bridal shower: take 1

this sunday i learned something: bridal showers are a lot of fun.
like a lot.
this was my very first wedding shower and i was super excited about it. i’ve been to a lot of showers in my life but i’ve never actually been the one being showered, so i wasn’t really sure what to expect. but i can tell you it exceeded anything i could have imagined!
this picture shows my position from 1:15-2:50…..and the shower started at 2! i opened so many lovely gifts and was just astonished at the constant flow. it was a lot of fun, but the whole time i was itching to talk to people haha, so i want to apologize to anyone who was there who may be reading this who i didn’t get the chance to talk to.
first off, the hostesses did an amazing job with the decorating. but honestly, the house was so pretty that it really didn’t even need anything to make it look nice! so the beauty of the house plus the beauty of the flowers and decor added up to the prettiest shower i’ve ever been to.

kelly stepped in as my assistant and recorded all the gift-givers and the gifts. despite all the confusion, bad-spelling, and that time she ran off to talk with people, she’s a good maid of honor.

for everybody there!!

and good lighting calls for lots and lots of pictures

my two favorite women
and these were the amazing women behind the shower!
shout-out to my hostesses!

and i thought i might show you a few things we got from the shower! registering is seriously one of the funnest things ever (i know funnest isn’t a word…but its my blog…soooo….)

being engaged has been fun and all, but this shower made everything seem so real! i am so used to talking about the wedding but this made me think “wow. this is really happening, and its happening so soon.” and that makes me SUPER excited! i laid in bed last night and finally had a chance to take it all in. i thought of all the hostesses who worked so hard to make everything come together. and my friends who drove several hours just to celebrate with me. i thought of my church family and how they all treat me like a daughter or granddaughter. john luke and i are so loved by so many and i am very grateful for everyone’s support and kindness. we have such caring friends and family. thank you!
bowls: anthropologie
bakeware: le creuset
oven mitt and pot holder: anthropologie
silverware: oneida
utensil holder: mudpie at e.w. thomson drug (similar here)
throw: anthropologie
pottery: LOV (e.w. thomson drug)
my dress: duck & dressing

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  1. Lenyer says:

    Congratulations on your engagement! It looks like it was a lovely shower. And I love those anthropologie bowls; so pretty and colorful!

  2. Everything looks so lovely and beautiful ❤️ Praying for this new and exciting chapter in your life.

  3. What a blessing! So beautiful!

  4. I am very happy that you enjoyed yourself!!

  5. What a lovely shower! I love the bowls, the silverware holder and the tray! Beautiful photos!!

  6. Tracy says:

    Congrats! I just through a shower for my DIL to be, this weekend. They are a LOT of work but so much fun.

  7. Vero says:


  8. Vero says:


  9. Mary Ayleen says:

    Love love love this!! So sweet. So excited for you two!!

  10. Meagan Hofer says:

    stumbled across your blog!! so much fun!! enjoy this season of celebrating your engagement and upcoming wedding!! what an adventure!!

  11. Halee says:

    what kind of camera do you use? the pictures are lovely

  12. When is the wedding

  13. How cute bridal shower!! You looked stunning in this white outfit. I just got married at the destination NYC venues. You know my sister and mom also threw such fun bridal shower for me at my favorite party spots.

  14. Yacon Root says:

    Great Blog. Really enjoyed reading.

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