Life Lately: April 2018

Been a little MIA on here lately, but for the best of reasons…been really busy keeping up with life haha!

I told you guys a few posts back how I needed to take a step back from social media just to be able to evaluate what I’m doing and also focus on school and friends. But I feel really good from doing that and lately have been realizing how content I am right now with life. Not sure if it came from that little hiatus, but I feel so grateful right now and so content.

Thought I’d just share a little of what we’ve been up to and into lately!

1. We’ve gotten a lot of time with friends lately, from game nights, to weddings, to parties. We love having parties at our house! Also, just to make it known, we’re not allowed to drink at our school, so we don’t have alcohol at any parties. Don’t want anyone from Liberty to see this and worry haha. But we have the BEST time! John Luke is studying Camp Outdoor & Adventure Leadership so he is the BEST at games. A lot of the times we’re not even the ones throwing the party…our house just gets used as the spot haha. Our friend Lori threw a “The Office” themed party for her boyfriend Sam and it was a BLAST. We are big Office fans. Everyone dressed up as their favorite characters and we voted for best dress then gave out Dundies! Can anyone guess who JL was?

2. Our favorite shows lately have been A Series of Unfortunate Events (the Netflix series…so funny!) and Parks & Rec. Also I am obsessed with the movie Coco.

3. Our friends Seth and Rachel got married!! We also threw Rachel a shower and it was so fun. Wish each of you knew Rachel…she is one of my greatest friends and is one of the wisest people I know. She lovesssss scripture and is the best for advice. All of that to say, she was really fun to celebrate. 🙂

4. We got a new dog! Bella’s dog, Timber, is a little escape artist, so he came to live with us since we have a fenced in yard. He is so sweet and cuddly! John Luke and I are probably the most annoying dog parents haha. When we’re at home we just watch them and laugh at them all the time. Pippa loves Timber. They really are hilarious to watch because they have such opposite personalities but absolutely love each other.

5. We went home for Easter for the first time in 3 years and it was really sweet! We had crawfish with my family on Saturday then after church had Easter lunch at 2mama’s house. I got to lay out by the pool for a little while on Saturday and Sunday and I think those two days were highlights of 2018 so far haha. It’s still cold here in Virginia and I just love the sun so much and have missed it!

6. Not pictured: all the schoolwork we do haha. I’m a senior and JL is a junior so we are busy, busy, busy with school. We both love what we are studying, so we’re enjoying school. I honestly cannot imagining studying something I didn’t love! That would be so hard. We have class everyday of the week and then both do online as well. I am in my last Women’s Leadership class right now, and our big project of the semester has been planning a teen girls’ conference in town! Then I am taking a graphic design class as well and honestly am learning so much and having a blast. I am definitely the least knowledgeable out of my class, but I’ve got a great professor and friends who teach me a lot, and I really love it.

8. My childhood dog just passed away last week and thats been really sad for our family. His name was Scooter and we had him since I was 6! He was a little, well not so little haha, rat terrier. He loved to eat, loved to lay in the sun, and loved to ride in the boat or the car. He loved us a lot and we loved him.

9. John Luke and I just started leading life groups at our church and are really enjoying it. It’s been really sweet getting to meet people at our church and start having community with them. If you are not in any kind of life group or Bible study, I’d highly recommend you find one, or start one…especially through your local church. 🙂

10. I found a snake in our house last week. Still not over it.

Life is good. Busy, but good. I am so thankful for where God has us right now and who He has got us surrounded by.




circa senior year!




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6 responses to “Life Lately: April 2018”

  1. Gianna says:

    Omg I live in Virginia and really want to go liberty when I go to college in two years!

  2. Gianna says:

    I also love your blog and the pictures you post are so pretty!

  3. Kat says:

    Oh Mary Kate! I love all the photos! You all look like such a joy to be around! I hope one day we can meet just because you have been so inspiring and I would love to thank you in person! If you ever come to canada…?❤️

  4. Love the update Mary Kate!! I’m from Louisiana and I live in Virginia as well and I’m craving crawfish like crazy!! Can’t wait to get some when I go home. Also SO happy it finally feels like spring/summer here! Hope you and JL have a wonderful summer 🙂

  5. Mirandalynn says:

    Hey Marykate! I would love to read an updated blog about how you and John Luke are doing! I am so Curious about marriage of young people lol (I’m 18). I am interested in hearing how y’all keep Jesus in your relationship, what y’all are up too, and plans after college. Much love ?

  6. Mikayla Elizabeth says:

    I LOVE the office. coincidentally, I actually am wearing an office sweatshirt I got off of etsy now haha! I will totally be using the office themed party idea to throw my boyfriend a surprise office theme birthday party!

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