Life Lately: Ft. Weekend in ATL

Guys, I have missed you!! It’s been a little bit since I shared a post with y’all, and I’ve seriously missed it haha. So I thought I’d just share a few pictures from this past weekend and fill you in on what we’ve been up to.
We started school nearly a month ago. I took last semester off as we were touring and traveling and had two weddings in the family, but I am back at it! I actually changed my major as well and am super excited about it. I was in Women’s Leadership which I absolutely love, but switched into Interdisciplinary study so alongside learning about Women’s Ministry I can also study fine arts and learn about graphic design and photography…two things I have always been passionate about. So really its the best of both worlds! (Am I the only one that sang the last part of that line in my head?? Anybody Hannah Montana-lovers out there?)
So yep back to school. Which can be exciting but theres also that routine that comes along with it that can seem a bit monotonous, so I am busy fighting that feeling off and really reminding myself how God’s constantly working in the little things even when I feel like theres nothing exciting happening. And its also teaching me to look for the fun and exciting and beautiful things in the mundane. Last week I’d been getting a bit of cabin fever so my friend and I decided to take a little drive over to the town over for coffee and breakfast. Just getting out and looking out the window of the car at the mountains and appreciating their beauty while having great conversation (and yummy coffee!) was so good for my soul.
Update on what John Luke has been doing:
John Luke stays super busy with school, working at the school, and events outside of school. He got a bike for Christmas and has been enjoying riding his bike to school haha.
My friends, Rachel and Lori, and I started a girls Bible study that moves between our houses last semester and we’ve started that back up this semester and its been so great. I just love seeing all these girls meet and connect and share their hearts while learning more about the Lord. It’s so cool, some of these girls met at Bible study last semester and are now best friends and I just praise the Lord for that!! How awesome?!
Another favorite lately has been the various Netflix shows we are watching haha. We are both taking a lot of online classes so we will just sit on the couch with our computers and turn on a show while we do homework. We may not finish as fast as we would without the t.v. on, but it sure does make it more enjoyable! Lately we’ve been watching Sherlock, Agents of Shield, This is Us, and Gilmore Girls. But This is Us is not a show we interrupt with homework, that one is one that requires full attention. Anyone who watches completely understands. 
So this is pretty much what we’ve been up to lately on the reg. School, cooking, Netflix and homework, hanging out with friends, Bible study, and lots of time with Pippa! 
This past weekend we took a trip down to Atlanta with our friends Isaac and Amy to meet up with our family and see Sadie speak at WinterJam. It was a really fun quick trip- quick as in, got there Friday night, left Sunday morning haha. But fun-packed for sure! Saturday we spent a lot of time at Ponce City Market. My friend Gloria took me there at the beginning of December and I became absolutely obsessed. Its basically like this old warehouse or something that they just came in with tons of cool shops and completely redid the place, but still with all the old walls and windows and things. Theres really cute and also really tasty places to eat and the neatest little shops inside, with really great stores outside as well. I’ve never been to Chelsea Market in New York, but lots of people have compared it to that. 
First stop coffee (obviously) then we shopped around for a bit. After lunch we found a ping-pong table and literally played ping-pong for an hour. Sadie came and met us and then we played some more ping-pong with her. It was wonderful. And crazy competitive!

This is my “I’m being sassy because I am out-of-this-world-excited that I just bought a new pair of overalls” pose. Really, its a big deal when I find a pair of overalls I like, because I am very picky when it comes to my overalls. 😉

After quite the photoshoot at a random white backdrop place and then the stairs, we headed off to WinterJam!! Pushing it on time as always, but we made it without a second to spare. If you don’t know what WinterJam is, it is basically a huge Christian concert filled with bands and speakers and its amazing. Huge as in like 30,000 middle and high schoolers…ya….HUGE.
John Luke and his mom went up on stage to introduce Sadie and it was super sweet. Then Sadie got up there and absolutely killed it. So cool to see the Spirit working through her.

So that was it! It was a late night followed by an early morning, but so, so worth it. Time with the family is always the best time. Bella came too and I miss those girls so much when I’m at college! During Spring semester we don’t really go home, so no matter how short the time is, any time together is good. But now back at it here at school, watching how the Lord continues to bless us in Lynchburg with community and we are v grateful.
Photos by: Isaac Apon


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  1. CB says:

    Where did you purchase those black overalls you're wearing in the pics? Love em 🙂

  2. Where did you get your black overalls i've been trying to find some and i love them!!:)

  3. julie Weeks says:

    I know how ya feel, I love my pair of overalls:) My friends and I have also been trying to start a Bible study!!

  4. Mary Kate, I LOVE This Is Us.

  5. it's awesome to see you're love for PCM, my uncle created the Beltline so that's amazing to see!!!! how did you like it? I'd love to hear exactly where you went in there!!! Did you walk on the Beltline at all?

  6. Vickie says:

    Would you be willing to share the breeder where you got Pippa? Looking for Aussie Doodle breeders that are reputable.

    Thanks, Vickie

  7. Mary Grace says:

    I have been blogging for about 6 months & just today found your blog. I LOVE IT! I really appreciate how your passion for Jesus & for people is evident through everything that you write, post, & do! (Also, I share the double name thing with ya… Everyone thinks I'm Catholic but my dad's a Baptist preacher! haha!) Thank you for being such a beautiful example to the world around you. Your joy is contagious & evident in everything on your website & Instagram. Keep it up girl! I know sometimes it gets discouraging but you are truly a light in this dark world!

    Much admiration,
    Mary Grace

  8. Planning on going to winter jam when it comes here at the end of this month. I honestly can't wait and am super excited to experience it!

  9. Grace Putnam says:

    Where did you get the backpack?

  10. "You get the beeeest of both worlds!" haha.. Looks like so many things to be grateful for! 🙂

  11. Brittany says:

    That is so cool that you started a Bible study while you are at Liberty! I am a student at liberty as well and I am always looking for new groups to join that will encourage me to dive deeper in Gods Word.

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