Two weeks ago we went to Telluride, Colorado, for Spring Break. I guess technically it wasn’t mine or John Luke’s spring break ha, but the spring break for the siblings and cousins’ who are still in school! We got there a few days later than everyone else so we could stay home for John Luke to work a little more at camp and I could keep getting us moved into our house. My sister was in town for her spring break so I got to spend a couple days with her and my mom before we left. JL and I got there JUST in time before a storm came in. We got there later on Tuesday and planned on skiing Wednesday but nobody in our family skied that day because it was snowing like crazy. The electricity went out for a while actually and the picture below is what I pretty much looked like all day ha. That day was full of lots of warm, cozy clothes and lots of cuddles with Baby Zane (this is our 2-month old nephew)! We did end up getting outside that afternoon though to build a snowman and have a snowball fight! Bella and I had fun coordinating in our ski suits! I’d link mine for you guys but I actually found it on Poshmark last year and its a bit older I believe, but I linked hers on the bottom because it’s so stinking cute!

Day 2 we did get out on the slopes! It was mine and JL’s first day out and everyone else’s 4th day or so and let me just tell you by the end of the day I was whoopedddd. I’ve been skiing since I was about 8, but am definitely not advanced ha, I prefer leisurely going down the mountain. But it was a really fun day and John Luke and I both agreed that Telluride is the most beautiful place we’ve ever skied (thought he actually snowboards). We ate lunch that day on the mountain at a place called Gorrono Ranch and it was so yummy. Theres pictures below of my ramen and John Luke’s mac-n-cheese burger!

We took the gondolas down to dinner in Telluride one night and that was a fun little venture. I wish so badly I could remember the name of the Italian restaurant we ate at. Everything was booked way in advance but we were able to get in there and it was great. Word to the wise…if you take the gondolas and are walking to dinner- dress very warm…like thermals and snow boots and all.

It was a good week there and fun to get some time with family and friends. Telluride was so great. March has turned into quite the traveling month for us. I’m writing this now from Maui! Already excited to share pictures from here!




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  1. Jade says:

    Aww I love this! I just recently found your blog and I have really enjoyed reading your posts, and looking at all of your lovely pictures! It’s going to be great one day to be able to look back on all of the wonderful memories you’ve made!

    • marykate says:

      That makes me so happy to hear! Thanks for reading along! Yes this is a little like a journal with photos for me haha

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