him! (If that makes sense)
    So, thank you for sharing!
    I really like your bracelet by the way!

  5. Julia says:

    Love the dress:) Overalls are awesome!!

  6. Carolyn says:

    This dress is so cute, the colour is lovely!

    Carolyn x
    Faithfully Carolyn

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