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Well, Saturday we took our annual summer safari trip! We always save it for a weekend when we’ve got friends coming into town. Friday our friends from Liberty, Quincy and Steven, stopped by on their way back to Virginia from Dallas, so we decided we’d take them! It’s one of Delhi’s little treasures. The safari park is not huge or anything, but growing up in a little country town of 3,000 it’s pretty awesome to have it 5 minutes up the road! And you get SO up close and personal to the animals!

Also my dad’s got these fun little Suzuki Samurai’s that we have a BALL in. Even though you’re already drenched in sweat and your hair is destroyed by the wind before you even make it in the gates of the safari, it makes it 10x more fun.

But it was so fun!! Then we did a little swimming, went to my dad’s drug store for ice cream at the soda fountain, then ended the night watching Masterminds, which we are actually watching again as I sit here and write this haha!

Also, John Luke preached at church today and my friend Lori just surprised me….so this weekend just keeps getting better and better. 🙂


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My shirt is actually my sister’s from D.C. and my shorts were thrifted. My socks are just white ones from Target, but here are some other ones I really like too. Also after BURNING my lips at the beach I got this sunscreen/ lip protectant that I loveeee and always carry with me. I am anything and everything coconut obsessed. And I appreciate that it’s “a lot of things free” because I think we’re all going to find out a bunch of horrible side effects from sunscreen one day haha. Plus it smells good.



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  1. I remember this looking so cool when yall did it last year! Sounds like the perfect day!

  2. Julia says:

    Hey, I really like your shoes!! Where did you get them from??

  3. Sarah Norman says:

    What camera do you use?:)

  4. Lindsay Kate says:

    That looks like sooooo much fun! I absolutely love your shoes!

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