pagosa: part 2

So here we are back talking about Pagosa!!
If you haven’t read part 1, you can go back to that post to read about the first part of our week.
Here’s what all we were up to in the latter half.
On our latest trips to Colorado, we have been all about hiking. Nothing too intense, just something with a nice journey and a beautiful end view!! Some of our favorites are:
Opal Lake
Piedra Falls
Silver Falls
Theres several more difficult ones we’d like try out, but adding a 2 year old to the mix (specifically a 2 year old doesn’t like to be carried in a backpack) throws in a bit of a challenge.
But this year we did get to try something new!
We heard of the “ice caves” near the Piedra River trail and decided we really wanted to go check it out. We had a picnic by the river right before we started šŸ™‚
This is the beginning of the trail head. We actually got going down the wrong trail and had to turn around haha. And that black little speck further down the trail is Pippa!
Also, fanny packs for the win! (or apparently now they are “hip packs”…hmmm…) Y’all these were amazing. I gave JL his american flag one a few years back and he has loved it so much, so I finally decided to get one…and boy was it nice. PERFECT for phone, chapstick, and sunglasses. And actually funny story behind my little hip satchel (haha): a few weeks ago while we were at the beach JL kept jumping up and trying to touch things above us as we were walking at the outlet mall (which he can pretty much reach them always!)
JL: Mary Kate, jump up and try to touch it!
MK: Noooo, its ok. (Because I usually can’t reach anything haha)
JL: If you can touch it, I’ll give you a hundred dollars. (not thinking I had a chance)
MK: (I mean, worth a shot…) *jump up and BAM* GOT IT!
So when I told JL the fanny pack would suffice as my reward, it really was a win/ win situation because I got a fanny pack and he saved a lot of money!!

I also decided if you’ve got a fanny pack, you might as well have fun hair!
Lately I’ve really gotten into Lululemon…I’ve started working out a lot more and it is seriously SO comfortable and airy. As much as I love going into the store, it can really start to add up…so…my new favorite thing: Poshmark. And I am not ashamed. It’s basically online consignment and its AMAZING.
If we would not have come upon a nice man on our way up, we would have completely missed the ice caves. Ya see, they were not what any of us really imagined…instead of caves they were more like fissures in the ground…like the earth just kinda separated! I mean, we immediately put Pippa on her leash and Teagon got picked up haha. 
John Luke of course found a way in, so we all took turns going down for a little exploring!
One word:
We definitely got the “ice” part of the ice caves. Like there was snow on the ground!! But it was seriously the coolest thing…the temperature would drop like 10 degrees/ 10 feet (don’t quote me on that…but its what it seemed like!)
Pippa is the ice queen so naturally she had to have some. Then Teagon wanted to share. Ignore the dirt.
Another quarter of a mile and we made it to the top.
You would think downhill is a lot easier, but that completely changes when the 2-year old makes you carry him…
I don’t have any pictures from that night, but just to tell you about it, because we had so much fun and  you should try it:
JL hung two hammocks up outside, and me, him, and Kelly threw in lots of pillows and blankets and cuddled up for a movie. And of course popcorn. We froze but it was so fun being under the stars. šŸ™‚
The next day we had a rafting trip scheduled, but had the morning free, so the three of us along with Pip went out in the woods by the neighborhood for a picnic.
First, regarding the above pic…how cute is Kelly?!?
We got matching hiking shoes to first day and I am still so thankful for that. Normally I just wear my regular tennis shoes (I mean, we don’t do anything super intense haha), but I ALWAYS slip or almost slip. These were a lifesaver!!

While we were rafting…
(three hours of cold water, in the late evening, later)
A ton of fun, but wet and cold mixing with Louisiana girls…nope.

Thursday we went up to the beautiful Piedra Falls. It is absolutely beautiful there! The water was coming down way faster and stronger than usual, so we couldn’t get too close, but such an awesome sight.

There was no way to get into the water (we had all actually brought out swimsuits hehe), so we just opted for the baby waterfall!

We had the absolute best time and are looking forward to being back there already!!
shorts: Lululemon
black and white tank: Lululemon (same style, new colors)
blue tank: Good Hyouman (similar)
fanny pack: Patagonia
hiking shoes: Columbia
Again, click here if you’re interested in staying in our cabin šŸ™‚

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  1. Grace Anne says:

    It looks like you had such a great trip! These photos are gorgeous!

  2. Looks gorgeous!! My family and I went to Maine last year to hike and it was incredible! I would love to hear about your everyday life and keeping God close with this crazy college stuff going on (haha). I love your blogs!

  3. Moriah Faith says:

    I absolutely love reading your blog posts! I would especially love a more detailed story of how you and John Luke fell in love:) God bless

  4. I love family camping trips like this where you just have time to relax and soak up each others company šŸ™‚
    It's my absolute favorite! and it looks like you all had a ton of fun! (Also LOVE the photos of baby T)

  5. Lilly Gerdes says:

    What kind of camera and editing software do you use?

  6. Would really love to know what kind of camera you use! Great pictures šŸ™‚

  7. Unknown says:

    What camera does she use??

  8. What camera does she use??

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