Africa? Nope, Delhi.

Yep. Guys, this is not another Africa post. This is Delhi, Louisiana.
I repeat DELHI.
My little hometown of about 5,000 has a safari park. Like, what??
It’s been here for 10 years give or take and though it has changed names and owners a few times, it is currently Wild Country Safari Park.
And really it is so much fun!!
It’s not a huge place, BUT I mean they’ve got camels, kangaroos, buffalo, zebras, and usually a giraffe (sadly the last one passed away but they’re working on getting another one), plus more! Since John Luke and I started dating we’ve gone out there at least once a summer. This time we had some of our friends from Liberty in town so we thought we’d take them. The best is when you go out there in a jeep with the top off and blast the Lion King soundtrack. With the sun beating down on you and wind in your face, its a pretty fun way to spend a hot summer day. This time around, we were jeepless, so we took one of dad’s little cars, and since the aux cord wasn’t working with us, we opted for the local country station (obviously the next best option if you can’t listen to the “The Circle of Life.”) 
So JL, Kelly, Katherine, Sarah, and myself piled into the little car, while Mom, Dad, and Baby T followed in the car. (Teagon is a big fan of this place.)
By the way, the camel’s name is Elvis hehe.

One thing to be noted about going in a car with the top off:
Topless car = Up the thrill factor.
Up the thrill factor and up the fun, am I right? Haha

Then you’ve got your petting zoo with cute little goats and pigs.

And a place to feed the deer and kangaroos 🙂

So this is what a summer day outside in Louisiana can look like.
It’s extremely hot and you get extremely sweaty, but it generally leaves you with a lot of fun memories and crazy stories. Plus a tan.


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  1. what kind of camera do you use?? these pictures are beautiful!

  2. Amey says:

    Nice post btw Delhi is capital of India.

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