Live Original 2016

I’m sitting here at my house on the couch with John Luke watching Designated Survivor, 2 days after the last Live Original show, and I’m still thinking, “what just happened?”
It feels kind of like leaving summer camp where your friends have started to feel like family and you get into a routine that feels like a new reality. Then all of sudden you have to leave and go back to the  other real world and real life. Thats kind of what I’m feeling right now ha. 
Being on the road with Live Original was an absolute blast. We hit 17 cities in 21 days all around the country. It was exhausting and I am definitely feeling it now haha, but it honestly was even more fun than I thought it was going to be! It was truly an honor to get to be in a show spreading the love of Jesus on stage and getting to see so many people’s lives changed.
I want to say I heard there were 60 people on the road. From the bands, to the crew, to management, to family, and of course the squad-we had SUCH an awesome, hardworking bunch.
Everything is a little fuzzy now looking back…kind of like a dream. 
So basically here is a bunch of pictures of our journey from my camera roll 🙂
We started out with rehearsals in Nashville. 
From Nashville we headed out on the bus to our first show in Dallas, but made a pitstop in West Monroe! Just enough time to see family and get one last home-cooked meal.
Then we were off!
Bella is one of my favorite people in the entire world…she was always loving on everyone and making everyone feel special!
Family Force Five brought the party and had us on our feet dancing night after night!
Thankful for our dino girls too!
Off day in Dallas calls for Top Golf.

LOVE my girls. So fun sharing dressing rooms with these three. 
Took the gondola up the mountain in Albequerque for one of the prettiest views and tons of laughs.

This is what it looks like when you are on the road during a presidential debate ha. 

Church and then lunch at Bonnie Kate’s parents house before the Baton Rouge show!!
2 days off back at home call for a flip into pond and another family dinner.

Then back on the road, headed up to NY.

Sister came to a show!!
Cincinnati Zoo and Indianapolis Zoo back to back.
Everyone headed out to the Indi Zoo and our best friends from school showed up too for a show!

After a few shows we headed back to Nashville for the “I’m Not Ashamed” movie premiere, The Dove Awards, and JOHN LUKE’S 21st BIRTHDAY! 

Then back out for the last leg!! 
In Jacksonville, a few of us headed out to the beach for a few hours by the water.

Eric was our security guard and was AMAZING. We matched on the last day ha.

Then before we knew it, that was it!
Thanks to everyone who was involved for all your hard work.
Thank you to everyone who came out for your support.
Thank you Sadie for putting so much work, time, and effort into this.
Live Original 2016, it was fun. 
(some photos I was tagged in from insta, so thanks if you took it!!)


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  1. Graci Loy says:

    My highlight of the show, was having John Luke run through my isle!:P
    I love your blog so much….keep posting!!!<3

  2. So blessed that I was able to watch the show. Thank you for being such a great role model!

  3. Thank you so much for your authentic love for Christ. He truly radiates through you in your words and actions. I was blessed with the opportunity to attend the show in Jacksonville and it was so amazing. I am inspired by you and your family and friends. I hope I get the opportunity to meet you guys someday because you are all incredible.
    Thank you for being vulnerable in your story. All the hard work and hours of dedication and time everyone has put into this tour will never go unnoticed.
    Thank you again! You're awesome!!! Keep spreading the love of God!

  4. I came to Jacksonville and was a VIP. My friends and I were so nervous meeting y'all that we barely said two words but you guys were so sweet! Awesome show!! I did a blog post about it too on my blog 🙂

  5. Was a VIP in OKC and y'all rocked it! Life changing. Plus my boy John Luke gave me a shout out! Refreshing to see how super cool and genuine everyone is,y'all are amazing!

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