surprise within a surprise!!

Surprise DB and JL!!!
So our friend Priscilla came to me and John Luke a week or 2 ago and said she really wanted to throw her new husband, Dan, (one of our closest friends and also boss from last year) a surprise party for his 25th birthday and asked if we could have it at our house. Well of course!!!
We were all three so excited and started throwing out ideas right away! We leave for tour the Live Original tour this week so she wanted to do it before we left. We started a guest list and it was all of our closest friends…John Luke and Dan pretty much run around with the same group! I was thinking that I wish John Luke would be able to celebrate his 21st birthday with all his friends up here at Liberty, but we would be on the road. So I thought, “maybe this could be a surprise for JL where he thinks the party is just for Dan but turns out to be for him also.” (I don’t know if this has been done before, but I thought it could be fun!) So I asked Priscilla what she thought and she loved the idea. So then we went forward with the surprise within the surprise. 
So the day of the party Priscilla and I, along with a lot of help from friends, were scrambling around to get everything ready while John Luke was out bowling with Dan. I called JL and told him I *cooked dinner* and it would be ready at 7. 
(Let me just add, the location finder on the iPhone has never come more in handy than last night!)
We all ran and hid behind the house with our popper. Finally they walked up!!

 The evening was filled with pizza, flowers, s’mores, dancing, cheer wine, cookie cake, golden balloons and lots of fun and good company. We have been blessed with absolutely incredible friendships up here and are so grateful for each and every one of them. 
Happy 25th Dan and happy early 21st John Luke!!
balloons: here

lights: similar here
plates: here and here
my romper: here
tassels: compliments of rachel and lori


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  1. filigreelane says:

    SO CUTE MK! I absolutely love this post! Your pics are so fun + just exude JOY!!

  2. Mkgentry says:

    Mary Kate you are just awesome!! ? so much I read of yours reminds me of myself. We are so much alike! My husband and i would love to go hiking with you and John Luke some time. Pippa would love our puppy too! Seriously though… pen pals??

  3. Love!! I'm dragging my husband to Jacksonville for the live original tour and it's totally just to meet you and John Luke!

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