Thoughts on Moving

Moving has had me all kinds of sentimental lately and I have been snapping so many pictures here and there lately. I’ve got so many on my camera roll on my phone I’ll have to share with you guys soon. We went out to the place where we got married last week to go through some wedding gifts we had left in the closet (yes we had to leave some gifts because only so much could come up that first haul haha) and while we were there I asked John Luke to snap a few pictures of me and the dogs. So glad we got these!! I just love these little pups. They’ve been such good, sweet companions for me. By the way, they are Aussie-doodles. So they are Australian Shepherd/ Poodle mixes. Pippa is from Virginia and Timber I think is from Texas (we inherited Timber nearly a year ago from JL’s family). They are the best little buddies to each other! I honestly wasn’t too sure about having two dogs, but it’s been the BEST. A little more trouble at times haha, but totally worth it because they play together and entertain each other and we get a kick out of watching them.

I’ve posted about our move on Instagram but thought I’d go into a little more detail on here.

When we moved to Virginia we saw ourselves potentially being there 7 years. We thought we’d have 4 years of undergrad and then John Luke might go to law school or get his masters, which would be 3 more years. This time last year we really weren’t sure what we’d be doing…whether we’d stay in Virginia longer or move back to Louisiana or somewhere else entirely. Then last summer John Luke got offered the position of executive director at the summer camp we’ve worked at for the past 2 years, Camp Ch-yo-ca. John Luke’s great grandfather helped start the camp and a lot of his family has worked out there over the years.  He was literally offered his dream job. He accepted the position last summer and has been working for camp remotely from Virginia. His parents were in the middle of renovating a sweet little house from the 1920’s, and so that is what we are moving into now. The timing of that was perfect and we are so grateful that worked out. We are only 10 minutes from the camp which is so amazing and close to both sides of our family. It’s such a cute house and I’ll share more pictures with you guys once we are a little more moved in (these pictures aren’t from our house…this was where we got married)! We are about to drive up to Virginia to pack up our house there and then will officially move down here. We’ll be there for about a month. We were originally planning on spending the spring time in Virginia, but now we are realizing how much work John Luke has to do here! He has been working SO hard and I’m so glad he’s doing something he loves.

If you read my Instagram post recently, you heard me say this, but I want to just say it again on here. With moving and change it can be so bittersweet. At the end of last year I was feeling so sad about our move. Our house in Virginia was our first home together and we made so many sweet memories there. That goes for Lynchburg as well. It will always hold such a special place in my heart. I was also sad about the friends we will be leaving. This still makes me sad. but I know those are friendships that will be lifelong no matter where we all end up.  As we’ve been back though, especially this past week in particular, I have had so many random run-ins lately with people I knew from before our move, and with those run-ins, so many sweet conversations. The Lord seems to be placing people in my life to encourage me and unbeknownst to them, give me confirmation on this move we are making. They have also been making me feel so loved and cared for. I’ve been writing down conversations and encounters and words spoken and as I write it I am reminded how blessed I am and it just makes me praise God. Its made me be more on the look-out lately for his blessings and whispers. If I could encourage you in something this week it’d be this- ask God for what you’re needing and even what you’re wanting, be on the look out for Him providing for you, then write it down so you can remember His goodness and faithfulness. Sometimes, or most of the time, He provides in unexpected ways.






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  1. Mom says:

    Don’t let pip know you posted more pics of timbie than her🤣😬. Great insight on the move😘😘

  2. Karissa says:

    So sweet and true. Moving can be such a weird season of nostalgia and expectancy!

  3. Abigail says:

    I’m so glad your move is going well! Pippa and Timber look like the sweetest dogs ever! I always think it’s so neat when God brings the right people at the right time to encourage and uplift, especially during hard times. Thanks for sharing the pictures and the stories <3

  4. Shalandria says:

    So glad to hear about John Luke getting his dream job! Moving is very hard but God is faithful & I’m thankful for his goodness towards us. This move will be great! <3

  5. Maecy says:

    What kind of camera do you use??

    • Kat says:

      There’s a blog post a little while back about it 🙂 If you keep clicking on the “older posts” you should be able to find it!

  6. Danyell says:

    Congrats to John Luke!! Moving is stressful, and fun, and full of suprises. We are moving too soon!!

  7. Danyell says:

    Congrats to John Luke!! Moving is stressful, and fun, and full of surprises. We are moving too soon!!

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