Wedding Day: Part 1

wedding day was 100%, without the shadow of a doubt, the absolute best day of
my life. No other day can even stand a chance next to June 27, 2015. Everyone
was telling me the day would fly by and all I would be able to remember was a
blur…like such a whirlwind that John Luke and I would just look at each other
when it was over and be like “WOW.” But it’s so crazy, because it wasn’t like
that for either one of us. And I am SO incredibly thankful for that. Now we may
not remember everyone who was there, I mean we had 700-800 guests so
unfortunately we did not get the chance to speak to everyone, but we remember
the whole day…from beginning to end, and the best part is we enjoyed each and
every moment of it.
at the bridesmaids’ luncheon someone hit me with the news that there was an 80%
chance of rain for Saturday. I was slightly concerned due to the fact we had
700+ people coming, they were being bussed in, and the ceremony and reception
were both outdoors. But honestly I never really freaked out…nobody did, and I
think its because we knew God was in control of it, so rain or shine we were
going to make the best of it. But to try and make it work the best we could, we
talked to the wedding planner and came to a decision to bump the wedding back
an hour, from 6 to 7.
closer we got to the wedding, the chance of rain just kept going up and up.
When I mean up I mean there was basically a 100% chance of rain- anywhere from
sprinkling to pouring ALL day. But my dad kept saying “It’s not going to
rain…y’all don’t even need to push the wedding back, because it’s just not
going to rain. I know it.”
Saturday morning I woke up and went and sat on the front porch with my parents.
As we sat there and talked a rainbow appeared in the sky and I knew in that
moment God had us. He was in control of whether it rained or not, so regardless
of what happened the wedding was going to be awesome! (But of course us, along
with hundreds of other people, we continued to pray the rain would hold off!!)
After a
morning of spending time with Baby T, telling dad and my dogs good-bye, me,
mom, and Kelly were off to Sadie’s house to meet up with the rest of the
bridesmaids along with Mrs. Korie and 2mama. One of my favorite memories of the
wedding day was that car ride! Time spent with your mom and sister is already
special, but when you are also reading the Word and singing church songs with
your sister…THAT will make you ready to take on your wedding day…no matter what
may come!
We pulled
up and I was so excited to see all the girls looking adorable in their little
matching rompers! We rode on the “party bus” out to the farm, and the day just
kept getting better as we had our own little dance party and screamed the words
to Bad Blood (And yes of course Taylor Swift was incorporated into the day, I
wouldn’t have had it any other way).
finally were driving up the driveway to the farm and I was shocked at how great
it was already looking so early in the day! There were several tents including
one HUGE air-conditioned tent and a bunch of people running around doing this
and that. Then inside to start hair and makeup…
Ok so I
guess the bride typically goes first, but I kinda slipped out to go look around
hehe. I walked around with my mom, rain boots and all (just in case) and
watched as everything was coming together. We had piles of furniture ready to
be out, flowers chilling in the cooler, old trucks being staged, and tables
being beautifully decorated with dried flowers and antlers. One of my favorites
were the signs we had made! One of my dear friends made some chalkboard signs
and they were seriously the cutest!
inside we went. For the next few hours we all just sat and let the wedding day
happen. The rooms were already starting to fill up with half the wedding party
plus hair stylists and makeup artists, but then throw in a photographer,
videographer, and entire film crew….it was a little crazy, but good crazy
because everyone was just. so. excited!
Then it
was time for the first look. (Also meaning it was finally time to put on my wedding dress! Yay! Mrs. Sherri Hill designed and it and it was perfect!) John Luke and I had decided to see each other
before the wedding and for several reasons. It would allow us to be a little
more at ease before and during the wedding and also we would get to spend more
time together…plus a little bit of private time as well. And also we wouldn’t
have to waste time after the wedding taking pictures…we knew we wanted to go
straight to the reception!! But before we did the first look we opened our
wedding gifts from each other separately. It was a really sweet moment .
Having a
first look was something I am really glad we did. It allowed us to have some
time together to just focus on each other and enjoy each other without the
pressure of having so many other eyes on us. We sat on a couch under a tree and
it was just lovely. That lasted about 15 minutes then it was time for pictures!
Out came the bridal party and the pictures began. Our photographer was great
and we were done in about 30 minutes. By that time it was only 4:30 and the
wedding was at 7, so we had plenty of time to kill. So back inside we went and
everyone changed into their comfy clothes. We also surprised mom with a
birthday cake, because it was her birthday! (I got married on my mom’s
birthday…and it was her idea!) Pretty soon the first bus arrived with the first
group of guests. So pretty much everyone but me went outside to visit haha,
even John Luke! I got some good visiting time with one of my dear friends.
Then it
was time to get back into dresses and suits and line up…it was time to get
Be ready…
Part 2 is on the way!

Photos from:
friends and family,
Blessed 2 Focus Photography
Rompers: Love Ophelia
John Luke’s awesome stylist: Zac Chambers of Brothers and Craft
Our incredible wedding planner: Erin from Oak Experience

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  1. Hayley Gibbs says:

    Is your wedding going to sit on TV?

  2. Congratulations to you two! I'm just a couple years younger than both of you and I couldn't even imagine getting married next year, but after reading this and seeing the pictures, I can see y'all are absolutely perfect for each other! Best of luck in the rest of your life!

  3. I am Happy for you two, That is so sweet that you two got married on your mom's birthday. ��������

  4. Brunna Senna says:

    I'm in love with your love! You are perfect for each other. It's so beautiful to see that way you both look and smile to each other. I wish love and happines for you! ?

  5. Kryssy Lloyd says:

    Congratulations you two! You guys are so adorable!! We share the same anniversary but 2 years apart. I wish you both nothing but happiness and love forever!

