The Best of 2016

2016 has probably been one of my favorite years of my entire life! It definitely had its ups and downs, but even looking back at the downs its so cool to see the good that God brought out of them. This was a year of so many neat opportunities and lots of joy! So here’s some of my favorites memories.
1. Getting Pippa! 
2. Getting snowed in the same week we got Pippa at our friend’s house with Rachel and about 8 guys. Literally one of my favorite memories of my entire life.

3. Having church on a mountain.

4. Moving into our home!!! Wow what an on top of the world feeling!
5. Spring break in Israel. I think about it once a week and longgggg to go back. Still just so surreal that that trip even happened. (and fun fact- we went to the guy in the middle’s wedding tonight!)

6. When we swam floated in the Dead Sea!!
7. The largest Duck Dynasty viewing party probably ever. Liberty students are the BEST.

8. JL and I had a lot of friends over for Easter lunch. We almost caught the oven on fire, but still such a great time haha.

9. Harry Potter World!!!

10. When JL came out with a book woohoo.

11. Kelly’s grad party. Celebrating out little grads 🙂
12. A trip to Pagosa with my family. We hiked and watched movies and did puzzles and ahh it was so good 🙂

13. JL and I celebrating one year of marriage! We took pictures at the same place we got married, went to our favorite date spot, and stayed at the same bed and breakfast we stayed at on our wedding night. Love, love, love being married to him!
14. Being in D.C. on the 4th of July!

(continuation lol)
15. Going to Uganda with HelpOneNow.

16. Not exactly rafting the Nile, but surviving the Nile…I was so scared and subsequently so relieved haha.
17. We lived for most of the summer in John Luke’s parents house and it turned out to be one of my favorite things of the summer…tons of laughs and good conversations.

18. Discovering La Croix and cookie two-step. Anybody else feel me??
19. My parents adopting Teagon!! and JL’s parents adopting Rowdy!!

20. Lots of swimming and pool time.

21. Spend-the-night with these two.

22. A trip to Branson.
23. All the hikes!
24. Pippa turning one!! And the picture from that day haha.

25. Kelly (my cutie little sister) coming to Liberty yay!!! 
26. That day spent with Kat.

27. Bible study on Thursdays!

28. The Sunday afternoon we spent at the lake.


30. The two hours we spent at the beach during tour in Jacksonville.
31. The laughs with Sadie and Bella going up the gondola in Albuquerque. 

32. Brighton and Reed’s wedding!

33. Two nights in a row I got to hang out with Linda Claire during Thanksgiving Break 🙂
34. Rebecca and John Reed’s wedding….and all of the time in Tulum!!

35. This hike.

36. That afternoon where we all played outside and it resulted in one of the funniest videos of my life.

37. Decorating our first Christmas tree and preparing for Christmas in our home!!

2017, you’ve got a lot to live up to, but hey- the best is yet to come, am I right?!

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7 responses to “The Best of 2016”

  1. Jannyb says:

    You and your whole family have been such a blessing to me. You are all in my prayers. Here's to all God has for us in 2017 ?

  2. Amanda Parr says:

    Your photos!!! Please tell me which VSCO (if any) cam filter you use! I love it!!!

  3. girl C says:

    What a great year you had! I love how short you kept the descriptions and let the pictures do the talking. I can't wait to see what you will do in 2017! Bring it on 2017!


  4. Unknown says:

    Where is your jean jacket from in the D.C. pics?? SO cute!!

  5. such heartwarming and sentimental pictures! 🙂 Also did a blogpost summing up my year. Happy 2017!

  6. i love seeing the pictures of all the hikes you go on 🙂 i love how you live life so fully. what have been your favorite places to hike? or where are hiking trails that you were on in these pictures? would love to do more of that this year!

  7. Joneseroni says:

    What an awesome year! I love all of your great photos. The telling of your life in frozen form.

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