Wedding Weekend in Tulum

Wow. That wedding. That weekend. Those people. 
It was just one of those times that you know you’ll all be sitting around talking about for years and telling your kids about. The memories you’ll hold on to forever.
And a HUGE congratulations to Mr. John Reed and Mrs. Rebecca Loflin!!!
JL and I headed out Thursday to catch our flight and got to Cancun late that night. We were the last ones to arrive at our house, but thats not a bad thing at all when you walk up and are greeted by your family singing the “Ugandan welcome” song which is a favorite of ours haha.
The only thing we had on the agenda Friday was rehearsal that night, so we spent the day by the water. We found out about an abandoned hotel near by with a lagoon so a group of us decided to go check it out. 
I love the water.
I love the ocean.
I love warm weather.
I love swimming.
I was in my element.
We stayed there pretty much as long as we could laughing and jumping and diving down to the bottom.
(p.s. swimmer creds to college-age mama!)
Saturday morning we woke up and it was wedding day!! Whoop whoop!!
It was such a relaxing, easy-going day and I think everyone was just really loving life haha.
Rebecca was such a beautiful bride and she has such great taste that everything looked absolutely like a dream. And I had such a blast fulfilling my bridesmaid duty…no shoes and crazy beach hair is the way to go! Plus those dresses she picked out for us….love.
Pictured below: the coconut that fell and hit me. Small, but mighty.
Sunday we ventured out with the family and had some fun getting our feet nibbled on! Y’all that has got to be the weirdest feeling on the planet. JL and I came back to the house a little early to spend some time on the beach together and it was heavenly.
We headed out on Monday but not before a few hours down by the ocean. Ally and I played in the waves for at least an hour doing the “soul surfer” move, as we call it haha.

Really thankful for such a beautiful, sunny weekend with our family and really excited for the newest couple in the married club!!!
dress: Free People, but sold out 🙁
overalls: HM, similar here
denim shorts: Levis
sunglasses: Raybans
coverup/slip: Free People

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  1. Libby Frost says:

    Wow! These are incredible pictures!! Looks like you had an awesome time!!! You always go on awesome journeys! wish I could meet you!!! Congrats to Rebecca!!! What kind of camera do you have for your pictures? and who takes them? do you just ask someone to take some?? =)

  2. Love your blog. Love your honesty. Rebecca's wedding…swoon! Beautiful! I too wonder about the camera you use! Great photography style. Love from Canada to you! You guys are such a real family. Would love to meet you ya'll. Perhaps our paths will cross one day in VA as my cousin is the "Dean of Fun" at LU. Haha. Thanks for sharing a piece of your life with us so we can live vicariously through you and your adventure!

  3. lexi p says:

    what camera was used to take these pictures? I have been searching for one and these pics are just amazing! thank you in advanced!

  4. Grace Anne says:

    Oh my goodness, this looks like a dream. <3

  5. I love your blog and everything you and the whole Robertson clan stand for! You are an excellent role model of how all young ladies should live a Christ-filled life! Your pictures are gorgeous and I LOVE them!! Your adventures just through life inspire me and all my friends! Thank you for sharing your amazing life on here! Happy New Year!

  6. Just started reading your blog and I already love it. I'm also 19 and I just want to say thank you for being an inspiration to girls our age. On a side note, where on earth did you get your black one piece bathing suit from? I love how it is so simple, classic, and put-together!

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