  6. Congratulations! It sounded like a wonderful start to a beautiful day!
    Always, Hunter

  7. Congratulations! A beautiful couple… A beautiful day!

  8. Jredd4114 says:

    Congratulations!! Such a beautiful day!

  9. I am in love with hearing more and more about your story. I really look up to both of you. I'm 18 and have been in a wonderful relationship with my amazing boyfriend for a little over 2 years and I hope that one day we will have wedding at least half as beautiful as yours. I love getting to hear y'all's love for God and eachother and seeing how God works through both of you like he works through my relationship. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that you will have a long and beautiful marriage! I can't wait to hear about the rest of your amazing day. Thank you so much for sharing. Congratulations!!

  10. a laz says:

    Bonnie Kate did such a beautiful job on the signs! Go Bonnie Kate!!!

  11. Mimi Ho says:

    What a beautiful wedding! My dream is to have my wedding and reception outside as well. I'm so happy that the rain didn't come on you wedding day 🙂

  12. Amanda says:

    I love your guys' story and how you met at camp and how y'all are now married! You two are adorable!! 🙂 I love how you and JL spent the morning together BEFORE you walked down the aisle!! I love the idea of doing that!!!

  13. Your wedding looked absolutely gorgeous, as did you. So happy for John Luke & you. It makes me sad that both of you ever got negative responses for getting married so young, you two are an inspiration. I wish you both nothing but the best of luck 🙂

  14. Congratulations! I just got married in February and it's the most wonderful thing that I've ever experienced! I love all the furniture you picked out, and those signs are seriously incredible. Especially the little ones feast here one! So cute 🙂 I'm looking forward to more posts about your big day! Also, quick tip since you're on Blogger, when you post a photo, if you change the settings to "original size" it won't stretch the photos out and they'll be bright and clear on your post 🙂

  15. Hey, congratulations on getting married! My husband and I got married when I was 18 as well and it has been such a blessing! We have been married 4 years and moved to New Hampshire last year to start a church, and God has been SO good to us! I'm so excited to see where the Lord takes you and your hubby! Be blessed girl!

    Xoxo Jenna Gillespie

  16. Congratulations, Mary Kate! My husband and I love the Duck Dynasty show, and have been blessed to watch your love story blossom! You and John Luke have a sweet romance, and I'm confident that together as one you'll continue to do mighty things for the Lord! My husband and I have only been married three years, but we have seen God do great things in and through us, as we seek Him in all things! Our best advice? If you and your husband: 1) put Christ first, and 2) seek to out-serve and out-love one-another, you will enjoy a marriage as the Lord intended it to be – amazing, fulfilling, and the best thing this side of heaven! Godspeed to you two in this amazing, beautiful lifetime marriage adventure, and also best of luck to you at Liberty in the fall (it's an incredible place – my husband and I are both alums – and praying it continues to be such a wonderful school when we send our baby girl there in about 17 years 🙂

  17. Jayden Kelly says:

    congratulations! I was just wondering who baby T is? I have seen pictures of him on Instagram and on duck dynasty. I was just wondering who he is. again SOO happy for you and John Luke!

  18. Where are your New Balance tennis shoes from that you recently been wearing!!!? I love them! As well as love you and your uplifting blog!?

  19. Anna Elise says:

    Congrats! What a beautiful wedding and wonderful pictures! I hope my wedding is that gorgeous! Your dress is breathtaking

  20. Amanda Davis says:

    Your wedding photos are beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  21. Myra Moser says:

    I am so happy for you two! God bless! I am only 15, and I hope that one day in my future I can have a amazing man to call my husband just like you have John Luke! You two are adorable together, and I think God made you two for each other!!!

  22. Myra Moser says:

    I am so happy for you two! God bless! I am only 15, and I hope that one day in my future I can have a amazing man to call my husband just like you have John Luke! You two are adorable together, and I think God made you two for each other!!!

  23. Myra Moser says:

    I am so happy for you two! God bless! I am only 15, and I hope that one day in my future I can have a amazing man to call my husband just like you have John Luke! You two are adorable together, and I think God made you two for each other!!!

  24. What a beautiful wedding! It looks so funky and fun. The ideas you used in your wedding are absolutely stunning and fashionable as well. I just started my wedding planning business and visited a few wedding venues in DC to know about the latest trends that are popular nowadays and really got incredible ideas!

  25. Jess Ann says:

    This is so awesome! I love how your dress and hairstyle was so unique!!! Beautiful wedding!

  26. Ashleah Kirk says:

    I love reading your blog from across the globe! (New Zealand). I am getting married in a couple months and have been getting little tips from your posts 😉
    May God bless your life as a married woman!! 🙂

  27. Mary Kate love your blog! Congratulations!! Reading from the Bahamas and would love to find out where you got your wedding shoes or what designer they are?

  28. APollard says:

    Hey Mary Kate! I just wanted to tell you I think you and John Luke getting married at your age is so cool!And your wedding as SO beautiful!! We wished the special last night was longer so we could see more. But it's fun to read about it too. I was just curious who baby T was. I tried looking at past blogs to see if you mentioned it or not but I couldn't seem to see anything.

  29. Texas Divas says:

    Nice post. Thanks for sharing it. Know more Quinceanera Dresses.

  30. Amazing wedding. Probably, the best wedding I've ever seen in my life. I'm so happy for you two, you looks so exited about yourself and your love. Every girl wishes to has the same. I have a friend who works at wedding haircut and make up salon and she always says how she kindly jealous to every bride cuz they looks so happy and feel themselves like in a paradise.

  31. I loved your dress!You and John Luke are like the cutest couple ever. Your faith in God is inspiring

  32. Heidi says:

    Where did you get your wedding dress

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