Bridesmaids’ Luncheon

I am so excited
because this is my first post to write being an actual wife…so that means the
name of my blog finally makes since! Yay! Now I am actually a little duck wife!

 I am not writing about the wedding quite
yet…BUT we are down to wedding business! There was a lot of fun stuff that
happened leading up to the wedding- like my bridesmaids’ luncheon. So I’m so
excited to tell you about it and show you all our fun pictures. PLUS I gave
them some goodies, and wanted to share with you what they are in case we have
any brides out there looking for bridesmaids’ gifts.
Let’s get started…
I had been thinking
for months about what I wanted to give my bridesmaids. These girls are so
special to me so it had to be great, it had to meaningful, it had to be
personal, but I also wanted it to be something that could come in handy on the
big day. And I feel like I finally made some decisions that made all of those
things possible.
I knew we would be
taking a million pictures while getting ready, so why not give them something
cute to wear? Also, this wedding was a full day event for them so it had to be
comfy. I found the perfect solution. As soon as I opened the package I fell in
love with them, and as soon as the girls opened theirs, they did too. They made
for the CUTEST pictures! I gave them pink ones and I wore blue for my
“something blue”. 

When it comes to my
bridesmaids, I have got some serious coffee drinkers
on my hands. And a long
wedding day means a lot of coffee. These mugs are precious and what I really
love about them is they come with so many different sayings. So each one I
picked I knew exactly which girl would get it. And they LOVED seeing which ones
everybody got and got the biggest kick out of how perfectly they suited
everyone. I even have a Mrs. Fancy Pants and JL got a Mr. Handsome;)

Sweet Kelsea sent me
one of her leather pouches a few months ago and I use it ALL. THE. TIME. It’s
the perfect size to throw in a purse or bag and I carry my many lipsticks in
it. So, I immediately knew I wanted to give my special ladies one of the bags
to carry their things in on the wedding day. I went with silver bags to make it
a little dressier for the wedding. AND GUESS WHAT! I got their initials on

(She doesn’t have these exact ones up on her site, but I’ve linked a very similar one!)

Rebecca carries
ALLTHEWIRE at Duck and Dressing, so when the founders heard about the wedding
they wanted to send us all little pretties. Their jewelry is hand-stamped, so
it can be as personal as you want it…perfect. At first we talked about putting
all the girls’ initials on the necklaces and cuffs, but I wanted to do
something even more special. So we decided to go with fun names…like nicknames,
inside jokes, or instagram names. They LOVED it. Especially Rebecca’s saying
“Leauxla’s Mom”. (Leauxla aka her Frenchie…check her out on insta haha). Tori
and Deseree also wanted to do something special for me and both my mom and Mrs.
Korie. So they sent us necklaces with our wedding dates stamped on in roman
numerals. LOVE!

And if you are loving
the sound of these awesome gifts and want to order your bridesmaids, friends,
(or yourself haha) something from LOVE OPHELIA or ALLTHEWIRE, I have a surprise
for you! Promo codes whoop whoop!

LOVE OPHELIA: 15% off of all products with the code: LITTLEDUCKWIFE at checkout
ALLTHEWIRE: 15% off all products with the code: littleduckwife at checkout

Now to the luncheon
We decided to throw a
luncheon to honor my sweet bridesmaids- Kelly, Sadie, Rebecca, Bella, Brighton,
and Linda Claire. Yes 4 out of the 6 are mine and JL’s sisters, but its super convenient
when your sister and husband’s sisters are already your best friends! Some of
my new family was sweet enough to host the luncheon and they did the BEST job. The
decorations were precious and there was a wall full of pictures that made it so
All of the
bridesmaids showed up looking adorable in their Sherri Hill dresses. (Shout-out
to Mrs. Sherri for the dresses!) We went with a really girly floral theme that
kind of went with the flower theme of the wedding, and it made it that much
more fun. Our flower girls were invited too, along with John Luke’s cousins who
sang in the wedding. Plus we had everyone’s mom, our grandmothers, and
great-grandmother Jo. We had quite a crew that we fit into that upstairs
room…not to mention the actual camera “crew” haha.
But it was SO. MUCH.
FUN. Everyone was talking and laughing and telling stories and taking pictures
and there was even some dancing happening with the little girls.
Thank you to everyone
who was involved in that day in any way. It’s a day I’ll never forget.


