Wedding Weekend in Richmond

Spent last weekend in Richmond, Virginia at two of our friends’ wedding! John Luke was in the wedding and was the cutest lil’ groomsmen, complete with a bun and suspenders. He was really feeling himself! Our sweet friend Kat snapped a few pictures for us after the ceremony. It’s always fun to get some time with my friend Katherine. I wish all of you could know her! BUT this turned out to be the best wedding outfit so thought I would add some links for you guys. I realized as I was packing I was reallyyy lacking in the nice clothes department. We are in Louisiana now at John Luke’s parent’s house while we are at camp, so I only packed a few dresses for the summer since I mainly live in shorts and a t-shirt at camp! So my sweet mother-in-law let me borrow this jumpsuit and it turned out to be so comfy and great for an outdoor wedding. Also a plus of a jumpsuit at a wedding is BETTER FOR DANCING! You don’t have to worry about your dress coming up. Also, BEST shoes. I am not a big fan of heels even though I really could use them since I am not very tall haha. I literally only wear my Free People clogs and then if I’m at a nice event I’ll wear something else. But these shoes have been a game-changer!! They are so incredibly comfortable an d literally feel like flats.


Anyway, just a little outfit post for you guys 🙂 I am easing back into blogging. I truly have missed it, but was just struggling to find the time and even the words to say. I have had a lot on my heart recently though so I am excited to start writing and posting again. Hope some of you found this helpful!

Also, how cool are those strung flowers?!

Haha, scroll down to the last picture to see JL being goofy.




other jumpsuit idea






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4 responses to “Wedding Weekend in Richmond”

  1. Alleigh Oswalt says:

    so cute!! I would love a blog on packing for trips! We’re headed to hawaii this summer, and I’d love some advice?

  2. Anna Chapman says:

    Adorable!!!! Those shoes are THE BEST.

    Also yes, please, a blog on how to pack for a trip!!!!! You always dress the cutest on your trips.

  3. Grace Perryman says:

    I loved this outfit! And I was looking for jumpsuits on Anthropologie and I out of the blue found it or one very similar!

  4. Michelle says:

    Love those shoes! Where are they from?

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