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Saturday I turned the big 21!

You know how on your birthday everyone asks, “do you feel older?”…well no I really don’t, but kinda yes I do. Part of me is is like  “how in the world am I 21?! I still feel like a child!”, but then theres a part of me that thinks back to this time last year. Last year at the beach was when I finally came to my realization that I must be experiencing depression. Shortly afterwards God brought me through it and now I look back on a whole year of life after coming out of that and see the growth and the joy and the beauty I got to experience. It will definitely change your perspective on things! But I just praise God for this last year of my life!! He came through and redeemed so much. It’s so cool being able to look back and see how He works things for our good and ultimately His glory.

SO…just wanted to share a few pictures from my birthday weekend 🙂

JL and I stayed in Lynchburg at least a whole extra week this year than we did last year and I am so glad we did. Last year we had to get on back to Louisiana for our sisters’ graduations, which I am so glad we did of course!! But we had to take finals early and then fly out the same day we took finals…which resulted in us leaving our house looking like a tornado went through it. This year we had a good 5 days after I finished my last final to stick around and take our time packing and cleaning, and I am SO excited that we will be going back to a cleannnn house.

John Luke and I left Lynchburg early Wednesday morning to meet my family at the beach and a good little 14 hours later, and a stop for dinner, we made it!

We had the best time on the beach and in the waves for those next few days. Teagon came to Hilton Head with us over spring break, but we had a freak cool front come through and it was pretty much freezing all week, so this was Teagon’s first “real” time to the beach. It was SO fun to watch him experience it. I got a real workout though having to lift him over the waves. I must have picked him up at least a hundred times during those days haha.

On Saturday after a day full of being on the beach, we packed up our things and headed over to John Luke’s side of the family’s house for birthday dinner. It was so sweet having everyone together for dinner. We celebrated Reed and John Reed’s birthdays as well! And that was just the start of our beach trip! Having an absolute blast right now soaking in family time.

Thankful for a sweet family, the beach, and turning 21 🙂

Black one-piece swimsuit: EleSwims

Black and white striped swim top: AlbionFit

Pink frond swim bottoms: AlbionFit

Red and Maroon swimsuit is Madewell but I got it at a J.Crew sale and can’t find it anywhere else

sunglasses: RayBan

Red vintage-looking shirt: Free People (red sold out) ON SALE


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26 responses to “turning twenty-fun”

  1. catherine o'halloran says:

    hi!! i was wondering where you got your little cross necklace!! mine broke and i’m in search of a small one like yours!!

  2. Loving all of these pictures! They have me dying to go to the beach!

  3. sarah says:

    your editing skills have gotten soooo good!!! you should do an updated post on how you edit / take photos 🙂 these are a far too cute

  4. Paige says:

    Never knew you have a blog ! Love how sweet and simple it is !!! Reminds me of mine . Any tips for a new blogger starting out ? Your blog is very similar to how I do mine !

  5. Lauren Kirk says:

    Very off topic, but do you have a devotional you recommend? I’m having troubles finding a good one

    • marykate says:

      My Utmost for His Highest, Live Original Devotional, and great ones on the Bible app! 🙂

  6. Julia says:

    Such nice pictures! Love your hat!

  7. Rachael says:

    Where did you get your red overalls from in sadies snapchat story? So cute!!!

    • marykate says:

      Free People! Blog post coming on them with the link in a couple of days 🙂

  8. Some amazing photography of Teagon being lifted up in the air! So cute 🙂 Sounds like a fun time!


  9. Lily says:

    I love your sun hat where did you get it?!

    • marykate says:

      Amazon for really cheap and its been great! I think I linked it in one of my Hilton Head blogs 🙂

  10. Hanna Sparks says:

    I just love your blog and your photos!! Where did you get your jean shorts? I saw them in the Instagram story with that red top. Super cute!

    • marykate says:

      I had given them to my sister and am trying to claim them back haha…but just a consignment shop!

  11. Carleigh Scott says:

    I hope this isn’t too personal, but do you mind telling me what size you wear in AlbionFit’s swim tops? I bought one recently and it fits a little weird and we look around the same size. Thanks!! 🙂

  12. Teena thomas says:

    Pls come to UAE …..I would love to meet you

  13. Cami says:

    What camera do you use?! Your pictures always look so professional!! ☺?

  14. Vivian Torres says:

    What beach are you guys staying at? It looks so beautiful?

  15. Lindsay Kate says:

    That looks like a BLAST! Those pictures are soooooo good!

  16. Cameron says:

    What size did you get for the Sienna black swimming suit? I’m about the same size as you and see they said they run a little small so just trying to figure it out! 🙂

    • marykate says:

      I wear a medium and I like it a lot…anyone taller may want to size up to a large…just depends on how much cheekiness you like haha!

  17. Moira says:

    Hi! Would you mind sharing where your headband is from you are wearing in the photos you posted on instagram about your birthday – love it!

  18. Ashley says:

    MK – what camera is this? The photos are beautiful! I’m think of upgrading from my Rebel T6, and this quality is incredible.

  19. sex says:

    Hi there, I want to subscribe for this blog
    to get newest updates, so where can i do it
    please help.

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