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  1. Bekah says:

    Wow, so incredibly happy for you and JL! I cannot wait to see your family of two grow. You seem like one of the sweetest most down to earth person on this planet! I know that you and JL will forever be happy in your marriage. I love watching your family follow the footsteps and path Christ has layed out for you! Congratulations Mary Kate Robertson! 🙂

  2. Congratulations and best of luck! It seems like you and JL have a wonderful family to support you in your next big adventure!

  3. This is the absolute cutest, so beautiful! Congrats to you both, Mary Kate! God Bless 🙂

  4. Congrats, you guys are the cutest!! Where did you get your white lacey skirt?! It's soo cute ?

  5. Reading all of your posts make me so excited to get married to my best friend next year! You and JL truly are example of a Godly couple that many young men and women could learn from. I pray that God blesses the two of you in all of your future adventures and endeavors <3

  6. Natasha Lee says:

    Precious! What did your little flower girls get in their bags?! Love all of these gifts, such good & personal & thoughtful gifts!!! Love!!!

  7. AnaHdz says:

    Aw love how personal and meaningful these gifts were.? This blog made my day!?

  8. Sofie Hauan says:

    MK! You are so adorable! I loved the jewellery! Like they can always have it with them, great idea! I absolutely love the Robertson family! I so so wanna be a part of it! Hahaha, will you set me up for a date with Cole? Love you bless you xx

  9. Awesome! So unique.

  10. Bailey Mays says:

    I love the ideas for the bridesmaid's gifts. Very sweet and meaningful. Thanks for the tips!

  11. Rachel says:

    I love your blog! It's become my new favorite! The romper a are a fantastic idea as a bridesmaid gift and so adorable!! I love the way you live your life! It's so inspirational! I love that you fill your days with kindness and generosity, you are such an incredible example of living a Christian life!! I love how happy you always seem and that you are always smiling; it reminds me of myself and that we should always appreciate every blessing God has given to us! Also a HUGE hug and congratulations to you on your marriage!! ❤️

  12. Samantha R says:

    These pictures are beautiful! It sure does look like a day to remember with all of the lovely people and decorations! I wish you and John Luck many years of happiness 🙂

  13. Congratulations Mary-Kate 🙂 I absolutely love your decorations, it makes me so excited to get married. <3 I pray God blesses your marriage!

  14. Mary Ayleen says:

    Love it, Mary Kate ROBERTSON!! Congrats!!

  15. Kryn says:

    Mary Kate!!! You are too cute and I hope you're enjoying married life!

  16. Melanie says:

    this blog name finally makes sense* 😉

    such a cute luncheon!

    Wanderlust + Sweets

  17. Mimi Ho says:

    Congratulations on your wedding! Your bridesmaids are some lucky girls!! I can't wait to see your future posts about the wedding 🙂

  18. Yay! I am so thrilled that you have posted again! I can't wait to hear about your wedding day, and your honeymoon! I love reading all about how you and your family live their lives for Jesus, and I hope you continue to post! You definitely make my day every time you update on Instagram or your blog:)

  19. Myra Moser says:

    You all are gorgeous ladies! Keep being fantastic, and thank you for sharing some of your life stories! God loves all!

  20. Myra Moser says:

    You all are gorgeous ladies! Keep being fantastic, and thank you for sharing some of your life stories! God loves all!

  21. It's great says:

    This is really a wonderful post.

  22. Aarvi Gupta says:

    Amazing!!! I think you had planned your wedding in an extra ordinary way. If you are looking for some exotic bridal jewelry, check out the link:
    Shop for Gold Wedding Jewellery at Paliwal Jewelers

  23. Yacon Root says:

    Amazing Blog. Very much enjoyed reading.

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