white walls and overalls

My top two most-asked questions:
1. what do you use and how do you edit your photos?
2. where are your black overalls from?
So I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone and tell you about both!
First off, how cute is my sister Kelly, and friend, Sarah?!
They’re roommates and best friends and I seriously have the best time watching them interact. They are so different, but somehow they’re friendship just works out perfectly haha.
Anyway… I asked these two if they wanted to go take a few pics and we hit up downtown. Apparently everyone had the same idea because you would not believe how many people we saw walking around with cameras. We actually ran into friends and had so much fun goofing off and snapping pics.
Ok now getting into camera and photo details…
Disclaimer: I am by no means a professional photographer and have got so much more to learn, but this is what I’m doing and I like how its going soooo…just learning as I go! But I have loved taking pictures since I was in middle school. I would practically drag my sister outside for a photoshoot. We laugh so hard at those pictures now, but hey you gotta start somewhere! And finally Kelly comes willingly for a shoot!
1. I shoot with a Canon Rebel SL1. I think its one of the smallest Rebels maybe?? Its been such a good lil camera though and I love it! Its small and easy to travel with. But really, a lot of my photos are just shot on my iPhone. It’s amazing the difference lighting makes. I am all about that lighting. Also learn your camera. When I stopped using the automatic setting it was the difference of night and day in my photographs. I’ve been using a 50 mm lens lately that I bought right after Christmas, and its amazing. Almost all my friends I’ve told about it have gone out and bought it. As far as lenses come, its really inexpensive. I shoot in raw, which takes up a ton of space, but gives me so much freedom in editing on my computer. Which leads me to the next point…
2. Editing. I’ve always loved editing pictures. I seriously could sit it and do it for hours. I’ve been through a ton of editing apps and the winner is, duh duh duh…..
VSCO is so amazing. I love the clean look they’re filters have. It comes with presets then they have a shop where you can purchase more. A few of my favorite and most used: A9, then any of the E’s, K’s, and some of the M’s. 
Snapseed is a good app for lighting fixes. I’ll do that sometimes before I take the photo into VSCO. 
So those are great apps, but I do most of my editing in Adobe Lightroom. It is such an incredible, easy to use software! And fun fact, if you’re a student theres a good chance you can get it for free through your school. I can though Liberty so I’m assuming others school do to?? It’s a great place to do basic edits on lighting and color. But I also bought a set of presets from VSCO for Lightroom. I have the classic package and I love, love, love the presets. Thats what I used for these pictures!

Ok, lets talk for a sec about my black overalls. Y’all, I don’t know why I love them so much but I do!!  And I honestly don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. Literally every time I go to put them on I think “Should I really?” but then I put them on and I’m really just feeling myself and I’m like “yep.”
I got them two years ago at H&M for $39 and I’ve wanted a denim pair ever since. But I’m picky about the fit and didn’t want to spend a lot of money. 2 years I looked. 2 stinking years. I finally caved two weeks ago and paid for a pair from Madewell. So obsessed with them and can’t wait to show them to ya. Ironically, my shirt and my shoes are both from Madewell too. I could get this shirt in a few other colors and wear it everyday for the rest of my life. No joke. 

(Just my natural state of awkward lol)

And can we all give it up to Jade for her amazing outfit! She’s the coolest.

Love themmmmmm.
I hope this helps you in your photography endeavors! Just have fun with it and shoot whatcha like…and have fun! Also follow some photographers you like on Insta and get inspiration from them, and check out Pinterest. Ok any other questions leave them in a comment and I’ll try to help you out!
overalls: similar here, here, here, and here. (the last ones are the new one’s I got!!)
shirt: similar herehere and here 
shoes: similar here and here
camera: here


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  1. Amanda says:

    I loved this MaryKate! If you ever want to get a wide angle lens that's inexpensive, I would recommend the 24mm 2.8 lens! Its perfect for a crop sensor camera, which is what you have, and what I have. (I also have the canon rebel sl1 and LOVE it!) I have the 24mm lens, and the 50mm 1.8 and use both all the time!! They are awesome! Also, I was wondering if you could tell me if when you're shooting, do you underexpose a little, or do you try to get the right exposure every time? Thanks!! xoxo

    • Thanks so much!! Mmmm I try to get the right exposure when I'm shooting, but of course I can't always so thats why I love shooting in RAW so I can fix it in Lightroom!

    • Amanda says:

      For awhile, I've been shooting underexposed a stop or two, so that when I bring up the exposure in LR, it has a gritty vintage look to the photo. But I've kind of been loving bright crisp photos lately, like the ones of Kelly above, so I'm going to be working on nailing the exposure as much as I can every time I shoot! šŸ™‚ Thanks for replying back!! xoxo

  2. Sarah Chang says:

    How did you get the presets from VSCO for Lightroom?

  3. Kim Nawlin says:

    Did you buy a lense for your rebel or your iphone?

  4. Hi, Mary Kate! I'm sooooooo inspired by you! Any chance you could do a blog on healthy eating – like maybe share your go-tos for breakfast and lunch, especially. I'm a school teacher and sometimes find it hard to make healthy lunches! Love you so much!

  5. Jordan York says:

    Mary Kate, I absolutely adore this! I cannot wait until I have my daughter to buy some overalls! I have been self critiquing everything I wear here lately as I get bigger. I want to buy a pair of overalls so bad to look stylish and be comfy! Its just every time I go to buy some I always have this battle in my head like "Should I or shouldn't I?"

  6. Unknown says:

    Your posts are always a delight to read. Thanks for sharing with us. I think you should check out piperandscoot.com I think you would enjoy their selection of clothes and things. šŸ™‚

  7. Lex says:

    You’ve inspired me to pull out my old camera and learn how to use it again! And I must ask, do you have a link or the name to the overall you bought?

  8. Allison Robbins says:

    Hey! I finally found overalls that I like… apparently I’m very picky when it comes to long black overalls! Haha I am wearing them today and was curious if you hang dry them or dry them in the dryer? Thanks!

  9. Do you have any video of that? Iā€™d love to find out some additional information.

  10. Allison Robbins says:

    Another question but this time about editing. I’ve had VSCO for years now and just today had a friend suggest an edit to use, but it’s complicating on how to purchase them. I have it on my phone so I don’t know if that is a reason why maybe. Just thought I’d ask!

  11. Emi Putnam says:

    You said that you got Lightroom for free through your school. I do Liberty online, how did you sign up through Liberty.

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