Winter Uniform

Happy Friday!!!

We’ve been walking around campus today giving John Luke’s cousin and uncle a tour! I love when family comes to town for their first time and we get to show them Liberty’s campus. We are so proud of this place and love it so much. Ughhh so grateful for it. Its fun for us to walk around and see the changes on campus too because SO much has changed since we moved here just 3 years ago.

I titled this “Winter Uniform” because as I was looking at these pictures I was like “Well its back!,” as in- the temperatures have dropped and I have on all my usual cold-weather pieces haha! My usual overalls (obviously, lol). Then my trusty Blundstone boots! Y’all, my sweet friend Morgan had a pair of these and I loved them so much so I got a pair last year. Best. Purchase. Ever. I wore them nearly everyday last winter and actually right up till summer because we had a chilly spring! They’re comfortable and warm and I just wear them with whatever. I’ve been loving this sweater from Roolee. Roolee always carries really great sweaters. They’ve got SO many cute ones right now! This is a favorite of mine and will be restocked hopefully next week. They’re also going to have some really good Black Friday sales so keep an eye out for that 😉 Andddd my friend Carlie started her own online boutique and thats where this hair scarf is from. I love it because its bigger than a bandana and I can tie it all the way into a bow, or just leave it hanging around my ponytail.

I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend and be safe if you’re headed home for Thanksgiving!





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