Overalls & Pink…Obviously ;)

Nothing screams “Mary Kate” more than this outfit haha.

I overwear these overalls. And I don’t care.

Half the time my hair is in a bun on top of my head.

I obviously also overwear these boots haha.

Coffee is life.

Half my closet is pink.

All my favorite things collided in this outfit.

AND if you catch me with a purse, its brown leather…my favorite kind of purse because it goes with anything.

I was soooo excited when Vera Bradley wanted to collaborate with me. Anyone else have a Vera Bradley purse in middle school?! Oh my goodness that was ALL I carried. I had a few of the “hipster” ones, which I obviously still gravitate towards one that hangs by my hip. I still have their garment bag and some weekender style  bags that I loveee. They’re just fun and cheery. I love this new pattern they have this new print called Gallatin Toasted Hazelnut which I really like a lot.

But I had a lot of you asking about other pieces of my outfit on instagram as well, so just wanted to leave a few links for you. Hope you guys are having an incredible week. I just heard Hugh and Jill Freeze speak at convocation at my school and WOW oh WOW it was absolutely amazing. Hearing him talk you’d think he was a pastor instead of a football coach, and hearing her talk about forgiveness and the presence of God  was one of the most beautiful things. I was so blessed by that this morning. I’ll try to put a link to the video on here when it goes up so y’all can watch it if you want.

One thing Jill Freeze said that I just want to share was this:

“God didn’t send His son on the cross to die for you, to not want to talk to you.”

God wants to talk to US.

That’s all…love you guys!

overalls (similar) // sweater // purse // boots // scarf (similar)


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5 responses to “Overalls & Pink…Obviously ;)”

  1. ❤️MaryKate I love your Faith. If I am having trouble all I have to do is look at your IG story or come to these blogs. You are an amazing person and I wish to have faith like you. You are an inspiration!! ❤️
    ~Ashley Tucker~

  2. Lindsay Kate says:

    Gorgeous! I am lovin’ those overalls! I love the idea of using a bandanna in your hair for your bun, super cute!

  3. SUPER cute! Absolutely love the purse and your hair!
    <3 Brooklyn | latidoblog.weebly.com

  4. Katie says:

    Ah where did you get these boots? I loooove them!!

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