You guys. I never posted about our trip to Hawaii this summer.

I’ll have to split it up into two post, because I took so many pictures! But how can you not?! That place is so incredibly beautiful.

I’ll tell you a little about out trip, but really the pictures say a lot for themselves.:)

During the winter it gets pretty cold here in Lynchburg. Compared to some places it’s probably not too bad at all, but I get SO cold. Plus, people who live here jokingly call it Drenchburg because it rains so much. Cold + rain= a LOT of time in the house. So between going homework last semester, I’d look at pictures of warm places. It was somewhere in that longing for a warm place that John Luke and I decided to go to Hawaii in the summer. I think it may have even started out as a joke or just a daydream haha, but then we booked tickets!

One of my absolute best friends, Linda Claire, went to Kauai with her family when she was younger and has always been telling me I’ve got to go! So I texted her and asked if she and her husband Drew wanted to come and she said they were in! So, John Luke and I finished up at camp, slept for about a week straight, then hopped on a plane to Kauai.

It was magical. Seriously felt like I was in a movie.

We found an Airbnb in Princeville that was only a short drive to the beach. We rented a red jeep and found out all the tourists were in red jeeps or mustangs haha.

So here’s a list of my favorite memories from our trip;

1. Spades. So funny because we could have played this in our house in Lynchburg haha. Theres no telling how many hours we played cards for! It was the perfect thing to do after a long day on the beach or out exploring. Honestly though, one morning it was the first thing we did when we woke up.

2. When John Luke and I jumped off a cliff into the ocean and sea turtles swam right up to us! That was a moment I’ll never forget. It’s not that the jump was actually fun, I was just really proud of myself for doing something I was scared to do.

3. THE POKÉ BOWLS. My goodness…I don’t know how I lived so long without trying one of those. If you don’t know what it is, its basically raw fish on top of rice, and you can add things like avocado and siracha. There’s a little food truck next to one of their main markets and it’s insane. Super fresh tasting. Plus the guys making it were super nice and helpful since JL and I’d never had it before!

4. Right beside that truck is a food truck with acaí bowls. Dream come true getting an acaí bowl in Hawaii! Those are one of my main food groups. The girls working were fans of the show, so that was fun too!

5. Waimea Canyon. You can see those pictures here! So insanely beautiful.

6. We had about a 3 hour drive back to our Airbnb after we left Waimea and we were all so wiped out. We grabbed a bite at a little shopping center and then for the next like 2 hours listened to the saddest country songs we could think of. Haha I honestly have no idea how it started, but after we listened to one song, someone would say, “Oh this one is super sad!” We were laughing so hard but also super sad! So random, but one of those memories you know you’ll talk about in 50 years.

7. Snorkeling on the Napali Coast. The 2 boys and I decided to take a non-drowsy Dramamine the night before our boat ride…(I don’t even get sea sick not sure what I was thinking??) but lesson learned: there is no such thing as “non-drowsy” Dramamine. After the boat ride and snorkeling the three of us were knocked out for the rest of the day! But the boat ride was breathtaking. The tour guide said, “We call this next place ‘Wow’ because you can’t help but say ‘Wow’ when you see it.” Sure enough, before I even realized I was saying it “Wow” slipped out of my mouth.

8. Queen’s Bath was really neat to see! It was also really crowded though!

9. My absolute favorite thing we did was hiking to a waterfall on the Napali Coast! It was about 4 miles in and 4 miles




A guy who jumped before us…so cool!



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  1. Hannah says:

    These pictures were so fun to look through! I absolutely love how great you’ve become behind the camera and how you edit your pictures. What filter have you been using lately? I’m in love with it!

  2. Bryanna says:

    What kind of camera do you use? Your pictures are amazing!

  3. Kat says:

    Do you have any idea where Linda Claire got her sunnies? Supercute!

  4. elle holmes says:

    awe marykate! These are the cutest pictures ever, thank you so much for posting! Looks like such a fun trip

  5. Alleigh says:

    reading this now because we’re going to hawaii this summer! I was wondering about the ele swims swimsuits! They look cute & comfy, but I was wondering about support and if they are very modest haha! I was wondering if me being 5’1” would make a suit less “cheeky” than in the website pictures? Wanted to know how it fit you! Thanks?

    • marykate says:

      Hi! I love Ele suits..super cute and comfy, but they are cheeky and there really is no avoiding it I don’t think. I am 5’4″ and normally wear a small in clothes and ordered up to a medium in those suits. I love them and wear them and the medium is less cheeky on me than I imagine the small would be, but it still is a little cheeky. Just the style of the suit. Also no support, but I am smaller chested so I don’t really need it. It is a super comfy suit though and I think pretty flattering. I like them! 🙂

  6. sydney says:

    Just reading this now as I’m planning a trip to Kauai this summer with my family and i’m curious if you remembered the name of the place where you went cliff jumping/saw the sea turtles? no big deal if you didn’t, just curious 🙂

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