Last Days in Lynchburg

We are still in Virginia and packing up our house! You know when you have so much time to do something that you think you have all the time in the world and start other projects and put that one thing off, but then you realize your time is about up! That’s us with packing haha. John Luke’s mom is flying here to help us drive down and we gave ourselves 3 weeks to get the packing done. We worked really hard that first week, but focused on other things last week, and now we are realizing we have really got to get on top of things!! It’ll happen and all work out fine ha.

Just posted one of these pictures on Instagram here and shared how and why I am memorizing Bible verses. I’ve shared before but wanted to share again because I think it’s so important.

We grabbed coffee the other day at a fun place in Lynchburg then ran some errands. I had just gotten these Doc Martens in the mail before our outing (shout out to online consignment) so slipped them on to go out in. Right now they are SO uncomfortable, but I’ve been reading that you just have to break them in. Hoping that happens with mine and they’re not just too small!

We actually are heading out of town this weekend and heading to some warm weather for a couple of days! I am super excited about it, but also a little sad to be leaving our house a few days earlier. I’m really wanting to soak up these last days here in this precious house that we love.





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  1. UTKChemE says:

    Aw! That’s so cute that your mother in law is coming to help out with the move back home! Does it feel strange to have made your first house a home and now you are moving out and on with your life? It’s going to be really strange for me when I wrap up my undergrad!

    Also, I noticed you went to Savannah in one of your earlier posts, and I’m heading there with a friend for spring break hopefully! Do you have any major sites and tips you’d want to share?! Thanks! Feel free to email!

  2. skyla jade says:

    will you be posting about decorating the new house? Also the Doc Martins are so cute on you!

  3. Marianna Grace McCabe says:

    Where did you get your necklace? I see you wearing it a lot and have been looking for a necklace like that to be able to wear with a lot of different things.

  4. Heather Giove says:

    what was name of the blush colored running sneakers in your insta-stories a few weeks ago?

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