What. A. Weekend.
Actually what a week!
School hasn’t been too bad work wise, but everything just had to hit at
once…and it had to be the same week John Luke and I were leaving midweek to go
out of town. But not to fret, somehow we managed to complete it all, even if it
means JL is beside me right now filling out Comms notes on the plane!
But these past few
days really have been incredible and we can see God moving all around…AHH so
Wednesday evening John
Luke and I hopped on a flight to Oklahoma City for JL to speak at the Place
Conference. Our friend John Sowers put it on and does an incredible job! So
many interesting, brilliant people spoke including: John Sowers, David Bailey,
Bob Goff, Don Miller, Annie Downs, Rosanna Tomiuk, and Sister Rosemary. (I believe it was live-streaming, so there may be some clips online you can
But to share a few
things with you….
“A mentor is someone
who can share their past experiences. One quality of a mentor is to accept
people as they are. The past is over, but there is hope for the future.”
-Sister Rosemary
“Jesus Christ comes
behind us and whispers ‘Beloved’. If you are not hearing beloved, then its not
-Bob Goff
“So if dreaming big
builds character despite whether that dream comes true or not, why aren’t we
dreaming big anyway?”
-Rosanna Tomiuk
“God is a god of
beauty and diversity.”
-David Bailey
And this barely
touches the tip of it!
Y’all. There were
some wise words spoken there…wise, encouraging, and hopeful.
From there we caught
a flight to Los Angeles for a dinner meeting.
I can’t tell much
about that because it’s in the works, but I can tell you that some BIG things
are coming. This group is dreaming big and you know what is so crazy?? As big as
we feel like we are dreaming, God says, “I can do immeasurable more than you
could ever imagine.”
But while we were
there we made the hike up to the Hollywood sign with our friends Alex,
Luke, and Piper. Words of advice: if you decide to do this little adventure
, BRING ENOUGH WATER. Like really, there’s no such thing as taking too much
water up there.
I love, love,
loveeeeeee Sundays in L.A.
 Because of all the awesome churches to go
worship at.
We love Mosaic,
that’s where we went when we would visit Sadie while she was on Dancing with
the Stars. Today we split up….Sadie, Blake, our friend, Alex, and his mom and
brother, went to Zoe Church pastored by Chad Veach. John Luke and I went with
Piper to Hillsong LA pastored by Ben Houston.
It was so great!  The atmosphere, the worship, the fellowship,
the joy, the message- it was all just so, so good. One thing I love so much about the churches I’ve visited in Los Angeles is:
1) They meet people where they’re at and people are truly welcomed.They really show what it means to be in the world and not of the world.
2) Both Mosaic and Hillsong want to be a home for people. They want people the people who come in their doors to take root and build community.
I just love that so much!
So now we’re almost
off this plane and back to school tomorrow.
We are tired and
exhausted, wondering when we’ll ever get caught up on our sleep, but we are
feeling the joy of the Lord inside us mixed with hopefulness and excitement.



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  1. Love your blog!

  2. Truly loved meeting you guys at Place. Proud of you both for the way you're loving like Jesus and stewarding your platform with open hands.

  3. cady says:

    Hey! We're all these photos taken with an iPhone? If so, which app do you use for filters and editing? They're so pretty!

  4. Kate says:

    love you, MK! and your heart, and your hat and husband. so that's a lot.

  5. Love your post! Love catching up on your adventures. Thanks for posting great pics. I love those❤️ Thanks for the call. We'll see you Thursday. God bless.

  6. Ava Maria says:

    MK- Love reading your blog each time!! You are such an inspiration for us God-loving Women!! Thank you for celebrating US Modern Jesus Freaks 😉

  7. So love keeping up with all the excitement!! Glad you're kinda getting in the grove of things!! I'm a Liberty freshman getting married this next summer, so I definitely find encouragement in your posts!

  8. Hey Mary Kate, I'm a big fan of your blog! My boyfriend and I have been dating for over three years and we want to get married after our sophomore year! We're freshman right now, but we're thinking about transferring to liberty after our sophomore year as well!! We are super excited, is there any way that you could do a post on married life at liberty? Since married students don't live on campus 🙂 also, I think young couples would be interested in how you guys budget for everyday things and how to make time for eachother when your work load is crazy!! Thank you!!

  9. Alexis Cole says:

    love the dress you wore to hillsong LA, super adorable! if you see this I would love to know where you purchased it from!! also.. i agree with Tess's comment^^^ .. i plan to get married young too, im 18 & will be married this next year, and would love to know how you and John Luke handle and deal with being married so young also! insight would be very helpful & interesting to your followers 🙂

  10. macie price says:

    What kind of camera do you use to take your pictures?

  11. Hi Mary Kate! My husband and I got married at 19 and are about to celebrate 3 years together! I love keeping up with y'all and love seeing another young marriage. I hope Liberty is going great for you guys! We're seniors this year, and being married in college has definitely been a fun challenge. Best of luck! Also, what are you studying?

  12. We went there last year and loved it!

  13. CHRISTINA A says:

    Would you ever think about going to a fans wedding?

  14. Sarah Britt says:

    Mary Kate your bright light for God shines so bright and I can't express how much of a blessing your blog posts have meant to me and my friends! Love you and your sweet husband and pray that God will lead you along the right path:)!

  15. Unknown says:

    What filter do you use on VSCO cam? I also love how you are such an inspiration and light to everyone around you! I love how no matter what, you stay a strong Christian:).. I really hope I can get tickets to the Live Original tour!!! God Bless You, Morgan @morgangarnerr

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