Mums and An Overall Round-Up


John Luke and I stopped by my friend’s house today after I got out of class so they could talk about a work project. We were sitting around the table, they were discussing something, and I was mindlessly checking my phone as I winded down from several hours of class. My head had been SPINNING from everything I needed to do. Something about this time of the year, my classes are just crazy- how is every assignment seem to be due on the same day?! I always have to keep a notebook on me so I can write down reminders whenever something comes to mind – if I don’t I cannot focus on anything! SO I was sitting at the table, and I wasn’t really feeling overwhelmed, but it just hit me…I was like “Guys, we haven’t done anything fun lately!” This is not 100% true of course haha, but especially for the past month my life has been revolving around school. I go back and forth between school and my house and only veer off to go to the grocery store and church haha. Throw in a couple of football games and school functions and then church, but thats about it- literally school and home for me. Thats ok, it’s just usually in years past, we would do things on weekends, like go hiking, or go to a party at a friend’s house, or have a dinner with friends at our house! (And yes I know we traveled to Europe last month, that was big for us and super fun, I’m talking about every other week than that though haha) So on the way home I was like, “John Luke, I’ve been wanting to go get some flowers, want to go to Home Depot?” And wouldn’t you know that it turned out to be the most simple but fun afternoon!! We’ve also been needing an apple tree to go beside the one we already have, so John Luke got us 2 more apple trees. We got home and John Luke planted the trees, while I kept him company, and the dogs ran around the front yard. It was so much FUN. I’ve been super busy lately and I’m sure so many of you can relate and are finding yourselves in a busy season as well! Today was just a good reminder for me that little things can bring so much life and joy. It feels good to disrupt my normal schedule and do something as simple as go pick up some flowers. I’m thinking maybe I’ll make a list and try to check one thing off a week…little things, like have a picnic or take a drive through the mountains by my house or read my book on my front porch in the middle of the day. I don’t have that time to spare every single day, but making the time even once a week will be so special and something to look forward to!

Well, that was just a little about my day!! Anyway…

I’ve been wanting to do an “overall round-up” because I get SO many questions about these overalls. Y’all. I got these at H&M in New York almost 4 years ago for like $39!! I will say buying overalls can be tricky though! They have the potential of fitting weird. I looked for a blue denim pair for 2 years before I finally just bought a pair from Madewell. You seriously just cannot go wrong with Madewell. I’m adding a link at the bottom where you can shop overalls. I’m only including stores where I have personally bought overalls and have been happy with them! So the stores are H&M, Madewell, and Asos! I’m also linking the rest of my outfit below as well, minus the hat which is from Clad&Cloth. Hope everyone has a great week, and if you want something fun to do- go to Home Depot…their mums are on sale!! 😉





































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  1. madalyn kay says:

    Oh my goodness! I love your overalls! They are iconic! I was wondering what website you used to create your blog?

    • marykate says:

      I use WordPress and Kotryna Bass designed my blog! For starting a blog I’d recommend Blogger though! I started with that and am happy I did. It is way cheaper and easier to start out on and if you use Kotryna and decide to change to WordPress she can move it over for you!!

  2. Karlee says:

    Such pretty mums!

  3. What a fun photoshoot to have! Great idea! ❤️ Thanks for sharing!

  4. Kat says:

    Did you dye your hair? It looks so pretty! Marykate, I could use your prayers, I am not sure whether to stay in my hometown for university or to go away. Going away seems nice as I would be able to have the experience of being on my own but it’s also so costly!! In my hometown I wouldn’t have to pay nearly as much but also would kinda be settling on the program. Any advice you have or anyone else here and your prayers are greatly appreciated!

  5. Teesa says:

    Going away sounds great to me. I had children and husband to young. I’ve never been on my own.
    We live near CSUN, in Northridge, CA. My daughter has ‘challengers” . CSUN, has highly recommend programs.
    As the Mom, it’s so hard to have your child be away.
    I was a wreck. My daughter went to Las Vegas for one year. Now as 57 yr. old I’m anxious to sleep at home :alone’. I’m never alone. I’ve got animals here. ??!! Good luck. .????

  6. Doing something fun will def re-center your focus and attention-span. 🙂 Love your outfit! Mums are one of my fave flowers.

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