When You are Feeling Misunderstood

I think one of the worst, if not the worst, feeling a human can feel is when one is misunderstood. Some might argue that the worst feeling is to feel unloved or dispresected, but I believe if someone understands us they will know what we need to feel loved or respected. I’ve been thinking about this for two years now and it still seems to ring true in my life. Nothing seems to hurt my heart more or leave a gut-wrenching feeling than when I realize I have been misunderstood, especially when I’ve tried to explain myself to no avail. The closer the person is to you, the worse it seems to pain you too. When I get to feeling like this it puts me in a funk that is sometimes hard to pull myself out of. But I’ve got to remind myself what is true. One thing I remind myself of is: Jesus was misunderstood. He was perfect and righteous, yet He was still understood by people. If He was misunderstood, I totally will be too. Yet He seemed to seek love above all, not understanding. I’m a 2 on the enneagram and part of my personality is loving … Continue reading When You are Feeling Misunderstood