Cusco // Machu Picchu


After 2 days in Iquitos, we flew to Cusco.


“The Emperor’s New Groove”

If you watched this when you were little I dare you to go watch it again.Â

I literally laugh out loud at it.

Cusco was beautiful though. It was like if Italy and Colorado had a baby. I loved it.

However I did not love the altitude. 11,000 feet is no joke. I cannot believe I debated taking the altitude medicine. If you ever go, TAKE THE ALTITUDE MEDS. Even with the medicine we were getting sick, and when the medicine ran out, we were dropping like flies. It probably didn’t help half of us were from a state practically below sea level. Take the altitude medicine. Don’t question it.

After a lovely lunch in Cusco at one of these places with blue doors and windows, we hopped on the bus and made the hour and a half drive to our hotel. The drive was absolutely stunning. It was a place that made you want to burst out singing “The hills are alive with the sound of music da da da daaaaa!”

We made it to our hotel as the sun was setting and I think everyone began to panic a little, because it was FREEZING. We went from sweating in our shorts and t-shirts in Iquitos to putting on every single layer we had.

The next morning we bundled up and headed out to see the Incan ruins… one being…


Honestly, I still can’t believe we got to see it.

After seeing one of the ruins we hopped on the train. Several card games later and we were there.

After riding the bus up the mountain to see Machu Picchu, we decided to walk back down to the town. We were accompanied down by a pack of fighting wild dogs so that was fun.

(Shout-out to Teva for having the best shoes by the way! Their boots were perfect for the hike and I wore my sandals every day in Peru and Hawaii. 10/10. I’ll tag them both at the bottom.)

Our second day in Cusco we got to go to a youth leader rally where Willie was leading worship! Y’all it was incredible and he was incredible. Even without being able to understand the songs since they were in Spanish, his songs are so extremely catchy. Seriously check him out here. Especially if you are Spanish speaking…such a treat for you! Sadie spoke as well and did a great job!

After the youth rally we got to go to the best market! I’e been to other markets around the world, but I’ve never seen one with as many colors and designs as this place. John Luke and I got a rug for our house and I got a picture of the sweet lady who hand made it! Also check out the little kiddos and their lambs. They sang “Cheeee Che Che Che cheeee Che Che Che” and it was stuck in my head for the longest time haha.

Cusco, you were a place I will never forget. Thanks for the kind people and the memories I’ll hold onto for a lifetime.


(they no longer sale the exact sandals I have, but these look similar!)




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  1. So fun! I love all of these adventures and seeing how you are working for the Lord.

  2. Corutney says:

    Emperors New Groove is the most quoted movie in our house! My husband knows every line haha. This trip looks amazing!

  3. Totally adding this to my bucket list! What an incredible trip!

  4. Caroline Walsh says:

    I’ve just recently started reading your blog, and I adore it! It’s amazing how you and the family serve for the Lord all over! I love reading about your trips, and it really does make me happy for y’all. Keep up the amazing work. ?

  5. Sarah Norman says:

    Awesome blog!!! That looks so much fun??
    Are those shoes good for travel, and walking a lot?

    • marykate says:

      Both the Teva sandals and Teva hiking boots are my new fav shoes!! Literally wore one or the other for three weeks straight ha

  6. Emily says:

    You may have already answered this before, but can you give details on your camera/lens or point me to where you have answered this question before?! ☺️ TIA!

  7. Meli Villalvazo says:

    I just visited Machu Picchu and Peru in July and it is absolutely breath taking! You can definitely feel the presence of God in that place! No denying that one. Your pictures are beautiful!

  8. Wow, those Incan ruins look so cool! Awesome photography, looks like a fun trip! Crazy that you guys had to quickly pack on the layers cause the weather drastically changed lol!

  9. Trinity says:

    Do you know where Rebecca’s boots are from? <3

  10. Jessica says:

    Hi! Love your blog, love the way you guys represent Jesus, love these pictures. I’ve enjoyed following you on social media the last couple years.
    I am trying to plan a honeymoon to Peru! What tour did you do? Any other recommendations travel wise?

  11. Damaris says:

    Love reading your blogs! The lighting in your images is always on point! ✨ Would love to know how you edit them! Also, where did you and JL get those backpacks??

  12. Valentina says:

    Great pictures! I’m planning a similar trip to Peru and wanted to know if you could tell us where you stayed in Cusco.
    Thank you!

  13. Lindsay Kate says:

    I absolutely adore your hat! Those shoes look super cute and comfy! Looks like one amazing trip, would definitely love to go there one day! <3

  14. Liv says:

    Where is your little choker necklace from? It’s so beautiful! I love your photos…you’re talented girl.

  15. m.g says:

    oh my GOSH your photos are STUNNING!!! ?

  16. Kat says:

    Mary Kate!
    First of all girl you are so strong! After reading your latest post I thought about how ever since I started seeing you photos and blog I really took note of your joy, re kind that just shines so bright! You truly showcase the inner beauty concept that the Bible speaks upon. Your joy, your happiness in the midst of your hurt and pain in your body really is bright, so bright someone a million miles away can see it in a picture. I hope you remember that today! You inspire me to focus on that more, to say “I don’t need makeup today” because you are such a natural beauty in so many ways!

    Anyways! I was also wondering, on a completely different topic where your leggings are from! I need a new pair that aren’t ripping at the seams and don’t have that weird sheen/ skin kinda shows in a certain light! Any recommendations? I trust you because your style is so so comfy looking but lovely!!

    Thanks Mary Kate! For your inspiration to others, no matter who they are and where they come from! I hope that someway, somehow these comments inspire you just as your words inspire us ?

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